Vampire Detective Episode 2 RECAP

A request from an announcer throws Sang and Koohyung back in another aspect of the illegal blood trade – trafficking homeless people.  As they try to protect their announcer client from the shadow threatening her, Sang begins to show sensitivity to blood and a new power…



We start with the end where Sang is corned by two cars speeding toward him on both sides. He turns and runs toward one…


Back in the past, Gyeowool places flowers at her brother’s grave and swears that she will find out the mastermind behind all this.


Sang also wakes up from a nightmare of Gyeowool’s brother stabbing him with the needle. He begins running on the treadmill and continues until Koohyung calls him off… Sang looks down and sees that his old bullet wound has healed.

No time to fret! Gyeolwool arrives with all of her possessions! She declares that she is moving in. Koohyung protests. So, Gyeolwool coolly hands over her account book. She has around $153,000 after taking out her brother’s apartment. She wants to stay with them until they find out what happened to her brother.


Sang goes to his usual checkup where he gets his blood pulled. But the sight and smell of the blood makes him transform. He starts sweating and closes his now yellow eyes.

The doctor also finds it weird that Sang’s preliminary tests seem so perfect. He asks if Sang is taking anything. Sang remembers the syringe and grouchily answers that he hopes the doctor will call him once results are out. The doctor looks at Koohyung who smiles awkwardly that he also wants to now what happened and needs to know the doctor’s help.


The next case! A beautiful morning announcer named Seung-Hye comes for their help. Koohyung is more than ready to help with some glasses on to look even smarter. Koohyung is even more chatty than normal if that is possible…

Seung-Hye explains that she went to work as normal. But then she heard a locker door open and got up to check. When she opened the door further, she gasped in shock and screamed… There was a dead body! The body was of Boeun Park, a fellow announcer.

She ran to get the security guard. However, when she came back, there was no body. Instead, there was a note that demanded she return the “thing” or be prepared for there to be a dead body on the next news broadcast.

Seung-Hye denies knowing what the threatener wants… She also doesn’t want to go the police in case this is a trap for her. Sang suggests that she just takes a break to protect her safety but Seung-Hye refuses.

Sang sighs and turns to the locker where he spots a small blot of blood. His eyes change and then he sees Boeun’s dead body… He suddenly hears someone outside the door and runs after the person.

The chase ends on the roof when someone hits Sang on the back. He gets knocked unconscious. In his dream, he’s laying down with Yoojin. She lays down next to him and worries about their first assignment. She sighs that she knows that they will be fine but her heart worries. Sang smiles and reassures her that it’s time to trust their minds. Yoojin finds herself smiling with him and agrees. They cannot stop no matter what. She gets up first and leans over him, telling him not to give up no matter what.

Sang wakes up and finds a folded paper next to him. On it, it’s written that there are 18 hours left.


He goes back to the room where Koohyung is telling Seung-Hye that this is a difficult case to solve in such a short period of time. But, Sang seems ready to take it on. So, they enlist Gyeolwool to search Boeun’s background as a hacker in exchange for letting her stay at the house.

Seung-Hye goes to work and Sang watches over her. He asks the coworker about Boeun and Seung-Hye…she spills when she sees a police badge (fake?). Turns out that Seung-Hye was never close with Boeun since they came from different backgrounds. Boeun was always on the announcer track while Seung-Hye started as a reporter… Additionally, there are a lot of rumors about Seung-Hye always having a guy around her. There are rumors about there being a video about Seung-Hye floating around. Also, there were rumors about Seung-Hye and her camera man Kim Kyungsoo. But then Seung-Hye married a rich guy and Kyungsoo committed suicide.

The girl continues that what was the rest is that Seung-Hye didn’t even go to Kyung-Soo’s funeral.

Then the crew goes to visit a loan shark (Myunghak). Myunghak isn’t very open until he sees Gyeolwool, whom he recognizes. She explains that she joined the detective squad and confronts him about knowing Boeun.

Myunghak smirks before attacking with a knife. But, Gyeolwool is ready. She smashes one if his empty soju bottles on his head. Then Sang pulls her back and slams Myunghak’s head in the table.

Sang’s eyes change and Myunghak begins to tall. Boeun had borrowed a lot of money from them. But then a guy named Chun Jiwoong got involved. Jiwoong paid off her loans and stated that he had a task for Boeun.


Koohyung takes Gyeolwool back to the doctor. She gets all fixed up by the nurse. Then, the doctor calls Koohyung off to the side….The results from Sang’s blood this morning are in. His blood is weird; it’s like a blood that should not exist.


