Pied Piper Episode 7 RECAP

Is Heesung the Pied Piper? Is he not?!


Dun. Dun. Dun. Joon recognizes Heesung and laughs that it makes sense… Someone high inside would know about the confidential papers in the podcast. Heesung asks why Joon wants to help. Joon answers that Heesung should know… Then Joon notes that he has to be sure. He asks Heesung what the username NoName316 means. Heesung pauses.

Joon growls that Heesung isn’t the Pied Piper and storms off. Myungha goes after Joon and Sungchan walks after Heesung.


Sungchan walks in front of Heejung’s car as it drives alway. Heesung angrily walks out and yells that Sungchan is stalking him… Sungchan yells back the question why Heesung is there. Heesung sighs that the broadcasting chief is angry at him for helping Sungchan… To survive, he has to find someone good.

Heesung shares the information about the time left on the time relating back to the New Town Redevelopment Crisis.

At the same time Myungha confronts Joon. He sighs that Heesung isn’t the Pied Piper. Myungha asks why he wants to help someone who is using innocent people in dangerous crises and appears to be after CEO Suh. Joon responds back that if his father did something wrong, he wants to know… The Pied Piper might be creating chaos but he’s helping powerless people fight back. Myungha snaps that the Pied Piper is only manipulating people. Why? Because no one truly wants to die.

Back to Heesung and Sungchan. They accuse each other of being similar to the Pied Piper. Hah!

Then Sungchan goes to Myungha’s house to go through Team Leader Oh’s possession. They need to find out how the Piper knew about the voice recording on the pen. Team Leader Oh had to know the Piper somehow.

Sungchan asks if Team Leader Oh had been involved in the New Town Development Incident. Myungha snaps that he wasn’t. But when they look through Team Leader’s stuff, they see a burnt copy of the Pied Piper. It was the same copy that Myungha had been reading when she was a child… Sungchan surmises that the Pied Piper must have been born through that incident… And attempted to contact Team Leader Oh.


Later, Assemblyman Jung meets with Sungchan in the parking lot. He tells Sungchan that Reporter Noh is a longterm friend and is not the type of to create terror… But, Sungchan seems uninterested.

At the same time, the CEO tells his son not to be weak… To step on everyone below them.

The next day, the Team Leader roars at his team for looking into the Pied Piper without filling him in. Sungchan interrupts to explain that he asked Myungha not to tell anyone since someone had to erase the pen recorder recording. The Team Leader asks each of the other two officers if he’s a mole and both deny it. With a smile, the Team Leader decides that the team is trustworthy.

They go to the whiteboard and organize all of the survivors of the New Town Redevelopment Incident. They divide and separate.

The mole? He’s the youngest one on the team and he immediately tattles to the Police Chief.


Sungchan goes to his friend who had been in charge of investigating the residents of New Town…His friend is still at the company and sighs that this incident has always weighed on his heart. They all just followed orders but each order built up to the chaos that killed people. He also wonders if he should have given the information over to the reporter back then… Yoon Heesung.


Team Leader and Mole go to Jung Sukyung (a survivor’s) old boxing gym. The boxing trainer first denies knowing Sukyung before sighing that Sukyung fell into gambling. Then, Sukyung lost all of his money at the casino that they built over the New Town Redevelopment lot.


The team goes to stake out the casino until Sukyung literally drunkenly bumps into Officer Choi. Everyone runs after Sukyung on a merry chase through the neighborhood until he’s cornered.


Sukyung explains that he had to give up boxing when he got hurt in the New Town Redevelopment Incident. He tried to take other jobs but they were all physical and didn’t lead to anything.

Sungchan asks if anyone weird called Sukyung and whistled.

Sukyung answers that he did get a call like that. The caller asked if Sukyung wanted revenge but Sukyung had replied that making money to eat was his top priority. He also adds that it sounded like Shin Kyungman.

The police chief stutters in disbelief as Kyungman had died…


Back in the station, the team debrief. Kyungman’s corpse had been too burnt to properly ID it. The criminal profile of the Pied Piper is someone smart in his 30s…and pretty good at getting the other person’s trust.

The Team Leader guesses Sungchan. Sungchan laughs back that it’s more likely Heesung and the team bursts out laughing. Except, Sungchan doesn’t laugh with the others.

Time for everyone to go meet with the other survivors. Most of the survivors bitterly refuse to answer any questions. Myungha ends up eating lunch at one of the auntie’s restaurant.

The auntie reassures Myungha that she’s fine and even ended up with a restaurant. Sungchan silently gulps rice down in guilt until Myungha reminds him to eat some of the side dishes with the rice. After the meal, the auntie refuses to accept their pay on the grounds that she’s giving Myungha and her boyfriend a meal.

As they leave, the auntie sighs that she didn’t want to tell them at first. But she knows where Kyungman’s father is. He was taken to a hospital when the past hospital kicked him out for being unable to pay his bills.


Kyungman’s father is paralyzed and cannot speak. He mainly communicates through blinking. Sungchan begins to ask if anyone visits the grandfather and the nurse quickly interrupts. She tells the two to leave so that the grandfather can stay stable and refuses to divulge the identity of the legal guardian of Mr. Shin.


