The Promise – 55

Nayoung starts seducing Taejoon and the Jangs bind together to kick Dohee out.



Hwi Kyung’s face crumbles into a scowl and he storms back into the office where Nayoung finds him stewing. She grabs one of the cups of coffee asking if it’s for her. Hwi Kyung just snaps that she needs to be more prompt about coming back to the office. So, Nayoung cuts him off and reminds him that she’s not his employee. She’s his partner and his equal.

Hwi Kyung backtracks and stutters that he was afraid that she would cool off. Nayoung looks up in surprise and asks him to clarify. Hwi Kyung sheepishly stutters that he was afraid her coffee would cool off and runs away.


At the same time, Sejin finds out that she’s healthy so there is no reason she shouldn’t be getting pregnant. The doctor does ask her to bring in whatever medicine she is taking as it might be preventing the pregnancy.


After Sejin, Geum-Bong goes in. Turns out that she’s not pregnant. She has an ulcer and digestion issues from stress and drinking too much. Geum-Bong is surprisingly disappointed.


Sejin returns to the office where her mom is waiting for her. Yookyung gives her additional vitamins and reminds Sejin to take her vitamins on time. She tells Sejin not to forget as Taejoon and Manjung are focused on getting a child to tie her down. To support her position, Yookyung snaps that Sejin shouldn’t believe Taejoon as he asked her to give the company to him.

Sejin gets worried and brings coffee to AP Foods where the strategy team has been brought on. In an introduction, Nayoung had brought coffee, too. Haven being beaten to the coffee ship, Sejin furiously throws her cups in the bathroom where Nayoung finds her. ^^;;;


Back at home, Youngsook fawna over pictures of Eunhae to make Yookyung feel uncomfortable. Yookyung fires back that it’s too early for Youngsook to be meeting with Mr. Baek.

On the side, Mrs. Baek angrily finds that Malsook had dropped by some kimchi and side dishes. Malsook left a note that people who look alike have similar tastes. Mrs. Baek is about to have the food tossed when she decides to test Dohee instead.

She gets reassured when Dohee pauses after taking a bite and declares that she doesn’t like the food. That night, Mrs. Baek even offers to sleep in the master bedroom with Mr. Baek but he declines with the excuse that he has a lot of work.

After she leaves the room, we get another surprise. Mr. Baek takes out an envelope with with DNA test results. It was between him and Dohee. The results? They are not related.

Mrs. Baek seems to have no idea and returns to the kitchen were Nayoung is packing up the food. Nayoung explains that she is returning the food since once they accept the food, the lady might continue to drop by.


Nayoung returns the food to Eun-Bong who apologizes on behalf of her mother. She also asks if Dohee hadn’t visited Nayoung’s memorial as Nayoung’s earring is gone… Nayoung coldly denies it and turns away.


Later that evening, Manjung drops by happily to ask about upgrading her apartment. Yookyung snaps at her to wait so Manjung goes to put her good luck charm in Taejoon’s pillow. When she comes down, she sees the housekeeper tossing all of the herbal drinks that Manjung had gifted to Sejin.


Manjung screams at the housekeeper so Yookyung stands up and tells her to leave. At that moment, Sejin and Taejoon arrive. Manjung turns her anger at Sejin, crying that she might have been an animal to other people but she tried her best with Sejin. Ahem. World’s smallest violin is playing.

Alas, but when Yookyung asks Taejoon if he’s not going to take his mother home, he takes his mother’s side. Did we all conveniently forget that Manjung literally used and threw away Nayoung? That Manjung is only acting friendly because Sejin is rich?

Taejoon snaps at Yookyung that Manjung has a right to chastise Sejin. Yookyung snarls that Taejoon is growing up and he agrees… Little boys grow and make trouble. With that warning, he goes up first.

Sejin later comes into the room to tell Taejoon that Manjung left after being consoled. She’s not much better as she whines that Taejoon could have been nicer to Yookyung. While, I’m not a fan of Manjung… Yookyung isn’t an angel either so… We watch apathetic as Taejoon snaps at Sejin to be careful or he might be more rude and she accuses him of being overly sensitive since he went to AP FOODS.


The next day, the team does a blind test of chicken. The majority picks one place and it correlates with the blind mass tests…it’s Malsook’s place.

But the employees are shocked when the Lees refuse to even speak with them about a possible franchise through AP Foods. Nayoung tells Hwi Kyung that he will probably have to get directly involved since the chicken shop is run by the family of Taejoon’s ex.


Hwi Kyung goes and hears that they ran out of chicken. Malsook mistakes him as a customer and promises to be good to him next time. Hwi Kyung asks her to promise to be nice next time, hands her a business card and leaves. When Malsook reads it, she just rips it up.


Meanwhile, Nayoung walks into the office to overhear Taejoon lovingly tell Sejin that he is leaving soon. They even make plans for drinks. Nayoung’s expression freezes and one can only wonder if Nayoung is wondering “what if.” What if she had married Taejoon, would he be lovingly reporting to her that he’s leaving?

He turns around and she announces that she’s leaving. Taejoon returns her mp3 player and explains that he won’t need it. Nayoung responds that he can ask for it whenever he wants.

Even though Nayoung runs into Hwi Kyung in the lobby, she blows him off with an excuse that she has other plans…

As usual, Sejin is late to the wine bar because of her family. But, as Taejoon waits, he hears the song that little Nayoung used to play at church. He stumbles over seeing Nayoung and cries the question of who she is.

Nayoung whispers back that he can’t not know who she is. Taejoon pulls her in for a kiss as Sejin arrives.


The Revenge! It begins! I find it so fitting that Sejin walks in to see her guy kissing another girl. After all, the saying goes that once a cheater, always a cheater…Even if Taejoon doesn’t cheat again by leaving Sejin and a child for another woman, it makes sense that his moral boundaries are lower than most people. Hence, a kiss here and there? It’s like holding hands for this scum.

On the side, I know it’s a trite plot device but it made me happy to know that Malsook’s chicken shop will help bring down Baekdo. Although, it was way back in the first episode, Baekdo also screwed over her family by taking her husband and then blaming him for the accident. There’s a sense of justice that Malsook is now in a position to help such people lose their company to Hwi Kyung and Nayoung.


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