The Promise – 42

They kill her off. That is all.



We inch toward the time of revenge. Dohee understands exactly what the DNA test results mean. She goes in and asks the lobby for patient Lee Nayoung with her birthday. She is told that Nayoung is in the private room and her legal guardian stated that Nayoung isn’t to see visitors.


Dohee walks out wondering what to do when she sees another woman helping her mother stumble toward the hospital. Dohee jumps to help them and with the coincidence of guards changing at that time, Dohee is able to sneak into Nayoung’s room.

Nayoung has no idea and asks Dohee who she is. Dohee takes off her hat and the music goes ballistic makjang! Dohee then hugs the dazed Nayoung. She tells Nayoung that they are twins.

Nayoung gasps in surprise that she forgot her twin even if she lost her memories. Dohee tells Nayoung that she is not alone… She has an adoptive family and a child named Saebyul… A woman named Eunhae is their mother.

Nayoung is still in shock. Her acting is kind of awkward but we just chalk it off to her condition. Dohee hugs Nayoung and tells her that she is sorry for coming to find her so late…

Then Dohee switches into Nayoung’s clothes and tells Nayoung that she is Baek Dohee. Nayoung is to go home and meet Saebyul first. Dohee will follow. If she doesn’t hear from Dohee by 7, tell the police. Dohee also hands over the cross necklace.

Nayoung leaves but a crisis hits. Both moms get the dramatic warning as Malsook cuts her finger and Mrs. Baek drops something… What is the crisis? Another depressed patient set fire to his room.

\ \

Nayoung hears the commotion and runs back into Dohee. But it’s too late. With Dohee’s weak heart, she already cannot move. Nayoung tries in vain to get Dohee to get up… Then she goes for a wheelchair but the smoke gets to her too.

Meanwhile, Hwi Kyung reads Dohee’s article and realizes what scum Taejoon and Sejin are. He visibly shakes with anger but takes the USB to Gyungwan.


At the same time, Sejin tries to win points with Saebyul. She has two big stuffed animals as bribes. But, Saebyul answers that she doesn’t care about presents; she wants her mom.


Sejin frowns and leaves. Eun-Bong follows Sejin out and demands to know where Nayoung is. She adds that she will not leave Sejin alone if Nayoung is hurt.

Life goes on. Sejin invites Taejoon home for dinner… The Jangs have fun with dinner. Se Kwang lies to Geum-Bong that Mrs. Baek’s restaurant. And Manjung watches drama cursing at the male character who threw away his woman after succeeding… Calling him less than an animal.


Then Manjung sees the news. She calls Yookyung and tells her to see it as well. The whole family sees it… And everyone… Freezes… Since they all have an idea about what is going on. Sejin also lies that she is tired and tells Taejoon to leave first.

The Baeks and the Lees are called to the hospital.


The white blanket of death and the previews make it certain that Dohee died. I have no more to say about this show that stole my daily heart but killed off my favorite character. Well… Yes, I do. This revenge better be completely delicious in exchange for killing off such an awesome character.


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