The two leave, Myungha having grabbed some hair for a DNA test against the corpse… But Sungchan runs back to the hospital room. When he had asked Mr. Shin of anyone else visited, Mr. Shin had looked towards the television. Sungchan turns on the television and sees Heesung on the news.  Suddenly all of the weird clues flash through Sungchan’s mind…including how the criminal profile of the Pied Piper would fit Heesung and how Heesung had tried to look into the New Town Redevelopment Crisis as a young reporter… the dude is no naive little Pollyana.  He saunters over and pulls the finger heart beat monitor from the grandfather’s finger.  Then he walks out as the nurses run in.

One nurse calls Mr. Shin’s legal guardian and Sungchan snatches the phone from her.  He holds it to his ear and hears Heesung’s voice.  Sungchan’s expression freezes and it looks like he might have a seizure himself as he asks Heesung why Heesung is Mr. Shin’s legal guardian.  Heesung snaps back that he wanted to give back to the New Town Redevelopment survivors and Mr. Shin seemed like the right person who needed his sponsorship – it’s nothing more.  Sungchan isn’t convinced and neither am I… But, we need proof.


Next thing we know, the news broadcast is covering Sungchan’s father’s newly published book.  He declares on air that society is falling apart due to corruption and that the people are bursting because of their frustrations.  Such frustrations are being let out through the Pied Piper…

As Sungchan bursts into Heesung’s recording backstage, Sukyung rides an elevator up an adjacent building to the interview stage.  He trains his rifle at the book and shoots.  Then he shoots at some other books and decorations as the assemblyman takes cover.  The gun gets trained on the young reporter who had been asking questions and she recognizes the red light.

The young reporter slowly stands up with her hands up.  Then Heesung gets a call from the Pied Piper and he answers it and puts it on speaker… It broadcasts the Pied Piper’s melody as the broadcasting station’s chief storms toward the camera room to cut the broadcast and the police drive toward the station.

At the station, Sungchan leads Heesung into conversing with the Pied Piper.  Heesung carefully asks if the caller is really the Pied Piper.  The caller confirms.  Heesung asks why the Pied Piper stays in the shadows and manipulates people.  The caller answers that he was just giving weak people a chance to speak…When the government controls all aspects of communication, the powerless people have no way to speak and he’s only helped such people.

Sungchan directs Heesung to ask the Pied Piper who is his final target.  The Pied Piper answers that it’s everyone…including the people who are watching the broadcast.  It’s everyone who knows the truth and ignores it or tries to hide it.

Back at the main scene, the police and Crisis Negotiations Team arrive.  They get the assemblyman out as he had stayed at the scene watching.  Myunga goes toward Reporter Yong who is shaking.  She yells out that they will get the Pied Piper.  Reporter Yong sniffs and nods.

Turning to the broadcast, Heesung asks if there is anything the Pied Piper wants to know.  The Pied Piper replies that they should know better than him.  He directs Heesung to confess to everything.  Heesung begins to confess about the news articles that they covered up… But, the Pied Piper snaps that the people don’t want to hear this.


Then, Reporter Yong falters and stumbles.  Myungha jumps to cover Reporter Yong with her own body and becomes the target of the rifle.

Sungchan orders that Heesung tells about their covered up confession…How Sungchan had only gone with the ransom money for one hostage and covered it up… The television channel’s chief yells at everyone to cut the broadcast but Sungchan repeats for Heesung to continue or Myungha will die.

Heesung continues and speeds through how the hostage holder had killed one of the hostages in anger so Sungchan negotiated a story that only four hostages survived…Then the story was killed.  The Pied Piper approves of the story and accuses both Heesung and Sungchan of benefiting from the suffering of the powerless.

But then, Myungha shouts out that the Pied Piper as no different.  He’s using the helpless to make his point and she asks why he has to do this when he should know what it feels like to suffer…When he’s also a survivor of New Town Redevelopment.  Heesung looks up in shock as well.


The Pied Piper? He continues that it does not change anything.  The only thing that has changed from when he first addressed the broadcast was which target would die first if they did not acquiesce to his request and confess to everything that they covered up.  He begins to count down and Heesung quickly tries to confess everything that he can think of. Sungchan screams into his microphone for Myungha to run…Everything goes black and a shot rings out.


What a tense last ten minutes.  Something about putting Myungha into danger now that we are all attached to her made the difference.

As for the plot, I can’t tell if I am convinced that Heesung is the Pied Piper or note.  All of the clues point toward him but the latest attack seems nearly impossible unless Heesung is a REALLY great schemer. Plus, Heesung has to be a bit heartless to put Reporter Yong back into such a traumatic experience after she was in the hostage situation at the bank.  Hence… end conclusion? I’m CONFUSED!

On a final ending note to my commentary about this episode, which was another fun episode to watch over a meal – definitely thinking that Myungha’s new hairstyle suits her a lot better.  I don’t want to trap Myungha into only keeping her hair in a ponytail but if she doesn’t do the ponytail, she needs a more styled hairdo not the normal straight middle length hair which does not flatter her face shape.


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