Pied Piper Episode 6 RECAP

Myungha goes through a spiral of questioning her role in life and Sungchan reluctantly gets involved in defending a date rape victim to help Myungha.


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Myungha runs up the stairs and opens the door to the roof. It’s the same rioting scene from before where the police subdued the protesters about the New Town Development. Myungha pauses and then sees the younger version of herself staring back accusingly. She looks down and she’s in full Korean SWAT gear… Chills and Myungha wakes up.


The doctor smiles that it’s been a while since Myungha had a nightmare…Is it because she’s dealing with all these crisis situations? Or is it because Sungchan is involved and he was involved with the New Town Development case?

Myungha mutters that it’s not. She used to think that Sungchan had a bad view on their work but now she’s doubting herself. The doctor continues in her reassuring tone that what Myungha is doubting is her core personality. She is the type that will try to understand the other side…Even becoming part of the organization that was involved with her parents’ deaths to understand. It’s her unique characteristic that is also her strength.


At the same time, Kyungsa confesses to the Crisis Negotiations Team Leader that he is the Pied Piper. No matter how much Sungchan tries to rile Kyungsa up, Kyungsa does not revoke his confession. Instead, Kyungsa tells the story of cooking frogs…If you slowly increase the temperature, they cook without even realizing it…He adds that it’s just like the Koreans in Seoul

Sungchan smirks that its too bad that the Pied Piper has always failed in each crisis. But then Kyungsa laughs…What if failure was part of the plan?


Cue a meeting with Hessung to brainstorm the connecting factors between all of the crises other than K Group and failures. They decide that there is probably another copy of the recording from the pen just like there are original copies of the broadcasting channel’s files.


Then the next crisis hits! It’s a possible double suicide. Inside a small apartment, a guy (Deokman) struggles to breathe while a girl (Jinhee) tells him that they can die together. She puts a bottle up to her mouth…She ignores the first demands from the police to open up but pauses when she hears Myungha’s female voice. Jinhee tells Myungha to leave as they just want to sleep.

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Myungha asks if Deokman is fine and if she can hear Deokman’s voice. Jinhee screams out that everyone only cares about the arsehat and not her…even though she was the one who got hurt. And, at the same time, Myungha’s colleagues share information about Jinhee’s file…She was date raped by Deokman. Deokman was jailed but he got out early because of the circumstances….He’s been stalking her and sexually harassing her ever since.

Jinhee screams that no one cares about her and that Myungha should leave…Myungha wasn’t there when Jinhee needed her. Myungha stutters that she is there and cannot leave because she wants to help Jinhee. She feels so frustrated because she cannot do anything.

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Jinhee whimpers that she wants to die because she hates Deokman so much…She wants Deokman to die and she will die with him. Myungha notes that life must have been so difficult for Jinhee. The kind words get to Jinhee and she walks over to the door and opens it a crack. Myungha looks through and tells Jinhee sincerely that she hopes Jinhee will choose to live.

Sungchan? He arrived in the middle of the negotiations but let Myungha handle it because the situation seemed under control.


Jinhee walks out and Myungha helps her to the car. When a reporter asks why Jinhee tried to kill Deokman, Myungha snaps at the reporter to get her facts straight – Jinhee is a victim too.

Return to the conspiracy. Mr. Lee meets with the CEO and reassures the CEO that soft copies of all of the evidence are still on the servers. Meanwhile, the brother-in-law (Hongsuk) meets with the police chief as they discuss the likelihood of other copies and whether Kyungsa is really the Pied Piper.


As for Myungha, she is walking through the station when she hears a commotion. She runs in to find Jinhee trying to commit suicide by biting her own tongue. Myungha immediately puts her fingers in Jinhee’s mouth to stop her and it takes Jinhee a couple more minutes before she realizes that she’s about to bite through Myungha’s fingers…The realization calms her down for now…Later, Myungha hears that Jinhee’s lawyer visited and told Jinhee that her case is a difficult one to prove.

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On the side, Sungchan and Officer Choi realize that the timer on the Underground Forum has stopped at 3 hours, 1 minute and 25 seconds. Additionally, the background is of a burning building similar to the New Town Development. Sungchan asks the colleague to investigate.


The Crisis Negotiations Team goes for team bonding drinks where Myungha drinks herself drunk. Sungchan follows Myungha out when she’s puking and Myungha demands to know if Sungchan is trying to get something from her…He’s only nice when he wants something.


