The Promise – 58

Nayoung begins to spin her web around Taejoon who is being completely dismissed by Yookyung.


Nayoung is wondering about the photograph since Yookyung was in it when Yookyung walks in. She snatches the photograph and sniffs that Dohee has no manners to look through another person’s photographs without their permission.


At the same time, the doctor tells Sejin that her mother has been giving her birth control pills.


Back at the house, Yookyung tells Nayoung that she used to think that Dohee is a twin. However, she has decided that it isn’t true unless Dohee’s mom is lying to her.

Nayoung smiles that Yookyung is so forthright. She asks about the photograph with Yookyung and Youngsook. Yookyung coldly replies that it’s their tarnished past since friends from high school became mother and daughter in law…

Nayoung calmly notes that it doesn’t matter anymore since it was published in the article and muses that she heard Manjae died from the trauma of the article. She asks if Yookyung ever looked into who sent it in and Yookyung turns back to her tea… She only answers that it is their family’s difficult past; there was no point in following up.

So, Nayoung asks about the women in the photograph. Yookyung just notes that they were all colleagues. Nayoung asks if they still keep in touch. Yookyung then snaps that she doesn’t like talking about the deceased.

Then Yookyung asks if Nayoung is going to marry Hwi Kyung. Nayoung answers that she is not sure. So, Yookyung tells Nayoung to stop visiting them since she doesn’t like her and wants to protect Hwi Kyung from further scars if Dohee betrays him. Nayoung smiles back that she also “doesn’t like it.”

It sounds like Nayoung said she doesn’t like Yookyung and Yookyung glares at Nayoung. But Nayoung demurely smiles that she doesn’t like the thought of being apart from Hwi Kyung.


Then Youngsook runs out and yells at Yookyung for being rude to her guest. She takes Nayoung into her room and asks Nayoung to stay with Hwi Kyung. Nayoung smiles and agrees on the condition that Youngsook tell her more stories… About her past like when Youngsook was in high school…


Sejin decides to come home instead of going back to work. She screams at her mom for giving her birth control pills. Nayoung hears the screaming as she is leaving. She quietly walks upstairs to eavesdrop.

She hears Yookyung Sejin that she cannot trust Taejoon anf they got into this mess because Sejin seduced Taejoon. Sejin pours the pills onto the ground and then goes into her room to gather up all the pill bottles. She then screams for the housekeeper to toss the pills.


At the office, Hwi Kyung announces to the team that they managed to get the contract with Malsook’s shop. He then pulls Taejoon into his office and asks if it is true that Taejoon tried to sabotage him.


Taejoon answers that he felt partnering up with a neighborhood chicken shop would dilute their image and his job is to save AP Foods. Hwi Kyung questions if Taejoon’s goal isn’t to sell off AP but the kid has decided to pretend that he’s on the good side. He tells Hwi Kyung not to be tricked by Dohee and Mr. Baek as that’s what the other company wants.

Hwi Kyung sighs and tells Taejoon to do his best but not to cheat. He warns that he would not let Taejoon off easily if Taejoon uses underhanded methods.


Gyungwan drops in to invite Youngsook to dinner. Youngsook answers that she doesn’t want to eat with Yookyung and shows him the photograph instead. She muses that she misses Eunhae and thinks about Eunhae’s child… Gyungwan is saved by Yookyung coming into check.

The team goes to celebrate their contract at a BBQ place. Sejin calls and gets agitated when she hears thay Dohee is there as well. Taejoon tells her not to as he’s going in soon.


He hangs up and turns around. Nayoung is standing a few feet away and asks if he’s truly happy. He grits and asks why that is any of her business.

Nayoung continues that he’s so pathetic so she feels concerned… Additionally, she wonders if because she looks a lot like Taejoon’s ex that she has the same tastes in people. This is overheard by Hwi Kyung.


At Malsook’s restaurant the family rejoices about the additional traffic. Malsook smiles that someone in heaven must have sent Dohee to them after taking Nayoung. Joonbae tells Malsook to be careful or she can scare Dohee off.


Hwi Kyung calls Eun-Bong out and asks to see pictures of Nayoung as she heard Dohee looks like Nayoung. Eun-Bong hands over her phone and explains that she couldn’t erase any of her sister’s pictures.

Hwi Kyung swipes through and freezes. He remembers running into Nayoung at the airport and stutteringly asks if Nayoung isn’t a twin. Eun-Bong denies it and adds that she isn’t biologically related to Nayoung whom they adopted when she was 12.

On the side, Se Kwang calls Geum-Bong over as he has the flu. She arrives with medicine. And, Manjung’s ex (Poondak) comes over with the director. They want an investment from Manjung… And in return, she will get one of the two main female leads.


Manjung sings as she comes home and finds Geum-Bong sleeping with Se Kwang.

Later, Taejoon walks in dejected. Sejin rages at Taejoon for coming home so late when the after party ended so late. She asks if Taejoon was with Dohee.

Taejoon asks if it is such a bad thing for him to be with Dohee. Sejin screams back that her mother was right and once a cheater, always a cheater.

Taejoon snaps the bottle of pills out of his pocket and shakes it in her face. He asks why she wasn’t so careful before their marriage, then they wouldn’t have gotten this far. He laughs that her mother’s love for her, which goes to the extent of keeping her from getting pregnant with his child is disgusting.

Sejin pauses before crying out that she had no idea until today. She asks how he found out… If it was Dohee?

Taejoon just smirks that it must be true then and walks out.


The next day, Yookyung calls Taejoon into Sejin’s office. She tells him to stop the contact between AP Foods and Malsook’s restaurant. She hands over a card for an investigator/people broker. Taejoon looks at the card and gets up. He apologizes that he can stop the contract but not with the method Malsook is suggesting as he’s not a gangster.

Yookyung laughs at Taejoon’s refusal and notes that this kind of thing seems perfect for him.


He leaves as Sejin walks in. She, however, looks at the card and grits her teeth.


The next thing we know, three women barge into Malsook’s shop and accuses her of food poisoning their husbands.


One thing that I did not understand about Gyungwan, Sejin and Taejoon is their sudden decision to save AP Foods from Mr. Baek. I don’t see how they could possibly believe it… Even if Mr. Baek drives AP Foods into the ground and sells it, they still win since Hwi Kyung has to step down. Then I thought about it a little longer and I realized… If Mr. Baek drives AP Foods share prices down and then buys the company at a bargain. He gains shares of Baekdo Group and can attempt to buy out or take more control over Baekdo Group. That is the end that they are trying to prevent.

As for my other thought for the day. I am afraid that Sejin is falling into an antagonist mold. I can understand her insecurity about Dohee but her sudden decision to actively sabotage AP Foods seems off and forced.


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