The Promise – 60

Recap # 2 for Tuesday night! Hello, Wednesday morning~~~~


Youngsook comes in with an enlarged and framed photograph of the three women as children. Yookyung follows her in because she’s bored but stops when she sees the photo. Yookyung tells Youngsook to put the picture away but Youngsook laughs back that as an older woman, she has nothing other than memories. So, Yookyung grabs the frame and breaks it on the ground.

Then Sejin calls and tells Yookyung that they have a problem as Dohee seems to know she was behind the food poisoning. Yookyung tells Sejin not to worry.


At the same time, Nayoung let’s the broker listen to the recording. He first throws the recording on the ground and stomps on it. Nayoung calmly responds that the recorder was just a copy. She asks to know who ordered him to do this.

The broker laughs that secrecy is part of his business. Nayoung then calls the police in front of him and explains that she wants to file a charge against a scam artist and has both evidence and witnesses. The broker quickly grabs her arm and answers that it was Taejoon.

When Nayoung comes back to the company, she hears that Taejoon is meeting with Yookyung and follows.


Taejoon meets Yookyung in a cafe. Yookyung tells Taejoon to take the fall as she already instructed the broker to blame him…They can’t let Sejin fall already. Taejoon laughs that this means that Yookyung needs him until Sejin becomes the owner.

Yookyung smiles back that surviving is his best skill so he can continue to survive. The camera pans out and we see that Nayoung hears the whole thing.

On the side, Se Kwang calls Geum-Bong to continue their relationship but Malsook hangs up the phone. Then, his parents bring the quack director who smiles that Se Kwang would be perfect as a psychopath character. Hah!


Finally, it’s time for the board of directors meeting. Hwi Kyung calls Dohee and tells her that he’s come to terms with everything. So, she can come back with a light heart.


At the same time, Sejin tells Taejoon that he has one more chance. If he wants to back out now. He can. Taejoon smiles that he is happy that he can do something for her and gets up.


The meeting starts and the directors demand that Hwi Kyung resigns. He stands up and agrees to take responsibility.

But, then Nayoung comes in. Staring at Sejin, she asks if Hwi Kyung should still resign when the food poisoning was the prank of someone?

Gyungwan asks if she has proof. Nayoung smiles that she does.


Suddenly, Taejoon walks in. He announces that he was the one who was behind it all.

Nayoung glares at him and asks what he is doing just because he’s in charge of the project? Taejoon replies that no proof is needed since it was his fault.

Nayoung brings the patients in and they confess to doing it themselves when they got drunk. Sejin reports the same to Yookyung and they both wonder why Dohee saved Taejoon… Maybe to rip him away from you crazy selfish women? This is what happens when you are so narrow minded that you only protect your own. Those who are not yours yet… Feel it and wonder where this crazy came from?


Meanwhile, Nayoung plays the recording for Taejoon on the roof of the broker confessing that Taejoon ordered him. He asks why she protected him when she has proof. Nayoung answers that she knows that this was the idea of Yookyung and Sejin… Yet, she couldn’t find proof. So, she stopped.

Taejoon grabs her and shout why is she doing this? Nayoung replies that he concerns her.


Taejoon lightly caresses her hair and declares that Dohee is too similar to Nayoung. He closes in for a kiss as Hwi Kyung watches. When Taejoon gets inches away from Nayoung, she stops him and tells him not to cross the line or mistake her. She is concerned but that is all.


Afterwards, Hwi Kyung asks why Nayoung stopped Taejoon from confessing. Nayoung replies that she stopped it because it was not the truth. Hwi Kyung continues that Taejoon is Sejin’s husband and his nephew… Dohee better watch the lines.

Nayoung gets up as she doesn’t know why she has to hear this. Hwi Kyung responds that he’s jealous.


Sejin calls the broker to confirm that the broker confessed that it was Taejoon. She continues to get more frantic and calls Nayoung. As Nayoung calmly sips tea, Sejin demands to know why Dohee didn’t turn Taejoon into the board. Nayoung answers that she had the ability but didn’t get evidence against Sejin and Yookyung for planning the food poisoning incident. She protected Taejoon because she knew he’d be another victim.

Nayoung leaves after that declaration and Sejin calls the broker for another favor.


That night, Hwi Kyung runs into Taejoon in the hallway. He asks Taejoon whether it was Yookyung or Sejin. Taejoon stays mute and Hwi Kyung sighs that maybe he should be apologizing since he’s the one biologically related to both.

Hwi Kyung begins to walk away before he stops. He tells Taejoon that after the project finishes, he’s going to propose to Dohee.


Meanwhile, Sejin looks through Taejoon’s phone and them smells his jacket as it smells like a fragrance other than her perfume…

Taejoon comes in and she pretends that she was looking for things to take to dry cleaning. Then she muses that they should thank Dohee… She also wonders if Dohee helped Taejoon because she wants to marry Hwi Kyung. She watches Taejoon for his reaction and gets none.


That night, Hwi Kyung nurses his injured love for Dohee as Nayoung tries on the earring that her mother left her…


Youngsook also moves. She asks Gyungwan to help her find Eunhae’s daughter as she lost contact… She has something to tell Eunhae.

From the shadows, Yookyung sees it and glares. A side plot?


Mr. Baek also looks for his picture of Youngsook to indulge in nostalgia. Except, he finds that someone has ripped it up and tossed the pieces into the trash…


As for Mrs. Baek, she sneaks into Dohee’s room and stares at Nayoung sleeping…


The next day, Nayoung and Hwi Kyung sign the contract with Malsook. Malsook thanks Dohee for helping them team up with the larger corporation as well as finding out the truth behind the food poisoning fraud… Malsook warmly grasps Nayoung’s hands until she pulls away.


At the same time, the nurse tells Mrs. Baek about Dohee having a tumor in her heart. She runs over to the doctor and demands to know the truth.


Another episode of story spun. Some more promising subplots introduced…

One thought that I had was I want to know more about Youngsook… She declared that she can crush Yookyung but it just looks like a kid throwing stones against a looming tsunami from my perspective. What is she planning and will any of it get effected before Yookyung attacks?

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