The Promise – 40

Dohee finds out that Nayoung looks just like her and the revelation starts to interrupt her happy wedding planning.


Yookyung tells Nayoung a half lie. She lies that Eunhae passed away a couple of days after Nayoung was born. The death was so unexpected that Yookyung still hasn’t gotten over it. She adds that it is better for Nayoung to have lost her memories.

Nayoung notes that she is thankful Yookyung told her… As there’s nothing that will stay a secret forever. She also asks Yookyung to tell her more about Eunhae.

Yookyung continues that Eunhae was nice and pretty as well as popular. Nayoung sighs that it’s like Yookyung…who is so pretty and nice to Nayoung that she is like an angel.

Yookyung notes that she is in debt to Eunhae… There was something Yookyung wanted that was Eunhae’s that Yookyung stole it. Eunhae forgave Yookyung and gave her the stolen thing.

Nayoung muses that it can happen between friends and asks what was stolen. Yookyung smiles that it was a secret between her and Eunhae.


Then Yookyung goes to meet with the doctor. He explains that it all depends on Nayoung. The memories might come back quickly or take months. He asks if Nayoung has any family members.

Yookyung answers curtly that there are no family members. Nayoung had a child who passed on. So, the doctor asks for pictures or possessions of the child… They may help trigger her memories.

Yookyung refuses on the grounds that it would be too hard for Nayoung. She then smiles that the hospital is so good but it must be hard to run so far away from the city. She asks to see the head of the hospital.


Meanwhile, Dohee comes home to find Hwi Kyung visiting. He smiles that he wanted to come and introduce himself to her parents as soon as possible. Mr. Baek suggests that they schedule the official meeting of the parents for the weekend. Dohee pauses and refuses as it’s too sudden.


Later, Dohee snaps at Hwi Kyung why he didn’t tell her first. Hwi Kyung smiles that he didn’t mean harm but Dohee continues to snap. She turns around to go back inside leaving Hwi Kyung feeling like he made a mistake.

She gets a call from her editor about dropping the article on Sejin and Taejoon. Dohee scoffs as this is the opposite of what she wants to do now. She tells the editor that she will take care of it.

Dohee calls Eun-Bong to check on Nayoung. Eun-Bong snaps back that she doesn’t want to trouble Dohee who is about to quit being a reporter. Dohee asks who told Eun-Bong this and then goes to yell at her mother.

Mr. Baek sits Dohee down. He tells her that her mother was right. She should stop and focus on preparing for the wedding.

Dohee sighs that she will quit after this last investigation. So, Mr. Baek agrees.

Dohee calls Eun-Bong again and apologizes. She asks to meet Nayoung. Eun-Bong confides in Dohee that Nayoung disappeared after going out to meet Dohee… Nayoung says that she went to pray but it’s not like Nayoung.

Dohee asks if anyone else knew about Nayoung meeting Dohee. Eun-Bong confirms that Nayoung might have run into Taejoon or Sejin… As they were at the hospital.

Dohee then asks for a picture and calls her friend at the police station…she wants to find someone.

Eun-Bong sends over Nayoung’s informant and a picture… The music gets dramatic as Dohee sees herself in the picture. Chills.


The next thing we know Dohee is meeting Eun-Bong at a cafe. When Dohee raises her face, Eun-Bong freezes. Eun-Bong wonders how this can be when Dohee looks just like Nayoung. Dohee wonders if Nayoung is her doppelganger… It’s rumored that there is one person who looks identical to you in the world… You aren’t supposed to meet and if you do, one of the two dies.

Dohee insists that she wants to meet Nayoung and asks if Nayoung is Eun-Bong’s biological daughter. Eun-Bong answers that Nayoung was adopted…


At the same time, a doctor tells Nayoung to draw anything in her mind. Nayoung draws something and smiles shyly that she doesn’t know what she’s drawing… It’s just the only thing she can draw… Saebyul’s face.


We turn back to Dohee who is brooding about her mother’s weird reactions every time Nayoung was involved. Dohee looks worried and she goes to her mom’s room.  Then like any normal daughter, Dohee goes through her mother’s stuff and finds the box with her old baby clothes.  Inside the lining of the shirt, Dohee finds embroidery saying “from your mom Eunhae.”


Meanwhile, Sejin looks at watches to exchange for the wedding. But, Taejoon isn’t paying attention. Sejin snaps that she’s with him in person but he’s thinking about Saebyul and Nayoung. Taejoon answers that it’s weird that Nayoung isn’t around when Saebyul is sick… It’s just humane worry.

Sejin tells him that Nayoung will be fine so he should focus on her.

Talk about being selfish! She knows her mother caused Nayoung to be in an accident… Anyways, she hands over a gift for Manjung.


But, when Taejoon arrives, he ends up empty handed. He sits Manjung down and asks if she has heard anything about Nayoung.

Manjung replies that she hasn’t heard anything… And the place she’s at is a good place. Taejoon asks where that is and Manjung stutters that she’s talking about the prayer place.

Then Nayoung’s cell rings and Taejoon grabs it. Manjung begs Taejoon not to pick it up and she will tell him everything… She tells Taejoon that Nayoung is just a little hurt and is getting treated.

Taejoon gets up to tell the family. Manjung grabs his hand and begs him just to wait until after the wedding… However, Taejoon pulls away.

Sejin sees this because she came back with the present for Manjung. She quietly follows.


Where did Taejoon go? To see the daughter he threw away. He asks Saebyul what he should do… A part of me thinks Saebyul should open her eyes and tell him to go walk into a wall but Saebyul stays silent.

Manjung walks in and grits out that she will let him stay for a few minutes since he’s so pitiful. She goes to the other empty patient bed and Taejoon continues to sob without telling Manjung the truth.


The next day, Sejin visits Nayoung at the hospital. Sejin walks purposefully over but pauses when she sees Nayoung just sitting there… Staring at the sky.

At the same time, Saebyul calls out for her mom.


OK! Heaven’s Promise just gave Sejin and Taejoon have the chance to show us that they are human. For crying out loud, Nayoung is hurt. There’s little chance that a hurt woman can get past paid body guards and stop their wedding. So, do they tell?

Likely not… But you can’t help hope, right? Hope that Taejoon and Sejin have not fallen so far as to not tell worried family members the whereabouts of Nayoung?

The twin thing! Omg! I got chills when I heard Dohee speak about Doppelgangers. The meeting between Dohee and Eun-Bong was slightly less climatic than I expected. Rather, it was subdued with understated tension. Like both Eun-Bong and Dohee are wondering if Dohee and Nayoung are twins but are afraid to voice the guess.

Now that Dohee has all of the clues and she seems the type that doesn’t stop if she wants something, let’s hope that Yookyung’s secret comes back to the spotlight. That’s an interesting premise and it would also make the Revenge that much more important… It’s revenge for two generations. Now, it makes sense that Nayoung would be the angel of vengeance. Yookyung gave Nayoung the clue about Gyungwan herself.


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