Sungchan brings up the Pied Piper and Myungha turns around in disgust. She asks what is the point of catching the Pied Piper when there is always another crisis… They are not fixing the problem but dealing with the symptoms. Sungchan yells at Myungha to stop being a child as this is what she signed up for, to diffuse the situation…If she wanted to change things,s he should have gone into politics.

Myungha snaps back that Kyungsa was right…Because of her, Jinhee is now going to be tried as the aggressor and not the victor. She begins to cry.

At the CEO’s house (Gun-Il), his son Joon looks through his father’s things…


The next day, we’re at trial. In the beginning, the trial goes badly for Jinhee as her lawyer is incompetent and the prosecutor is an arsehat. Their position is that Deokman never raped Jinhee as Deokman and Jinhee were in a loving relationship. Randomly, Jinhee just went crazy and tried to kill him. His supporting argument? If Jinhee hadn’t consented, there would be no possible way for Deokman to have sex with her. (Yeah, try not to puke here…)


Myungha goes on the witness stand on behalf of Jinhee to explain that it was not an attempted murder but a double suicide. She testifies that Jinhee was severely depressed and scared. However, the prosector focuses on the fact that Jinhee had still been alive while Deokman was unconscious at the time that Myungha arrived.


At the same time, Sungchan meets with Myungha’s doctor who was friends with Team Leader Oh. He tries to ask her about what could have been on the recorder. The doctor responds that she does not know what could have been on the recorder, she just knew that Team Leader Oh was a nice person who couldn’t stand injustice…She also does not know why Team Leader Oh switched from the SWAT to the Crisis Negotiations Team.


The doctor suggests that they walk around. Outside, she explains that Team Leader Oh switched at the same he adopted Myungha… Myungha had been a bright child who had been deeply scarred. She couldn’t help Myungha as much as Team Leader Oh had. He had focused to try to help Myungha heal.

The doctor begins to discuss Myungha’s troubled youth when Sungchan cuts her off with a question about timing instead. The doctor glares and asks if Sungchan is only pretending to listen…Otherwise, why would he cut her off right when she’s about to go into depth about Myungha?

Sungcha stutters and cannot answer confidently as usual. The doctor goes on to guess that Sungchan is avoiding getting involved in Myungha…as if he did not receive a satisfactory amount of love from his parents. She asks if his relationship with his ex had also been at a distance. At this point, Sungchan decides that he has had enough and turns to leave.

Heesung calls Sungchan to let him know that Myungha is at Jinhee’s trial and the trial isn’t going well. Sungchan snaps that this does not concern him. Heesung smiles that he heard that Myungha seems to be doubting her own job and might quit after this trial…


Next thing we know, we are at the end of Jinhee’s trial. The prosecutor had suggested 8 years. Myungha interrupts but she has no right to interrupt and the trial is about to close but Sungchan blasts in. He asks to be a witness and the defending attorney asks to add a witness but the prosecutor refuses.

So, Sungchan decides to make an appeal to everyone directly. He notes that he used to only jump into fights that he can win. However, things changed when he joined the Crisis Negotiations Team. He asks for a chance to testify on behalf of Jinhee and the judge allows it.


Sungchan goes on the stand explains that he is not there to say that Jinhee is innocent. He just wants to explain how much Jinhee had been traumatized by her prior accident and Deokman’s accident. The prosecutor continues to be a jerk that needs to be reamed into a wall saying that he knows date rape. He makes a crude example of asking Deokman to put a pencil in a bottle that he shakes…like if the woman refuses – the guy can’t rape her. HAH! SOMEONE SEND THIS FUDGING IDIOT BACK TO LAW FREAKING SCHOOL BEFORE I TOSS HIM INTO THE WALL. OR BETTER YET, LET ME AT HIM WITH THAT SODA BOTTLE.

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Sungchan is equally angry. When the prosector asks Sungchan to do the same thing – put the pencil into the bottle, Sungchan asks for the bottle. He walks over to Deokman and slams the bottle and the bottle into the wooden barrier. He glares out that this is what Deokman did by date raping Jinhee…It’s the ultimate betrayal and it tore Jinhee apart.

Then Sungchan goes off on an oral argument, because the public defender obviously doesn’t know what his job is and somehow cross examination turned into a melee…And the judge allows the witness to do more than just answer questions even though the prosector objects. Woops! Don’t mind me, I’m not that familiar with Korean law and let’s just say this is artistic license.


