The Promise – 51

See the sparkling pretty lights…swim closer to it my lovely piranha fishes as Nayoung invites you in.


Yookyung’s flippant attitude slips as Nayoung introduces herself. The music gets intense and Yookyung demands to know if Nayoung is truly Baek Dohee. Nayoung smiles and repeats that she is Dohee.


Yookyung looks down and murmurs an apology before stumbling to her room. Nayoung excuses herself and saunters out. But, at the doorway, Nayoung smiles and wonders to herself, “This is just the beginning. It’s no fun if she begins to collapse already.” YAAAAAAS. Best scene so far!


At the same time, Yookyung blindly stares at her bed and wonders how this could be. Youngsook comes up with a cup of water worried for Yookyung. Yookyung welcomes her with additional screams and demands to know how Youngsook is so sure that the girl downstairs was Dohee. Hah!

Youngsook leaves the water in the room and leaves Yookyung to her misery. Yookyung calls Gyungwan to come home early.


Meanwhile, Sejin presents Taejoon with a car. She promises that she bought the car with her own money. Taejoon silently stares at her before thanking her.

They get into the car and Sejin asks that they don’t let anyone use the car except for them. Taejoon agrees and puts both of their cell phones away so that their time together can be exclusively theirs without interruption.

On the side, Se Kwang tries to call Geum-Bong who ignores him. So, Se Kwang messages her to come out since he’s in front of her house. She ignores THAT message, too. Finally, Se Kwang declares that he’s barging in if she doesn’t come out.

Geum-Bong sighs at Se Kwang but gets interrupted when her iron burns the blouse that she’s ironing. Hence, Se Kwang rings the doorbell but the resident answers that there is no one living there named Geum-Bong.


On the side, Manjung’s ex-husband (Poongdak) visits Malsook’s restaurant. He decides that the restaurant needs music and begins to play and sing. Malsook comes out and is happily surprised to see him! But, Joonbae doesn’t share her happiness. Methinks the kid has an oedipus complex.


Back at the house, Youngsook snaps at Yookyung’s housekeeper because of their different cooking styles. Youngsook’s old housekeeper stops by and apologizes for leaving without her permission later. So, Youngsook happily rehires her on the spot.


Dinner commences without Yookyung who’s so emotionally exhausted by seeing Dohee, she cannot muster the energy to join. Youngsook brings up Dohee and Hwi Kyung announces that he wants to start up the relationship with Dohee again. Sejin asks if it would be fine when she’s recovering and has a disability now. Hwi Kyung cuts her off with the statement that he doesn’t care.


Nayoung arrives at home around then and we see Mrs. Baek’s true face again. Mr. Baek is interested in seeing how far the relationship with Hwi Kyung has progressed. Mrs. Baek, however, cuts in to announce that she doesn’t want Dohee to marry Hwi Kyung anymore since his company is about to go bankrupt while Dohee can just take over her father’s company. Mr. Baek answers that he isn’t going to force Dohee to take over his company and she agrees with him… Out voting Mrs. Baek.


Taejoon wanders into the kitchen at night where Yookyung is drinking. He smiles that he just wants to get on her good graces. Yookyung replies that he’s like water while she’s oil… They can never mix.


The next morning opens with a strike in front of AP Foods. The workers heard about the stealth reorganization and want Hwi Kyung to resign. The reason? Sejin and Taejoon’s movement.


The employee boss even barges into Hwi Kyung’s office to demand why his first idea was reorganization and firing employees?! Hwi Kyung is shocked and goes straight to Gyungwan to demand an explanation.


Gyungwan apologizes for not telling him first but reminds Hwi Kyung that the headquarters has a right to manage subsidiaries. Hwi Kyung demands to know who’s idea it was. Taejoon enters and claims responsibility. He explains that it was necessary to prevent further bankruptcies.

Hwi Kyung grits back that AP Foods was given to him by his father and warns them all to stay out of his affairs. He then goes out to announce to the employees that he’s the boss… As boss, he promises not to fire anyone and asks them to return to their posts.

One of the employees asks how they can trust him. Hwi Kyung repeats that he promises.

Suddenly, Dohee joins and shouts out that Hwi Kyung shouldn’t make promises he cannot keep because of his emotions. It’s the way people get labeled as untrustworthy if the circumstances change. She turns to the protesters and adds that they can promise one thing. They will keep the employees posted on the company’s condition whether it’s getting better or worse. So, she asks that the employees worry about the company with them.

Hwi Kyung asks why Dohee thinks she has a right to meddle in his company’s affairs. Dohee turns back to him and extends her hand, introducing herself as the director that was sent from her father’s company to help manage AP Foods as a condition for their investment.


The Revenge begins with a jerk but starts slowly. Nayoung has learned what Hwi Kyung has not… That Yookyung and the Jangs are different than Manjung in that they have a large amount of resources at their disposal and will use them to crush anything in their path. Looks like the Revenge isn’t going to be a direct war until Nayoung has set up the web tight enough to pull up the family by its roots, which I support! We will get little tidbits of revenge but the Jangs won’t know for certain that it’s Nayoung. So, they won’t be able to band together against her like they did before.

To end with Nayoung’s amazing sentence, this is just beginning, it’s no fun if they collapse so easily.


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