The Promise – 59

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The women accuse the restaurant of being unsanitary. Joonbae tries to calm them down by suggesting that the sick men ate food from another place…this triggers a larger rage and the women start throwing the furniture on the floor.

The AP Foods team arrives with Eun-Bong who rushes in. She asks the women for some time or they will have to call the police as the women are technically trespassing and obstructing business. One of the woman digs her heels in but another pulls everyone away saying she will give them time to think and hopes to hear a better answer the next time.


Taejoon overhears the news and his eyes lose focus. He goes to Sejin who is just hanging up with the people broker. He asks her if she knows anything about this and Sejin denies it.

Gyungwan calls Taejoon into his office and asks if it was him. Taejoon calmly denies it and Gyungwan smiles. He quietly notes that even if they want to win, doing something underhanded is not necessary.


The broker goes to the restaurant and explains that five men were hospitalized. He muses that if this goes to the police, it would close the restaurant for at least a month. He asks if they want to settle.

Malsook refuses from her seat to settle as she did nothing wrong.

On the side Geum-Bong and Se Kwang reflect on how Manjung found them. When Geum-Bong realizes that Manjung is Se Kwang’s mother instead of the help, she slaps him on both sides! Manjung gasps and grabs the girl by her neck but Geum-Bong could care less. She pulls away from Manjung and leaves in a huff.

Meanwhile, the broker arrives at the hospital to find the people drinking beer and eating chicken. He angrily tells them that people who had food poisoning wouldn’t be feasting like this. The “sick” victims apologize and whine that they were hungry as the hospital has them fasting anf the diarrhea medicine has taken is toll. So, the broker sighs and takes out envelopes to make a partial payment for their services with the rest to follow at the end.

The broker leaves with the empty dishes which Nayoung and Se Kwang see. She tells Se Kwang to follow the broker and goes back to the restaurant, where she sees Yookyung pausing before walking by.


At the same time, Gyungwan tells Hwi Kyung to give up on the chicken shop. Hwi Kyung refuses and repeats that he is prepared to take full responsibility. Gyungwan sighs and promises to protect Hwi Kyung if he lets go of Dohee. But Hwi Kyung refuses and answers that no matter what, he is going to stick with her. Yes!

Yookyung walks home to find Youngsook arranging flowers. Youngsook asks Yookyung if she met her old boyfriend whom she was seeing before she dated Gyungwan. She wonders where that man is now.

Yookyung glares and yells at Youngsook to stop acting like she’s crazy. She stomps up and thinks to herself that Youngsook really isn’t afraid of anything. Ya think? You took over her house and you’re trying to push her son out of the company… You think there is anything else left for her to fear?


Back at the company, Sejin gleefully waltzes into the empty offices of AP Foods. Nayoung excuses herself as she has errands to run as well. Sejin stops Nayoung to ask if she doesn’t feel guilty for making Hwi Kyung suffer. Nayoung asks back that shouldn’t someone else be apologetic for Hwi Kyung’s suffering.

Sejin doesn’t pick up on Nayoung’s subtle accusation and Hwi Kyung walks in. He calls Sejin off by declaring that if anyone made a mistake it was his.


Nayoung goes to Mr. Baek who gives her a copy of the medical records of the victims. He agrees that there is a high possibility of this being the result of a manipulation by someone as the hospital is known to be frequented by those who cause fake accidents for settlements.

Nayoung asks if all she needs to do is find evidence. Mr. Baek answers that she also needs to find out who is behind it all so she knows who she is fighting.


At the same time, Se Kwang follows the broker to his office and sees the sign promising 100% satisfaction for whatever services are necessary to fix your problems. Se Kwang goes in to ask if he can’t get a job to make money and get his girlfriend back.

The broker gives him a card and laughs that the rules are simple. Se Kwang is to rush over whenever he calls. Se Kwang walks out and calls Nayoung to confirm that the man is a broker for certain.


Nayoung thanks him and enters the hospital room. They tell her to speak with their representative. She answers that she met with the broker at the police station and he already confessed. So, she is telling them before she turns them into the police for fraud. The men immediately change their tune and confess that they just did what they were told.


The next day, Hwi Kyung finds Sejin in his office. She tells him that a board of directors meeting has been called and wishes him luck…


She also calls her mother to gloat. Like mother like daughter, Yookyung immediately goes to brag to Youngsook. She sings that Hwi Kyung might get fired since the chicken restaurant that Hwi Kyung contracted with ended up having a case of food poisoning.

Youngsook is worried but Yookyung tells her to blame it on Dohee.


Youngsook goes to ask Mr. Baek for help instead. He consoles her that it will be resolved soon and invites her to visit whenever she gets worried. Youngsook smiles at his place offer and Mr. Baek breaks out into a huge smile.

Meanwhile, Manjung goes to the restaurant to make a fuss about Geum-Bong and Se Kwang. She finds the restaurant closed and runs to Malsook’s house instead.

She ignores Joonbae and declares that she refuses to be in laws with Malsook. Malsook shouts back that she doesn’t want to be in laws with Manjung as well. Manjung laughs that Malsook has no idea and adds that Geum-Bong seduced her son but she will never approve.

Malsook agrees and goes to tell Geum-Bong that she also disapproves.


At the same time, Mr. Baek drives Youngsook home. He turns on songs from their college time and she smiles that he remembers.


While, at home, Mrs. Baek looks at the photograph of Youngsook and rips it up.

Suddenly, she gets a call from a nurse thay cared for Dohee. She explains that she wanted to know how Dohee is doing as she should be beyond pain killers now…


At the company, Sejin walks into her office and finds Nayoung waiting. Nayoung hands Sejin the card for the broker and comments that she found it in the office. Though Sejin looks surprised, she pretends not to know what it is. And the music starts.



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