The Promise – 53

Time for the fishes to swim around as the hunter waits for them to swim into the net.


Taejoon whispers at the stranger in his room to ask who she is. Nayoung flips around and smiles that made a mistake thinking this was Hwi Kyung’s room. She apologizes but all Taejoon wants to know is who Nayoung is. She introduces herself happily.

Then Hwi Kyung comes home to find Nayoung in his room. He bursts into a smile that the person Nayoung needed to see was his mother.


They join the family dinner while Taejoon excuses himself as he’s not feeling well. As soon as the family sees Nayoung, Sejin drops her spoon and Gyungwan narrows his eyes…Yookyung storms up with the excuse that she’s full…


Gyungwan excuses himself to check on his wife but he just wants to know how could this happen. Yookyung sighs that she went to Dohee’s house to confirm… Gyungwan mutters back that this is a problem since Dohee has been sent as a director to Hwi Kyung’s company.

Yookyung snaps that they need to stop it. Gyungwan’s answer? They’re sending Taejoon. Dude guys… Does anyone else think it was a slip that Yookyung doesn’t snarl at this revelation? She’s so sensitive about having the first love nearby… What will Taejoon do seeing his first love in a place of power and fully capable?


Meanwhile, Youngsook thanks Dohee for coming over for dinner. She’s full of praises as they haven’t seen each other that much and after all, it’s only polite not to overstep basic civility without getting to know each other first. Nayoung graciously accepts the praises with a smile.

Hwi Kyung offers to see Nayoung home. But, Nayoung declines as it makes her uncomfortable. Hwi Kyung finally accepts when he realizes why and tells her that she doesn’t have to try so hard.


Sejin runs after Nayoung from the shadows and demands to know if Nayoung knows her. Nayoung confirms that she knows who Sejin is. Sejin glares if Nayoung knows that she tried to ruin Sejin’s and Taejoon’s life with an article. Nayoung smiles that if she wanted to write an article, there must have been something to tell the public… But, she cannot remember what. She turns the question to Sejin but Sejin shuts her mouth and doesn’t add any more. Nayoung gloats that Sejin must also have memory issues if she cannot remember.

As Hwi Kyung flirts with Nayoung through text, Manjung calls Taejoon to cry about seeing Dohee’s picture. Taejoon calms her down that it must be someone else.


Then, Nayoung’s own issues rise up. Mrs. Baek walks in with lotion for the scar around Dohee’s heart surgery area… It’s about time that Dohee runs out. Nayoung declines Mrs. Baek’s offer but it’s clear that Mrs. Baek doesn’t fully trust her.


Later that night, Hwi Kyung joins Taejoon and advises him not to be so polite. He adds that no one will respect him. Word.  Plus, you hide yourself too much just to please people who really don’t deserve it?  You will exhaust yourself and the same selfish people will EXPECT you to continue to pander to their needs.  RIP off that band aid and let adults grow up.   Taejoon thanks him and apologizes for the company… He still thinks that reorganization is proper but he had no idea the company was executing it without telling Hwi Kyung. Hwi Kyung smiles that it’s enough and gets up to leave first.


Then Yookyung walks into the kitchen and warns Taejoon not to make a mistake at AP Foods. Taejoon answers that AP Foods is part of company business so she should leave it to him and Gyungwan. Oh snap! Yookyung snarls back that Taejoon can wiggle all he wants since she’s busy focusing on Dohee…


Hwi Kyung announces the news that Taejoon is joining them to Nayoung. He’s worried but Nayoung had expected it.


On the side, Manjung returns from a shaman with some trinkets to wish away bad spirit. The shaman had said that a girl’s ghost is strangling Taejoon’s spirit. She runs home to put one under her pillow and the other is for Taejoon’s pillow.

But, then, she finds Se Kwang sobbing in her bed. I can’t tell if he’s sad that he broke up with Geum-Bong or if he’s sad that Geum-Bong isn’t rich? No sympathy here.

At the same time, Geum-Bong cleans up Nayoung and Saebyul’s stuff. She sighs that when she has stuff on her mind, cleaning is best. She declares that she will take care of the baby herself.

Joonbae signs a lease looking like paper with Malsook and the group takes a picture with a cool new camera that does a 360 panorama thing! Product placement all the way but I want! Then Manjung interrupts the fun by barging in. She first attacks her ex-husband for being there and entertaining. Then, she goes off and spills cold water on the family by yelling at Malsook that Nayoung is alive.


Next, Mr. Baek dances into a restaurant to see Youngsook. He apologizes that his wife had something come up so he came alone. Youngsook thanks him for helping Hwi Kyung.

Someone isn’t over his first love, as he immediately thanks Youngsook for remembering that he loves the fried mackerel that came with the main dish. Youngsook is awkward at first so it’s unclear if she really chose the restaurant for that reason.

Before we get more information, the women at another table point out Youngsook and gossip about how she is the second wife of Manjae who married her friend’s father. They assume that she’s meeting with another man and smirk that she’s talented.


Mr. Baek slams his spoon back on the table and grimaces that while his food preferences have not changed, the food doesn’t seem up to par. They get up to leave and Youngsook makes it to the hall before she has to lean on the wall for support.

Mr. Baek tells her to understand that to some people the world is so harsh that they have to put others down to console themselves. He also offers a handkerchief explaining that he doesn’t want to see her cry.


As for Nayoung, she comes home to find her mother there… Malsook pulls Nayoung into a hug crying that she cannot believe her dead daughter is there.


Two things stood out in this episode. Surprisingly, both are not part of the main plot. The first was, what is going on with Joonbae? I thought the writer was creating a love relationship with Eun-Bong but the recent episodes show a very odd pairing with Malsook. Now, I find this pairing extremely weird since we were introduced to Joonbae as Eun-Bong’s colleague… I wonder if the writer has something with the whole intergenerational marriages with Youngsook marrying her friend Yookyung’s father and now trying to connect Joonbae with Malsook. It seems odd to me since in both cases, the counterpart has a child the same age.

The second thing that stood out was the relationship between Mr. Baek and Youngsook. It’s clear that Mr. Baek hasn’t gotten over Youngsook with him keeping her picture in his book. But, are his feelings big enough that he would not invite his wife so that he can spend time with the now widowed Youngsook alone? Additionally, what exactly happened when Mr. Baek and Youngsook were young? If Youngsook dated Mr. Baek while he was poor, it cannot be that she was only attracted to rich people. So what made her choose Manjae?



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