Anyways, Sungchan tells everyone the basic fact of how a girl friend would know a boy friend much better than a stranger…Even a look or expression can alert her to whether or not he’s angry or can get violent. When she was so raped and the system did not punish the perpetrator as it should have, Jinhee turned to the only answer she could think of.

Deokman is stupid and knows no court rules as well. He interrupts to ask if Sungchan can prove that Deokman raped Jinhee. Wheeeee legal free for all where the lawyers and judges are just there for show~~~~

Sungchan invites Deokman into the court area. Despite his attorney telling Deokman to sit back down, Deokman confidently walks in. Sungchan turns Deokman over and pushes his face into Jinhee. Jinhee screams and hides behind her desk. Finally, the judge tells everyone to go back to their seats.

The result? The jury has decided that Jinhee will go to jail for one year and be on probation for one year because she is guilty but there are mitigating circumstances. Jinhee cries a tear of joy and people clap.

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As for Myungha and Sungchan? They are at the hospital getting Sungchan taken care of. He asks if she’s still questioning her role and tells her that she might not save the world, but she saved one person today. Myungha sighs that he seems to be right and asks about Kyungsa’s confession to be the Pied Piper.

Sungchan smiles that he found something out. All of the incidents are connected to the New Town Redevelopment incident. Team Leader Oh was not involved with the New Town Redevelopment Incident but he was close to Police Chief Yang…who was in charge of the police sent to the New Town Redevelopment scene. And, the Pied Piper is not done.


Myungha looks at the pictures that Sungchan kept in the file…They are the same pictures that came up when the Pied Piper took over the news broadcasting monitors. Myungha realizes that the timer time – 3 hours 1 minute 25 seconds represents 2003, January 25…The date of the New Town Redevelopment Project.


Sungchan and Myungha go back to Officer Choi to ask about tracing the timer. He gets a program and hacks into the forum…They find out that the person who posted the timer posted another post…It is not the Pied Piper. Rather it’s a poster (who runs the Underground Forum) who wants to help the Pied Piper.

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Sungchan recognizes the name and decides to stake out the meeting. Joon sits on a park bench by himself when another figure walks over. The man turns his head and it… Heesung?!


Ahem…So I know the general consensus is that artistic license abounds in Korean drama. But man, Ryu Yong Jae, you really took the cake here. Why the HECK is a witness off making an argument to the jury while the lawyers sit mute? Additionally, what kind of idiot judge would sit to let his courtroom turn into a freaking circus? There’s procedural rules to a trial people! And one of the most simple ones is that a witness is limited to answering the questions asked during a direct or a cross.  The judge has to accept objections by either lawyer when procedural rules are broken!

Okay, now that the random rant is out of my system. Pied Piper thank you! You returned to the feelsy drama that hooked me in the beginning episodes. Yes, we wandered a bit from the actual Pied Piper because now it’s clear that the writer wants to develop some kind of relationship between Myungha and Sungchan. But, regardless of the ulterior motive, and how Sungchan (Shin Ha Kyun) who was born in May 1974 is much older than Myungha (Jo Yoonhee) who was born in October 1982 (12 years difference)…The images don’t quite align yet for a a perfect romantic ship between Sungchan and Myungha.  Sungchan just looks too old and jagged compared to Myungha’s youthful babyface…Maybe if her makeup was changed and her clothing to change her general atmosphere to be more tough and less young girl…There might be a chance. However, I don’t think the drama writers should do it since that would change Myungha’s whole character… Episode 6 was all about Myungha having a personal identity crisis on whether she did the right thing joining the Crisis Negotiations Team! She’s not some veteran here… Maybe it would be best if Pied Piper goes the way of Resetwhere they just left it as a hint of romance and more of a mentorship between the main leads.

Finally, as for the episode itself, it was pretty good.  Other than the random nits about it being overly exaggerated and unrealistic. It was still like watching a young adult novel.  I’m here gasping at how gross and insufferable the lawyer and the Deokman is.  I’m annoyed but I’m cheering when Sungchan breaks the bottle in front of Deokman’s face and when he appeals to the jury with the truth.  At the end of the episode, I’m emotionally tired because I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster…but, I’m happy because the good guys won out. All in all, a good episode!



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