The Promise – 54

Oh mixed feelings…


Malsook throws herself against Nayoung and cries that Dohee is the same… The same smell and the same heartbeat. But in a few minutes, Nayoung pushes Malsook away and tells her family to leave as this is rude. She walks toward Mrs. Baek who falters and Nayoung catches her before yelling at the housekeeper to never let Malsook and Eun-Bong back in the house again. They leave and Nayoung goes into her room to fall to the ground.


At the same time, Se Kwang eats with his father and asks for some fatherly advice. He pretends that it was the scenario of his friend but that friend thought he fell for a rich girl… He later found out that the girl was poor and ditched her. Se Kwang’s father asks if the girl was pretty. If so, he tells Se Kwang to go for the girl since girls are all the same. No guy who got married for money ended up well.


Se Kwang listens to his father and goes to Geum-Bong’s chicken shop. Except he accuses Geum-Bong of being a gold digger and a fraud. This elicits Geum-Bong’s defensive side and she promises to compensate him for his time. It ends with Se Kwang storming out that he never wants to see her again.


Mr. Baek comes home and it turns out that he had told his wife but she declined. Mrs. Baek immediately complains that she doesn’t want Dohee marrying Hwi Kyung and her instincts have been supported by Hwi Kyung’s sister who came by. She sighs that the sister seems like the type to make things worse and disapproves of the marriage. Rational, who wants to let their daughter become in laws with a sister-in-law who clearly would just waste the girl’s time and make life difficult?

Malsook also arrives at home and stumbles straight into bed. Joonbae pulls her up and forces her to take some herbal medicine for shock. The weird romance?


He and Eun-Bong give Malsook space and Joonbae wonders if Dohee could be Nayoung’s twin. Eun-Bong sighs that Dohee denied it. Joonbae scoffs that this is why Eun-Bong never got a hit article… If Dohee’s mother hid Dohee’s birth secret from Dohee…Dohee might not even know.


At the same time, Mrs. Baek creeps into Dohee’s room and stares at Nayoung sleeping. She carefully pulls the covers up and begins to open Nayoung’s shirt to check on the heart surgery wound. Nayoung conveniently turns around and Mrs. Baek runs off guiltily. After which, Nayoung opens her eyes.


The next morning the family has breakfast together after Nayoung goes golfing with Mr. Baek. Nayoung smiles that she remembers how her father’s motto is that the earnest person will succeed, while he has nothing, he can do nothing but strive to fill his empty hand. The Baeks smile that Dohee’s memories are returning.


At the same time, Yookyung snaps that they should kick Dohee out of AP Foods. The family breakfast falls apart as Hwi Kyung refuses and Gyungwan calms Yookyung down that breakfast is not the place for the conversation.

Afterwards, Sejin shows us that she’s not an idiot. She offers to join Taejoon at AP Foods because she’s worried that he will be working with Dohee. Taejoon hugs her and consoles her that Dohee is nothing to him.


He goes to work where Nayoung welcomes him with a smile and warm words including the flippant remark that Taejoon’s hand is warm. The odd remark knocks both Taejoon and Hwi Kyung off guard…

Yookyung also meets with her private investigators who hands her a report on Dohee. She is the Baek’s daughter and no reports exist about her being a twin.


Back to the company! The three at AP Foods put their heads together and decide that what they need is a famous product. The answer? Partnering up with a popular neighborhood chicken shop. Nayoung suggests Malsook’s place.

On the side, Youngsook broods over Mr. Baek’s words that implied he still harbored feelings for her…


Conveniently, Gyungwan goes to visit Mr. Baek at the same time. He offers to guarantee Mr. Baek’s investment to confirm that Mr. Baek will keep out of AP Foods operations. Mr. Baek smiles back that even flowers and trees need water and sunlight to grow… He only provided that support because he bet on Hwi Kyung – not Baek do group. Therefore, he declines Gyungwan’s offer.


Back at home, the women decide to have another not-so-friendly standoff with Yookyung requesting tea from Youngsook.  Yookyung begins by requesting that Youngsook no longer invites Dohee to their house since Dohee tried to bring Sejin down with an article.  Youngsook snaps back that Dohee must have had a reason if she was writing an article on Sejin.  Yookyung gets up instead of answering.


Yookyung goes off to lunch with the family but Taejoon arrives first.  She asks him to break up with Sejin.  Taejoon laughs that he doesn’t think she is serious as she knows he wouldn’t break up with Sejin now.  Yookyung reminds Taejoon to take care of Dohee.  He asks her what she would do for him in return.  Yookyung takes another sip of her tea and ask what he wants.  Taejoon’s response? Make him the heir to Baekdo group.  This makes Yookyung laugh and she giggles that he is worthy of being her son-in-law before telling him to just support Sejin.

Then Taejoon goes up to the roof of the company to cool his head.  There, he sees Dohee listening to music but what he sees is Nayoung.  He falters toward her.

Nayoung asks if he doesn’t like her.  She explains that she doesn’t remember trying to bring Sejin and Taejoon down…But, she would understand if he harbors bad feelings toward her.


Taejoon leans back against the wall and sighs that it’s all professional.  He turns the conversation to what she’s doing on the roof.  She answers that she’s cooling her head while listening to music and slips one of the earphones into his ear.  It’s the song that young Nayoung used to play in the church.

Taejoon turns to look at Dohee as Hwi Kyung walks onto the roof and sees the two together.  He frowns.


It’s Sunday night and I’m behind… Not much to comment here other than I can’t tell if Nayoung is going to seduce Taejoon or not. 😉


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