The Promise – 50

Nayoung buys herself time…but the clock has started ticking for her as well.



Mrs. Baek screams at Nayoung to answer why Dohee hasn’t been taking her medicine. Nayoung quietly answers that there’s no need to take the medicine and we change scenes.


We are in Taejoon’s and Sejin’s room…All of a sudden, Taejoon is the voice of reason. Man, we have fallen pretty low if Taejoon is the voice of reason… As in basic courtesy low. He wonders if they couldn’t have given Youngsook some time before barging in to force her out Sejin pulls the guilty loser move by saying she doesn’t want to talk about her mom.

At the same time, Gyungwan asks Yookyung to be nicer to Youngsook. She just grits out that she will take care of it and butt out. So, they wonder why Mr. Baek would invest in Hwi Kyung. Yookyung guesses that it was because Youngsook cried for help.


Hwi Kyung also tells the news to Youngsook who gains solace and hope at the fact that Mr. Baek helped. She encourages Hwi Kyung to fight and promises that nothing is an issue at home that she cannot take care of.


The next day, Mrs. Baek and Nayoung go to see the doctor. However, he smiles that Dohee’s condition has gotten so much better that he proscribed that they stop taking medicine. Mrs. Baek hugs Nayoung in relief.

But, when she goes to wash her hands, she has an unconvinced expression…Back in the doctor’s office, the doctor calls Nayoung by her real name and warns that Mrs. Baek is astute and will figure it out soon.


Meanwhile, Nayoung’s tutor praises Dohee to Mr. Baek until Nayoung interrupts. She asks Mr. Baek to transfer her to AP Foods as Hwi Kyung’s managing partner. Mr. Baek smiles that he’s pleasantly surprised by the change since he had begged Dohee to take some interest in business before…


As Nayoung goes to visit Hwi Kyung, Taejoon spots her on his way out for lunch he pauses to stare but doesn’t approach and Nayoung goes into the elevator.


Back at home, the two woman have tons of time on their hands and decide to have a random fight. They both pretend to be placid as they attack each other’s soft spots. Yookyung insinuates that Youngsook shouldn’t try to seduce Mr. Baek and Youngsook promises to marry Hwi Kyung to Dohee.


A surprising twist. Youngsook goes into her room and talks to Manjae’s picture. She tells him that he made a mistake. If pressed, she could crush Yookyung but she’s only stopping for Hwi Kyung…. Hmmmm an alliance between Youngsook/Nayoung in the future?


Yookyung goes off to warn Sejin not to take Hwi Kyung lightly. She tells Sejin to stop the fight before Mr. Baek gets involved.

Sejin asks to continue the conversation after Taejoon comes in. But, Yookyung yells back that Taejoon is nothing more than Sejin’s minion… Which, Taejoon overhears.


On the side, Geum-Bong goes to see Se Kwang and gets free bbq while waiting. When Se Kwang comes over, he reams into Geum-Bong for eating free meat for no reason. Not really sure what this scene is supposed to accomplish.

Nayoung begins her side of the tasks as well. She goes to visit Youngsook with some flowers.


At the same time, Taejoon and Sejin suggest that they reorganize AP Foods and cut employees to cut expenses. Gyungwan approves of the plan which Sejin lies as Taejoon’s plan and not hers. Taejoon tells her that she’s not helping.


Meanwhile, Manjung arrives like a peacock to gloat at Taejoon’s company. Of course, now that they are married Sejin can barely conceal her disdain for this awful woman and gives mono-syllable answers. When Manjung doesn’t leave, Sejin pushes her to the chairs to get the painful conversation over with. She awkwardly smiles and pretends to listen.


Then we turn to Nayoung who is with Youngsook. These two are more similar in that they unconsciously know that they need each other. And, honestly, both aren’t as selfish as Manjung or Yookyung.


But, Yookyung suddenly comes home and Nayoung gets up to introduce herself with a smile.


Ah Taejoon’s insecurity rears it’s ugly head. I don’t understand. Ford allegedly once told someone that he doesn’t have to be an expert in everything since all he has to do is push a button and an expert will brief him on all of the issues. Smart delegation. The guy raised an empire! Yet, insecure folks get all defensive if someone seems to know more or excel more than them. Why? You’re only adding to your own workload…

So, today seems more like a day for reflection since the episode was a building block episode to set up the dramatic conflict that arises when everyone finds out that Nayoung is waltzing into their lives with a hidden knife. It was good but nothing much happens until the characters have a chance to find their bearings…

Then, I wondered. Sure, this drama is borderline makjang. Yet, the ratings are pretttyyyy good. What is it about such horrible and villainous characters that viewers like? In one part, I think it’s also the fight between good and evil. On the other hand, Hollywood has a fraction of films focused on the in-law/daughter-in-law tension as Korea… Does this mean anything I wonder?



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