As for Sang? He’s still with Seung-Hye. She confirms that she knows Chun Jiwoong. Chun Jiwoong is involved in a non-profit organization that has been investigated for being a scam but no one knows for certain. The worst thing was that the scam involved disappearing homeless people. Sang also asks why Seung-Hye didn’t go to the funeral. She answers curtly that she had a broadcast scheduled.

Sang and Koohyung go to check out Kyungsoo’s room. His little sister kept it the same. They find it full of old cameras. She explains that Kyungsoo used to think that physical tapes are much more human. So, he kept a copy of everything in tape form.


The two then meet with their police friend. The police officer explains that he doesn’t know much about Kyungsoo’s death. Also, Seung-Hye was cleared through an investigation. Meanwhile, they never found out what was happening with the disappearing homeless people. What the police did find out was that a fake ambulance would appear and take homeless people away.

Sang and Koohyung then head to the church where Kyungsoo had committed suicide. Koohyung walks around in a daze wondering why Kyungsoo would have committed suicide there. Then Sang walks toward the front of the church where he walks over where the blood had been…All of a sudden, Sang is gripped with a flashback…The memory of Kyungsoo’s blood? He sees Kyungsoo burning a photograph and then stand up before he coughs up blood.

Sang is frozen in place but Koohyung snaps him out of it as Sang’s phone is vibrating. It’s Gyeolwool who hacked Seung-Hye’s secret. She used to date Kyungsoo.


The scene changes and Sang is meeting with Seung-Hye. He shows her a photograph of the two and asks if they had dated. Seung-Hye confirms. Sang then hands over a log of purchases. One of the purchases is a spy cam. He asks if there could have been a video that she didn’t want found. Seung-Hye frowns and snaps that there was nothing like that between her and Kyungsoo. Sang apologizes but the damage has been done. Seung-Hye snips that she understands that being a detective is about guessing; she just wants them to find the thing…

Sang reports back to the group. He sighs that he feels like Seung-Hye is hiding something. But, Koohyung thinks that Seung-Hye is innocent. Gyeolwool guesses that it’s a sex tape. HAH!


Next plan! Sang goes and gives a bunch of homeless people money. They give him their spot and Sang waits until he hears the ambulance sirens. Then he gurgles with some soju and remembers to splatter some on himself before sprawling on the floor like he’s drunk. Two people come out of the ambulance and cart him off…With Koohyung tailing in their jeep car.

Tense music! Finally, the ambulance stops in front of an abandoned warehouse. The men drag Sang into the warehouse as Gyeolwool calls Koohyung to hear what is going on. She asks how Sang can be so courageous. Koohyung answers that the scariest person in the world is one who has nothing to lose…like Sang.

Inside the warehouse, one man gets ready to stick Sang with a syringe. But Sang gets up and pulls the man over. He knocks the guy unconscious before walking off to see the whole length of the floor curtained off into smaller rectangles. Each rectangle has a body in it from which they seem to be taking the blood. Sang is overwhelmed and his eyes change… He gags as he goes toward the end of the warehouse where he runs after someone. The person flees into a car and suddenly two cars are speeding toward Sang.


Sang? He runs toward one and jumps up into a flip. By the time he lands, one car had slammed into another. Sang walks off as if this is nothing and sees all of the loan shark’s men as well as Jiwoong’s men approaching. One by one, two by two. Sang takes care of them. Myunghak puts up a fight before he’s knocked unconscious – he stabs Sang several times with a broken glass bottle. But he’s no match. Then it’s Sang against Jiwoong with a knife. Sang beats Jiwoong and slams the guy against the car. Sang is about to strangle him when Koohyung runs over and shouts for Sang. This gets Sang’s attention and Sang stops…He looks up and faints.

Koohyung drives Sang off. Then we see from Sang’s point of view. He sees his doctor who holds some kind of asthma inhaler. The doctor points it at Sang’s face and blood splatters. Suddenly, it’s the morning and Sang wakes up. He asks if he’s dead and Koohyung reassures him that he’s not. Sang falls back down and Koohyung looks at an empty inhaler.

Meanwhile, Seung-Hye reports on how the loan shark and Jiwoong were arrested for taking advantage of and kidnapping homeless people. When she finishes the broadcast, she gets a call from Sang. He asks her to meet at the church where Kyungsoo committed suicide.

