The Promise – 38

The car of death cuts in and knocks Nayoung unconscious as the Jangs and Baeks go forward with the plan to marry Dohee and Hwi Kyung off.


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Yookyung watches as Nayoung manages to free herself from the male attendants. Everyone runs toward the street, including Yookyung. Yookyung sees that Nayoung js about to run into the street and screams out that it’s dangerous, which Nayoung hears. Nayoung pauses and turns around… And gets hit by a car.


The doctors tend to Nayoung and the verdict is that she is safe. They tell Yookyung that it might take time for Nayoung to get her consciousness back. Yookyung sighs with relief and leaves.


Meanwhile, Sejin cries to her father for help as Reporter Baek is known for toppling rich people. Gyungwan agrees to look into Reporter Baek at Jungle News.

At that point, we then back to Dohee who finally gave up after two hours. Dohee calls Eun-Bong about how Nayoung never showed up. Eun-Bong apologizes and promises to call after looking into it.

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Eun-Bong calls Nayoung’s cellphone which is with Manjung. Manjung freaks out and then with shaking hands, texts back that she is off praying… She will be back in a few days.

Eun-Bong finds it weird that Nayoung would be praying and tries calling again. Manjung replies that she is in a quiet place so taking her call is difficult. Eun-Bong texts to ask where Nayoung is but Manjung ignores this one.


Se Kwang arrives at this point and Manjung sobs into his arms that she is a horrible person.

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Sejin meets with Taejoon and lets him know about how Nayoung went to meet with Reporter Baek. She warns him not to meet with Reporter Baek if she tries to contact him…


Gyungwan also jumps in by calling Jungle News and threatening to use all legal methods if a defamatory article is published. He finishes just as Hwi Kyung drops by. Hwi Kyung asks if everything is going well with Sejin’s wedding since he saw the commotion the other day and it is odd that Sejin would announce her premarital pregnancy first. Gyungwan smiles that it’s nothing and changes the topic to Hwi Kyung.

Hwi Kyung confirms that he is seeing a reporter named Dohee Baek. Then he jokes around that he better leave before Gyungwan asks more questions…leaving Gyungwan to wonder if Dohee is the reporter after Sejin.

Dohee is a productive woman. She calls Taejoon and asks to meet. She promises to wait at the company for him. Taejoon asks what she wants to hear and basically asks how he can get rid of her. Dohee replies that usually the guilty party answers in that manner.


Taejoon then visits Saebyul and hears that Nayoung went off some place to pray.


Sejin arrives at home where Yookyung is falsely calm. Yookyung tells Sejin to worry about the wedding since Nayoung won’t be meeting with the reporter. Sejin asks how Yookyung can be so sure. Yookyung snaps that she will take care of Nayoung so Sejin should stop being affected by Nayoung.

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Presumably it’s night when Dohee barely makes it to her desk and takes some pills. Her mom calls to ask about the exam results and Dohee reassures her that everything is fine. Her mom worries about Dohee’s voice. Dohee answers that she’s just feeling down as she heard that the meal prep girl got betrayed by her boyfriend of over twenty years…

Mrs.Baek immediately tells Dohee to quit her job as its dangerous to go behind rich people’s secrets. She yells that Dohee needs to stop right away.


Mrs. Baek also goes to meet with Mr. Baek. She asks him to stop Dohee from continuing to live as a reporter and to marry off Dohee as soon as possible.


Still Mrs. Baek! She calls out Eun-Bong and introduces herself as Dohee’s mother. Mrs. Baek asks Eun-Bong to stop asking Dohee for help since Dohee is not the top to stop herself.

Meanwhile, Joonbae happily brings home groceries! He likes working at Mansook’s chicken shop and wants to create his own flavor!


Hwi Kyung is hit by a train as well. Manjae announces that the families will have a sangyungrae. They want the children to marry as soon as possible! Youngsook tries to calm Hwi Kyung down though. She tells him that it’s not immediately a wedding…


At the same time, Dohee is angry about the parents scheduling the meeting without asking her. Mr. Baek promises to call it off if she doesn’t want it. But, Dohee surprises both of them by saying she will go… Just this once.


Then Hwi Kyung stops by Dohee’s house to see her. Dohee forces herself to frown just as Hwi Kyung is. But then she runs into his arms happily as he catches her with a hug.


Now that we’re using the fateful falls for both Sejin and Saebyul, might as well throw in all of the tropes! Car of doom! Mental institution! Forceful comitment…and memory loss?!

At least the plot is rolling along quite swimmingly and we know have another reason to hate the Jangs and Manjung! Sigh.  I can’t even bring myself to ramble on  about today’s episode because even though I know it’s necessary, it just makes a fire burn inside me.


The representative face of all stupid mother-in-laws everywhere.

Yookyung’s perspective and callousness may be rational since she just found about about this Taejoon character a couple of months ago in drama land.  However, Manjung WHAT THE HECK? You took Nayoung’s college fund and then lived in her studio! For crying out loud, I’m sure Nayoung could have at least invested that money or re-rented out the studio and let money make money. But, no, she let you live there out of the goodness of her heart and listened to your unreasonable requests and you forcefully commit her?!


Hopefully, the look of the angel of vengeance.

Man…I know it’s makjang, but I wonder…What in the world gets in or got into Korean mother’s brains that just wiped out all reason when it comes to the future daughter-in-law?  There’s no rational or empirical support for such behavior and yet…it occurs.  Mysterious like the bermuda triangle I say.  Thank goodness times have changed!

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