The Promise – 49

Step 1 – Make allies.



Hwi Kyung stares at Nayoung’s outstretched hand and asks her pointedly what they would work together towards. Nayoung smiles that he would know better than her and offers her hand again. This time, he accepts.


Yookyung’s selfish and shortsighted view on life harms her more. Instead of thinking about how to work with Hwi Kyung, she barges into Youngsook’s house with movers. Let me remind you that she’s kicking out the widow within two months of the funeral. Yeah. Let’s move on from the shortsighted and selfish Yookyung because her scenes recently make me want to throw things. It’s like, how did your parents raise you to literally think and act the way you do. Well, at least we know there’s Nayoung in the background… Tick tick tick.

We turn to Hwi Kyung who finds out that his request for a loan is rejected again. The manager is nice enough to warn him that he’s been blacklisted in the financial industry because an insider dropped the rumor that AP Foods is going bankrupt.


Who is that insider? Sejin! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. With a mother like that, where would the daughter go?

Taejoon walks in as Sejin is finishing a call with one of the banks. He asks her if she was the one who leaked the bankruptcy rumors. Sejin smiles that she’s just doing her job.

Taejoon stands up and confronts her about this being Yookyung’s idea and cheating. But, little miss-i-worked-one-day-and-i-am-an-expert replies that no business empire is built legally. Yes, m’dear, it’s built on sweat, tears, and perservance…

She stands up and hugs Taejoon. She announces that she’s going to give the company to Taejoon as if she has done more than throw her family weight around? Sheesh any more scenes of Sejin playing at corporate director and I might throw my laptop!


Anyways, Hwi Kyung asks Gyungwan for help blocking bankruptcy. He explains how an insider gave such detailed information on the current finances of AP Foods that no bank wants to loan them money. Gyungwan sighs that Manjae was right about 99% of things… The 1% that he was wrong about is AP Foods.

Hwi Kyung realizes that Gyungwan isn’t going to help and gets up. But, then Gyungwan awkwardly notes that Yookyung moved into the house and he can’t stop her.

Hwi Kyung looks at Gyungwan in a new light and laughs. Manjae was right, who would protect Youngsook if Manjae passed on? No one but Hwi Kyung as even Gyungwan has stopped blocking Yookyung once there was nothing to gain through Manjae’s favor.


At the same time, Mrs. Baek brings in clean clothes to Nayoung’s room. She notices that Nayoung is running out of her pills and decides to pull out another one from the drawers… But, she finds a bunch of pill bottles instead. She gasps with the question that Dohee has been shirking on her medicine.


Meanwhile, Nayoung waits for Hwi Kyung in his office. He jokes that her memories must be back and she asks when he would return. Hwi Kyung tosses back the question of whether she really wants him to return to her.

Nayoung’s deer-in-headlights look is enough for Hwi Kyung to have his answer. He declares that she only wants her in her head and not her heart.

They turn to business. Nayoung comments on the rumor that Hwi Kyung is cut off from loans and asks who benefits the most if AP Foods fall. Hwi Kyung doesn’t want to think about it and denies the rumors.

Nayoung smiles and brings out Dohee’s snow globe. She explains that she is returning it to him and notes whimsically that he probably didn’t know that it’s magical.


Nayoung walks out just as Sejin is going down. Sejin sees Nayoung and begins to run after her. But, Nayoung quickly walks into her car and the car leaves.


Se Kwang asks why Nayoung didn’t stop to talk to Sejin. Nayoung flippantly answers that she doesn’t have any business with Sejin right now. Se Kwang laughs that Dohee is back.


Side plot. Se Kwang’s father lurks in Manjung’s office for money…He lies that he just wants Manjung back and then we get a new secret! His first love was actually Malsook… The three had been friends way back when they worked together in the sock factory.


La daydream of a girl who thinks marriage is her answer…=_=

Oh my God! Geum-Bong worries about her period skipping. Then she decides that this might be her ticket to a wedding. Omg… This girl. =_=


Back to the plot. Nayoung asks her father to help Hwi Kyung by blocking the bankruptcy… Either, invest in AP Foods or convince banks to do so. Mr. Baek warmly tells Nayoung that business is not done emotionally.

So, Nayoung asks him to invest in her. She wants that company. Mr. Baek suddenly pauses. Ah… Mr. Baek <3


Nayoung runs into Eun-Bong outside her house and they go to a cafe. Eun-Bong smiles that Dohee looks just like her sister. She asks if Dohee met Nayoung and if Dohee isn’t twins with Nayoung. Nayoung denies both accounts and gets up.

Eun-Bong gets up to follow. She asks if she could come and see Dohee from time to time when she misses Nayoung. Nayoung turns around and declines. She also asks Eun-Bong not to tell any of the other family members since it would be hard for her if everyone keeps coming around to see their dead family member.


Back at home, Youngsook finds out that Yookyung replaced the housekeeper as well. Yookyung smiles and suggests that Youngsook moves out.


Hwi Kyung barely manages to calm his mother down before the rest of the family arrives at home. The kid still hasn’t learned from this loan incident… He announces his tiny victory to the family that he stopped the bankruptcy by getting an investment.

Kid. You didn’t get the investment. Dohee freaking saved your arse!


Meanwhile! Nayoung arrives at home to find the box of pills on her dresser.


Woa, did not expect that cliffhanger. My first thought is… What would Mrs. Baek do if she found out that Nayoung is not Dohee? She seems to be the selfish type like Yookyung so I bet she would hide it from Mr. Baek but try to make Nayoung’s life miserable as if it were Nayoung’s fault that Dohee died…

On a side note, I was thinking about a great plot twist that could be the best Revenge. If Nayoung and Hwi Kyung manage to hurt Baekdo Group but lose… Then Gyungwan finds out that Sejin is not his biological daughter… That he let his wife kill one of his biological daughters and his biological grandchild.

Assuming that Hwi Kyung loses all of the shares to Gyungwan, we could have a transfer of equity interest from Gyungwan to Nayoung in repentance to Eunhae. End result? Yookyung loses the beloved company that Manjae decided she and Sejin were unfit for.



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