The Promise – 52

The calm before the storm.



It wouldn’t be Yookyung if she doesn’t go and meddle! After all, what would she do with the long hours of her life? Be productive? Nah….

Yookyung goes off to meet with Mrs. Baek and confirm that Dohee does really look like Nayoung. Once she sees the family picture, she confirms it but then goes on to press about whether Dohee can be a twin. Mrs. Baek purses her lips but does not fall for it as she’s as manipulative as Yookyung. She just firmly answers that she didn’t have twins.

So, Yookyung pulls the conversation to the upcoming wedding and asks if Mrs. Baek is still interested in giving her lovely daughter to Hwi Kyung. Mrs. Baek delights Yookyung by answering that Dohee’s health is first priority.


Meanwhile, Hwi Kyung throws a tantrum in his office that Nayoung didn’t warn him before coming as his partner. Nayoung finally snaps and reminds Hwi Kyung that he’s responsible for saving the company that feeds thousands of people…he needs to keep his private life separate from his professional life.

Hwi Kyung whines that he doesn’t want to keep Dohee next to him as a business partner. But, he reluctantly accepts because he’s not a complete idiot.


Hwi Kyung then goes to meet with Gyungwan who is also changing. Gyungwan snarls that Dohee has no right to be in AP Foods and Hwi Kyung made a mistake in letting an outsider join the management without consulting him. Hwi Kyung laughs that he asked Gyungwan for help in stopping the bankruptcy. But, Gyungwan was the one who didn’t help so he took Mr. Baek’s assistance. In return, he accepted Mr. Baek’s request to install a director.

Gyungwan again asks Hwi Kyung to turn Dohee away since they both know who she is. Hwi Kyung smirks back and asks if Gyungwan is afraid that Dohee will go after Sejin and Taejoon again. He comforts Gyungwan that Dohee does not yet remember.

Meanwhile, Youngsook calls Mr. Baek and thanks him for helping Hwi Kyung. She invites him and Mrs. Baek to lunch or dinner as a token of gratitude.


Satisfied that she did her thing, Youngsook walks out to find Yookyung waiting for her in the living room. She announces that she went to see Mrs. Baek and discussed Hwi Kyung’s marriage with Dohee… Yookyung smiles that Mrs. Baek seems to love Dohee so much that this marriage might be difficult. Youngsook snarls back that everyone isn’t a good digger like Yookyung (snap like she isn’t the one who married her friend’s father! It’s always the hypocritical ones who speak of other’s materialism…) and Yookyung smiles that she hopes so as well.


We turn back to the kids! Nayoung asks why Hwi Kyung is set on saving AP Foods because she needs to understand him. Hwi Kyung turns the question back on her since she’s very different from the Reporter Baek that he knew. Nayoung agrees and refocuses the conversation back on their company. Hwi Kyung wonders who they should hire to help them. Nayoung smiles that help will soon walk in.


At the same time, the bad triad meets in Gyungwan’s office. They decide that it’s horrible for Mr. Baek to help AP Foods as if they didn’t try to short sell it off just a couple episodes ago. To save AP Foods from being taken over through investment by Mr. Baek, Gyungwan sends Taejoon to AP Foods.


As for Hwi Kyung and Nayoung? They go off to the factory to do some research. The head there snaps at them for wasting his time and yells at them to go back and save the company. Nayoung stops him and asks him to tell them what he thinks is the base of a food company. He answers that all consumers care about is taste and newness.


Oh dramatic teaser! Nayoung gets a call on their way back to the office and leaves first. Taejoon sees her as she wants for the elevator and runs after her.

When Nayoung looks up from her car and smiles, he falls back. Nayoung drives off before Taejoon gets his wits together.


On the side, Eun-Bong goes to visit Nayoung’s memorial. She then realizes that the pencil case with Nayoung’s earring is gone…


Nayoung’s plan? It’s to have dinner with Youngsook. She arrives with a smile and cake using all of her charms as she needs Hwi Kyung…

At the same time, Sejin and Taejoon begin to show strains from Nayoung’s revenge. Sejin goes to whine at Taejoon about Hwi Kyung but he’s brooding about seeing Nayoung. Sejin pushes him and he finally yells back at her before realizing that he’s yelling at his beloved Sejin.


Random! Joonbae and Malsook celebrate over a new taste of chicken. Then he asks Malsook if she’s not interested in getting remarried as she’s prettier than Manjung. Huh? But before we wonder too much about whether Joonbae really has an oedipus complex, Malsook gets a call from her landlord. He wants to raise the rental deposit.

At that point, Manjung visits Mrs. Baek to sell her one of her massage mats. She then turns and sees the family portrait and freaks out to see Nayoung there. Mrs. Baek asks her what is going on in concern and Manjung stutters that the girl looks just like a girl that she knew…

Meanwhile, Nayoung waltzes into Taejoon and Sejin’s room. She stops in front of their wedding picture to stare.

When Taejoon walks in, she’s still there staring. He asks her who she is and she turns.


And, the Revenge goes into motion. I love that we get glimpses of how it’s beginning to choke the Jangs and Sejin/Taejoon. It also helps that in this makjang universe, Nayoung is dead and declared so by the hospital… Each of them had some level of involvement in that tragedy that there are numerous levels of denial protecting Nayoung from the others accepting that she’s back for revenge.

On the side, must say that Hwi Kyung does not disappoint. Unlike Taejoon who smarts when he gets outsmarted by Sejin or anyone else, Hwi Kyung knows when to accept help from what seems to be the better trained Dohee even if it hurts his pride. Me thinks that Hwi Kyung shows more Ford-empire-building-skills than any of the other Jangs…

And my final thought? Finally! Gyungwan did something to help his daughter again! Sending Taejoon to work at AP Foods might be one of the most helpful things he could do for Nayoung’s revenge. Taejoon has married Sejin in the midst of his first love’s death. He never had time for closure and he just got swept along with the challenges of adapting to a new life. What happens to the unresolved issues and feelings when he’s confronted with them every day?

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