Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deulho Episode 2 RECAP

Attorney Jo wins his first battle for the underdog!  The baddies learn that Deulho is back and with a vengeance.  What is the scariest thing in the world for the corrupt bid baddies? Someone who is intelligent and has nothing to lose.



Deulho’s entrance ratters all of them but the defendant (Jishik) has given consent and Deulho had filed his appearance. They can’t do anything but let Deulho in. The prosecutor accuses Jishik of setting fire to the construction site drunkenly. Deulho and Eunjo both respond that they deny the charge.


First attack. The prosecutor brings up an expert to opine on Jishik’s burn wound after the accident. It was on his back and Jishik had said he was asleep upstairs… Then, he couldn’t have gotten hit from the top.


Deulho gets up and decides to go with the strategy of banging on the table! He asks if the expert woke up in a burning building, he would immediately jump out of the second story window… The expert stutters that he doesn’t know so Deulho continues. If it were Deulho, he would try to find another way and walk around in shock before turning to jump out. He asks the expert what ten people would do in the situation… Would they all jump?

The expert answers that unless it was clearly an emergency with no other way out, most people would try to find an alternative to jumping from the second floor. So, Deulho continues that it could be possible that Jishik woke up and went downstairs to check on the situation before running back upstairs… During which he got the wound on his back. The expert concedes. Yay for the pound the desk strategy!


Next the prosecutor brings up another homeless guy. He testifies that Jishik had been bullied by the deceased several times. He also overhead Jishik drunkenly declare that he would kill the deceased…

The prosecutor then announces that this has happened in the past. Jishik had started a profitable restaurant but the landlord had kicked him out after a couple of months. Then Jishik had set the whole restaurant on fire.

The flow is disadvantageous for Jishik… Ae-Ra signals for Deulho to cut it off. Deulho quickly asks for a time out to use the restroom as it’s an emergency. He explains the same to Eunjo before meeting the prosecutor in the bathroom. They have a who’s manlihood is bigger type of fight and Deulho leaves after wiping his hands dry on the prosecutor’s robes.


Then it’s Eunjo’s turn to cross the witness. She starts to focus the witness on Jishik’s usually calm temperament and turns to Jishik’s drinking. Deulho interrupts to stop Eunjo. He yells at her for trying to go with the strategy of it was manslaughter due to alcohol and… The judge basically adjourns for the day as the two defending lawyers have not even settled on their strategy.


Deulho and Eunjo fight in front of Jishik. Deulho asks Jishik if he got drunk and accidentally set the fire in his drunken state. Jishik denies it. So Deulho harrumph and walks out after warning Jishik not to trust Eunjo.


They walk out to a bunch of reporters… It looks like Deulho planned it. Ae-Ra comes out to ask in broken Korean if Deulho is confident about the case since he was in charge of the case originally. Deulho agrees loudly that he’s confident and also introduces Eunjo as a lawyer from the top law firm.


CEO Jung and the Chief Prosecutor watch it together. The CEO is pissed that Deulho is basically sending a warning to him and the Chief Prosecutor promises to take care of it…He calls his son in and warns him not to take Deulho lightly. Deulho had a perfect record. The Chief Prosecutor offers to help but his son refuses it.


CEO Jung then calls Attorney Jang into his office. He asks Attorney Jang to lose the case in exchange for representing the company in an upcoming sale.

We then turn to Deulho who is meeting with Jishik. He asks about the past fire. Jishik stutters at first… But, then he confidently announces that he was pissed and drunk when he set fire to the restaurant before. Deulho muses that they need to differentiate this case from the restaurant case and wonders if they should contact Jishik’s family. Jishik reacts strongly against it.


Meanwhile, Eunjo gets called in by her superior who was ordered by Attorney Jang to take care of the case. He tells Eunjo to report on all of Deulho’s activities.


Deulho? He’s busy! Busy moving his office into Daesoo’s office. Ae-Ra helps by womanhandling Daesoo over his protests over his office getting taken over.

Night falls. Deulho finds no silver bullet in the case files and his mind wanders back to Ilkook. In the ambulance, Ilkook had handed over a key on a chain before passing on…


Deulho decides that when the papers don’t help even though he knows the true story, he has to go back to the scene of the crime. He walks through the warehouse, narrating how the real killer brought the corpse in his sports car and then set the fire… He walks around thinking about what Jishik could have done. He also remembers that there were supposedly six security cameras around the spot but only five tapes were produced.

Then Ae-Ra calls to tell him that the police officer in charge of the case, Officer Kim suspiciously retired and started a restaurant in Kangnam.

The next day, Eunjo visits the new office to tail Deulho. She offers to drive him and he sees the sticker on the back window that announces to the world that a beginner driver is at the wheel. Eunjo drives slowly and gets into several near accidents… By the time that they pause to the side, Deulho jumps out.