She arrives and he asks her if she knows why Kyungsoo chose this church. She answers that she met Kyungsoo in this church. They got close. Then they went their own ways…They met again as a reporter and a camera man. They were the best combination and she knew Kyungsoo liked her. But, then when they were investigating Jiwoong, she found out that Kyungsoo was going to blackmail Jiwoong’s group for money. A flashback shows Seung-Hye confronting Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo answering that he would do anything if he could get the money to be with her. Seung-Hye cries back that if Kyungsoo did that, he would be like the evil that they report on and leaves.

Sang adds that this was not the truth. Kyungsoo had been threatened by Jiwoong’s group that they were going to release pictures of Seung-Hye looking close to Kyungsoo. This would have hurt Seung-Hye who was engaged to a rich chaebol. So, Kyungsoo pretended to go along with their plan for money. He gave them a fake tape and took the photographs to burn. Then, he defiantly stood up and drank the medicine … Screaming at them – demanding to know if they think he’s just playing, he falls as the medicine works. Jiwoong’s men take the money and run.

Sang continues that Seung-Hye knew what they wanted from the beginning…But, Seung-Hye never told them (the detectives) because it would have implicated Kyungsoo. She agrees that it’s true but it was useless. She gets up to leave and tells Sang to keep the tapes.


Sang plays the tape. A video of Kyungsoo comes up. It’s him confessing that he only became a camera man because he saw her through his camera lens. He thanks her for doing so well ans asks her to be happy no matter what…To continue her broadcasts no matter what because she’s the prettiest in front of a camera. He tells her that he loves her.

Seung-Hye never turns around. But, she breaks down into sobs. She tells Sang that she cannot take the tapes and asks him to take care of the tapes.

Sang asks how Seung-Hye could do this. Seung-Hye answers that she had long ago decided to leave the memories in the past. Sang begins that he expected something different. Seung-Hye turns around and demands to know what he expected of her…But she turns into Yoojin in Sang’s eyes. Sang stops and Seung-Hye leaves.

A voiceover explains that memories are usually sad experiences…We usually don’t know what is important until we lose it…

Then Sang, Koohyung and Gyeolwool watch the next broadcast. Seung-Hye tells the world that she feels different on that day. That she remember someone. She promises to do her best no matter what… Sang asks Koohyung if there is a reason for him being alive.


Koohyung smiles that he just hopes Sang could just let it go now. Sang fiddles with his inhaler. Then he turns on the rest of Koohyung’s tape. It’s some of Jiwoong’s minions taking a homeless guy. But, in the background? The silhouette of Yoojin.


Another fast-paced episode and great writing that weaved in the episodic case of the day with the larger conspiracy of the vampires running an underground blood ring.  Even though a part of me was wondering how they are going to run with this episodic framework, I couldn’t help myself from getting glued to the screen as I wondered who was behind the threats to Seung-Hye and how that person was tied to Yoojin.  It seemed so unrelated!  A random dead body and loan sharks.

Then, when Sang was in the warehouse, I gasped because I didn’t realize the drama was going there.  Yes, it went with the plotline of the underground vampire underlords are using humans like less than cows…milking them for the blood and then tossing them.  Woa, for a moment I was like OCN, you went DARK.

That plotline could have gone very dark for mainstream (albeit cable) television.  Thankfully, I think that the writers/production staff did a good job in letting the emotional punch be short.  They were clear with the implication of intravenous bags of blood and bodies in body bags.  But then the overall scene was limited to a few minutes and we were happily distracted by Sang vamping out with his yellow eyes and gagging.  Additionally, it helps that Lee Joon has a great screen presence.  Even as he’s literally stumbling from blood lust and he’s surrounded by fresh blood, you can’t take your eyes off of his struggle to run out for fresh air…His struggle against his newfound animal/vampire nature because he doesn’t recognize his bloodlust.

Sang not recognizing that he’s been contaminated by the syringe as a vampire was an interesting twist.  Usually, these dramas/shows/anime are written so that the main character immediate recognizes the bloodlust when they “transform.”  They immediately go after the blood or bite someone and quench said bloodlust.  However, Sang is more practical and logical as is suggested by his flashblack/dream where he tells Yoojin not to worry….To let the mind rule the emotions.  As a result, I wonder if his nausea is not just the nausea of intense hunger pangs but also a biological reaction from his body rejecting what is an illogical need to drink the blood.  That logical part of him also makes it impossible for Sang to realize that he’s changing into a vampire. Hence, now Koohyung and the doctor know but Sang has no idea.  A very vulnerable baby vamp.  Interesting.

Finally, last but not least, I liked Sang’s new power of “seeing” the story of each person from the blood.  That was a cool spin that I haven’t seen many times 🙂


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