The Promise – 41

Dohee finds out that she is biologically related to Nayoung and the drama keeps dropping hints that Dohee is making her official farewells.


Sejin sees Nayoung smile and thinks to herself that Nayoung needs to just stay at the hospital for until the hospital. She leaves without speaking with Nayoung.


At the same time, Dohee gets a call from her police friend. He reports that Nayoung seems missing.


Back at the hospital, the doctor tells Mom that Saebyul is conscious but the MRI doesn’t look good. They still need to watch the situation. The rest of the family rushes over and Geum-Bong even cries for leaving Saebyul alone. Mom sighs that Nayoung should be here on a day like this…


Instead of Nayoung, Taejoon shows up because Eun-Bong called him. Saebyul sees him and thanks him for coming all the way from the United States. Then she asks to see Nayoung. Taejoon just smiles silently.

Meanwhile, Dohee goes to check out Nayoung’s house. She goes to the bathroom, where she picks up a toothbrush… The she takes hair from Nayoung’s hairbrush. Next up, she goes to a salon and asks to get her hair done like Nayoung.


On the side, Yookyung asks Manjung to find the other pair of the earring from Nayoung. In exchange, Yookyung gives a gift of a necklace and earrings… Manjung then asks what they are going to do about Nayoung since Saebyul woke up. Sejin hears this exchange.

Sejin calls Taejoon and asks how he could have forgotten to call about Saebyul waking up. She asks him not make any mistakes in preparing for their wedding.

At the same time, Hwi Kyung calls Dohee because he wants to propose. But, Dohee has too much on her mind and snaps at him.


The night passes and the next day comes. Sejin is wondering about their honeymoon destination and Taejoon is distracted. Sejin whines that she feels like she’s in love alone.

Then Dohee calls and asks about where Nayoung is. Taejoon denies knowing. So, Dohee threatens to publish a fun article about Taejoon… He sighs that he doesn’t care and calls Gyungwan.

Dohee asks to meet but Gyungwan refuses. Dohee then asks if he knows about Nayoung’s disappearance when she feels like he’s involved. Gyungwan snaps that he doesn’t want to listen to nonsense and hangs up.


He calls Hwi Kyung. He also explains that Taejoon and Sejin had a bad start since Taejoon already had a girl and a child. Hwi Kyung asks what this has to do with Dohee. Gyungwan answers that Dohee is preparing an article about Taejoon and Sejin. He asks Hwi Kyung to stop her.

Cue tense elevator music. Hwi Kyung goes to his office and calls Dohee out for dinner…


Dohee goes out with her new hair style. She’s also noticeably cold. She asks what he wants to say. Hwi Kyung asks her to drop the article.

Dohee answers that she already dropped one article. She can’t do it again. Hwi Kyung asks again that this may be harmful to them as “us”.

Dohee smirks. She thanks Hwi Kyung for bringing her back to her senses. She wants to do her work more than love… She won’t let Taejoon and Sejin go after they stepped on a helpless woman.

Hwi Kyung frowns and tells her that this is also his issue… So, he is going to do his own thing to protect his relationship with her.

Yookyung also visits Manjung who hasn’t found the earring. Yookyung snaps that Manjung has to find the earring no matter what.

She also asks if Manjung hasn’t seen Saebyul. Manjung confirms that she hasn’t. So, Yookyung orders that Manjung go and visit and bring Saebyul home as soon as she is released. Manjung agrees to do so on one condition… Yookyung brings Nayoung back right after the wedding.


The music turns ominous when a nurse finds Nayoung and realizes that the police is looking for her. To make us all feel more nervous, Mrs. Baek tells Dohee not to leave. When Dohee refuses to stay at home, she gives Dohee her necklace…


Dohee also stops by Hwi Kyung’s office. She tells him that she felt like she had to see him before she goes to find Taejoon’s abandoned woman. He also agrees that he feels like he shouldn’t send her. He begs her and he orders her not to go.

Dohee apologizes that work is too important to her. Hwi Kyung stops her and gives her the ring. He declares that no matter what she does, he won’t let her go.


Dohee gives him back the ring. Hwi Kyung asks why since he won’t let her go. Dohee smiles. She hands over a USB. She tells him that he can choose… Her or Sejin. If he chooses her, he can publish the article… She knows that he won’t choose her over his niece.

Dohee walks out and we realize why she’s being so cold. The tumor is a cancer… Her reverie is interrupted by the DNA testing center. They can only tell her the results in person so off Dohee goes.

Meanwhile, Nayoung starts drawing an earring… She doesn’t know why.

Dohee gets the results that she is related to Nayoung and finds herself outside of Nayoung’s hospital.


Ah! The Revenge is coming! And I love me a good Revenge story but why does Dohee have to die?! Also, what will the Jangs do to make Dohee die? We know that they will be involved somehow…

Ugh, the writer totally made me fall for Dohee so much that I like her better than Nayoung. She is smart. She has character. She’s true to her personality and she goes after what she wants like the fact that Dohee only knew about Nayoung for a couple of days and she already knows that they are related as well as where Nayoung is staying… We need more female characters like her! I don’t want Dohee to die… I want the huge Revenge to be inevitable without Dohee’s death! Blah!



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