Their first stop? To see Jishik’s son. Byun Junior is a prickly brat. He yells at them both about his father being too weak and causing him and his mother trouble. He reaches up to wipe his forehead and we see a burn scar on his hand… Hmmm… Maybe the first fire was Byun Junior’s act and not Jishik’s.

Deulho then lies that hr has to go to a funeral and goes to a hotel instead. Eunjo follows and sees him go into a room with Ae-Ra. They watch from the top window for Officer Kim to arrive. Office Kim finally does, but he just grabs money from the register and leaves to go gambling again. Turns out that Officer Kim got addicted to gambling and lost all his money.


That night CEO Jung meets with the Prosecutor Chief and his son. The CEO asks prosecutor junior what he thinks about the case. Prosecutor junior answers confidently that the defendant is guilty.


Then junior walks out to take a call. The CEO sighs that it’s a shame that Deulho didn’t join them when Deulho was so good at his job. He also asks if Prosecutor Shin will be able to win. The Chiefs Prosecutor answers that he also agrees that Deulho was different; he was a natural. But, he will help his son win… All of which junior overhears.

At the same time Deulho asks Officer Kim for a copy of the security tape. Officer Kim denies knowing it. So, Deulho reminds him that CEO Jung knows he has the tape… It’s better to help Deulho win or risk disappearing when the CEO decides he’s too much of a risk.

Eunjo goes to her mom’s home for dinner where she eats with her mom. Mom asks Eunjo to move in but Eunjo doesn’t want to since Mom is living with her step dad.

Meanwhile, Deulho gets a breakthrough! They do have pictures from the scene showing the tire tracks and Jung Junior had driven a rare imported sports car. The tire tracks would be unique.


The next day, Deulho tells Jishik to remember carefully. Jishik has to turn into a witness to stop being an defendant. Jishik stutters that he doesn’t remember.

Deulho tells him to focus and begins…Jishik was sleeping when he smelled something weird and woke up. He went to the window to get fresh air and saw a sports car driving away. There was a young twenties-something driving away.

At that moment, Eunjo arrives and accuses Deulho of making Jishik lie on the stand. Deulho replies back that no one knows it’s a lie and he knows for a fact that Jishik didn’t do the crime.


The trial begins and Jishik awkwardly repeats the story. He doesn’t seem confident and no one looks convinced. But, Deulho continues. He shows the pictures of the tire tracks and announces that they can find the real perpetrator if they listen to Jishik’s witness testimony and investigate carefully.


The Prosecutor then gets up. He slinks up to Jishik and wonders why Jishik suddenly remembered everything. Cue creepy smile. Jishik stutters because the poor guy is too honest. Deulho tries to come to his rescue by objecting to the Prosecutor’s leading question.

Then the Prosecutor announces that Deulho probably instructed Jishik to lie. He turns to Deulho and asks if he thinks he’s a lawyer.

Suddenly, Jishik stands up and announces in a convicted voice. He shouts that he is telling the truth. He told everyone the truth about what he saw from the beginning. But no one listened and started to intimidate him… Then everyone accused him of being the murderer and only Attorney Jo listened to him…. Only Attorney Jo believed in him. He thanks Deulho in front of everyone.


Do you feel that? That warmth spreading inside of you and the tears that threaten to leak out because finally! Good won over evil even if it was just one battle among the many in the war. Yes, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deulho did it. It just emotionally moved me and made me feel vicarious catharsis. Because who doesn’t enjoy seeing the underdog good win over corrupt big bad?

First off, the cons. Because no drama is perfect even though I love this drama. This episode focused on establishing Deulho as the quirky dork but brilliant lawyer who does anything to save his client. The problem? Some of the amazing discoveries were really just meh and the critical side of me wondered why the investigators didn’t pick up on the obvious evidence during the first round of investigation… I mean tire tracks? Completely circumstantial and useless unless you can prove that the car was at the scene on or around the time of the accident. Of course, all Deulho is trying to do is provide enough doubt that his client isn’t adjudicated as guilty, but still…


This is called a failed stakeout…yo.

Now on to what the drama does well. It toes the line of humor right on the edge of the ice. It’s like just an inch more and I’d be rolling my eyes. But, Park Shin Yang does an amazing job of becoming Deulho that I’m not second guessing every gag. Deulho is so cheap he washes up in Daesoo’s bathroom. Hmmm Shin Yang seems so serious, I guess it can happen. Deulho’s shakeout location is a seedy motel during the day. Well Shin Yang looked so naturally awkward when he was being pulled in, I couldn’t help but laugh. In conclusion, Park Shin Yang carried another episode and I ate it all up.


I put on lens-less glasses and look tired and voila! Empathy!

Finally, our Eunjo. She was a little more likeable in this episode as we could see that she really cares about the case and doing well. Sure, she has no idea what she’s doing and she has no experience. But, she’s trying her darnest! Also, she’s true to her naive character that I can’t blame her for not realizing that the firm is setting her up to take a fall. Instead, I feel little seeds of empathy growing inside me.



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