The Promise – 48

Nayoung accepts being Dohee and Hwi Kyung finds out how two-faced Yookyung is.  Goodies align!



Turns out Nayoung was a golfing prodigy! LPGA here we come! The girl learned how to properly golf within 49 days… Hitting with a driver on the field instead of a range. No practicing with a 7 iron or a 5 iron like normal plebians for this girl… Nope, she wants to chance 18 holes after literally one month. OK, I’ll move on from Nayoung’s amazing golf skills.

In a month, Nayoung has fully understood and digested Dohee’s personality and mannerisms. The family is ecstatic to have her back.

At the same time, everyone has the Buddhist service for the end of the 49 days of mourning and then meet up with Manjae’s lawyer. He announces that Hwi Kyung becomes the next CEO of AP Foods. If he can resurrect AP Foods, he gets all of Manjae’s shares in his company… Meanwhile, Gyungwan will continue as interim CEO of the main company and will stay as such if Hwi Kyung cannot succeed with AP Foods.

Youngsook is given a house in the countryside and the rest of his property is given to Yookyung. Yookyung’s face lights up while Youngsook freezes. The war has begun.

As Yookyung triumphantly saunters off, Youngsook turns to her bed to drown her sorrows with slumber. She is inconsolable and tells her son to leave her alone as she doesn’t want to berate his beloved father in front of him.

The next day, Gyungwan addresses his company while Nayoung is there for her tutoring session…She watches her ex-fiance stand next to Sejin and Yookyung with an expressionless face. What she doesn’t hear is Yookyung declare that everything is temporary as only Sejin should become the CEO of the company.

Then the war between Yookyung and Youngsook continues. Since she technically owns the house, Yookyung calls Youngsook just to demand homemade dinner. Youngsook declines but Yookyung insists and it looks like Youngsook has no other option than to give in less she lose face.


Before we forget Manjung, she gets a scene, too. She calls Sejin after buying herbal medicine that will help Sejin get pregnant. For comedic relief, Se Kwang manages to take one and drink a gulp before it’s taken away.


All too soon, it’s time for dinner. Yookyung’s family joins Hwi Kyung and Youngsook at the dinner table where Yookyung sniffs about the menu. Hwi Kyung tries to lighten the mood but Yookyung is determined. She brings the topic right back to how Sejin is taking Hwi Kyung’s position and he’s being ousted to AP Foods. This, of course, is news for Youngsook…


The next day, Hwi Kyung goes in to pack and he shows a polite facade towards Sejin in front of the other employees. The kid can play the game.


Meanwhile, Nayoung finishes her tutoring session and we get a hint. AP Foods is the only department in Baekdo Group that has a separate cash flow and ability to generate profit… Hmmm…


Nayoung then goes to Jungle News where she confronts her editor on why they scrapped her article for another on Manjae. Before he can give her the usual line, she also threatens to self publish under her pen name that the company is influenced by Baekdo if he doesn’t tell her the truth.


It works. Nayoung goes to Hwi Kyung’s office with a recording of the head editor confessing that Yookyung gave them the other article simultaneously while threatening to sue them for defamation. She plays it for Hwi Kyung and explains that she wanted to clear up all misunderstandings.


But Hwi Kyung reflects the old Nayoung. Instead of just planning his revenge, he goes to Yookyung to declare that he’s going to save AP Foods no matter what. Ah… When will our Goodies learn that the Baddies don’t need the benefit of a warning, it should just be full speed ahead to revenge!


Hwi Kyung exits after his roaring warning only to be met by Nayoung outside the gates. She extends her hand and offers to partner up.


Sigh, I feel like it’s a right of passage in Heaven’s Promise for the protagonist to make a wild heroic declaration to the evil side that s/he is going to make the other side see justice.  Now, I see it from two different angles. (1) The person is still naive and thinks/hopes that the declaration alone might make the evil person change her mind. (2) The person is actually giving a final cry for help and giving the evil side one last chance to stop the process of the REVENGE.  After all, everyone has a button inside of them that unleashes fury.  The difference is how hard it is for other people or circumstances to push that button.  Once the button is pushed, consequences always have to follow.

In this episode, Hwi Kyung finds out that his sister basically killed their father…whom both of them knew was ill and should not be stressed.  I’m not even sure what he thought Yookyung could do once he went to make his declaration.  Even if she promised to back off of AP Foods or give him their father’s portion of shares in Baekdo Group making him a majority shareholder, it probably would not relieve him of his pain and anger from her betrayal in handing over the article regarding Youngsook as a homewrecker and Manjae as a skirtchaser who chose a younger woman over his true wife…

Plot-wise, I’m not complaining.  It would be difficult for Nayoung who has lived a simple life to really jump into and bring down a large established corporation.  Even if Dohee’s parents were on bored with the revenge, one corporation attacking another out of purely emotion issues is irresponsible.  I doubt that she would have been able to effect delicious revenge unless she went a la A Wife’s Temptation and had Taejoon betray everyone.  But, even that kind of revenge can get old fast.  Also, maybe a lot of viewers out there would agree with me that Hwi Kyung is an amazing catch.  It would suck for him to have to suffer just because Nayoung is off seducing Taejoon.  Hence, the revenge should hit the Jangs (Yookyung) at what she cares about most – the company.


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