The Promise – 61 & 61

Mrs. Baek finds out.



With pounding music playing in the background, Mrs. Baek falters into the room before falling into bed. Mr. Baek calls to say that he willb e late but he’s not Mrs. Baek’s top concern. A flashback shows us that she confronted Dohee’s doctor about whether or not Dohee has a tumor growing in her heart. He had told her that he could not confirm anything due to patient confidentiality and asked her to go speak with Dohee.

At the same time, Youngsook comes home to find that Yookyung moved all of Youngsook’s stuff into their room and moved in. Youngsook had screamed that Yookyung should not do this but Yookyung was not moved. She reminded Youngsook that this was originally her mother’s room…Hence, when Hwi Kyung comes home, he finds his mother pretending to be strong.

Hwi Kyung tries to ask Yookyung if she does not think about himself or Youngsook as family. Yookyung flips around and screams back that he doesn’t think of her as familiy either… If he did, he would not have kept courting Dohee or tried to contract with the Lee family. She continues to fall apart and yell that his mere existence has been a stabbing wound into her heart…

Sometime during the argument, Sejin and the rest of the family arrives. They see the scene and jump to Yookyung’s defense by interjecting that they are also victims. So, Hwi Kyung goes to ask his mother if they should move. But, she turns down his offer saying that she still has something to do.


That night, Nayoung comes home to find Mrs. Baek brooding in her room. Mrs. Baek is unusually silent and even flinches when Nayoung tries to touch her. Instead, Mrs. Baek rushes out and tells Nayoung to go to bed since she should be tired.


The next day, Taejoon tries to get transferred to a different department in Baekdo Group by presenting Gyungwan  a proposal for a construction project in Shanghai. He tells Gyungwan that it is impossible to save AP Foods and he wants to be transferred.


Meanwhile, Malsook & Co set up for a free tasting among the Baekdo employees. It’s a huge success as everyone deliciously consumes the free chicken in exchange for surveys. Everyone is ecstatic about the success and Malsook invites Nayoung and Hwi Kyung to her house for dinner…Hwi Kyung happily accepts but Nayoung changes the topic.


On the side, Manjung finds out that they cannot get a loan secured by her store. The store was actually legally set up so that she couldn’t do anything with it. She goes to Yookyung to confront her. But, Yookyung just smiles that it shouldn’t affect Manjung unless she wanted to get a loan…which is better if she does not.

Now! Back to the main revenge! As Taejoon steps outside to find a spring shower waiting for him, Nayoung as Dohee approaches with a yellow umbrella. She smiles and repeats the same question she asked when she first re-met him after her adoption.

At the same time, Sejin gets pictures of the encounter from her private detective. Ignoring the fact that she has a presentation to give to investors…She goes straight to a bar….where Taejoon finds her.

Already through at least one half battle of wine, Sejin tells Taejoon that she loves wine as the wine bottle becomes empty, she feels like she’s being filled up… Taejoon tries to pull the bottle away. But, Sejin begins to tear up and sniffs that she feels so empty.

When Sejin refuses to get up, Taejoon sits down next to her and offers to drink with her. But, Sejin grabs the wine glass and tosses it against the wall. She asks him what use he has for any more filling when she’s around in love with him and Dohee who looks like his first love lurks in the background.


Taejoon has to bring a drunk Sejin home which infuriates Yookyung. She warns him that Sejin is smart and will figure out his true self soon. But Taejoon smiles that she should already know that she cannot control everything…Sejin loves him and is drinking because of him not Yookyung.


On the side, Hwi Kyung has dinner with the Lees where he sees a picture of young Nayoung. He recognizes the little girl who had cried when he ran into her on his bike…He later goes home and asks the sky why she had to leave like that….


Then he calls Nayoung and calls her out to meet at the park. He gives the watch to her and explains that he wanted to give the watch to her since the person he really wanted to give it to ended up passing away…So, he wants Dohee to have it since she looks like that girl from his past…

Nayoung pauses as the memories flood back in about how she first gave the watch to her mother…How she ran into Hwi Kyung when she was younger…And how, he had been the only one to help her.

Hwi Kyung gets up and tells her to go in since he knows she would be uncomfortable with him accompanying her. As he leaves, Nayoung falls into sobs.


Hwi Kyung goes home and finds Taejoon in the kitchen. He asks Taejoon why he had to toss away the woman who loved him for twenty years. Taejoon sighs and tells Hwi Kyung not to berate him as he’s already been criticized enough. Hwi Kyung laughs and answers that he used to love fairytales because in the end, the evil person always paid for his sins.


At the same time, Mrs. Baek goes crazy in Dohee’s room and finally finds the key to the locked drawer. She finds the DNA test results in the drawer as well as a picture of little Saebyul. Her eyes flash from one side to the other as she tells herself that it cannot be true.


Nayoung walks into this mess. Immediately, Mrs. Baek turns around and asks what is going on. When Nayoung cannot answer, Mrs. Baek grabs on to Nayoung’s dress and demands that Nayoung takes it off so that they can confirm the surgery scar.

Nayoung falls to the ground as Mrs. Baek screams at Nayoung to deny it. Nayoung quietly answers that she is not Dohee…But this does irritates Mrs. Baek even more. She grabs Taejoon and screams about where her daughter is…and then she faints.


Meanwhile, at Sejin’s house, Sejin and Taejoon lie that Sejin just forgot about the meeting as she was planning a surprise for Taejoon. The conversation naturally turns to Sejin lovingly telling her father that she loves her father most and then Taejoon second…She tells her mother that she’s blessed to have married such a great man. They talk about who had more lovers when they were young.

Then Youngsook joins and announces to everyone that Yookyung followed Gyungwan around but he had another girlfriend…Eunhae. Yookyung frowns and drops her tea on Youngsook and the conversation ends.


Then…We see a troubling scene. Hwi Kyung ends up playing Go Stop with his mother. They have a great game before Youngsook suddenly worries about getting dinner for Hwi Kyung. He looks up with concern and asks her if she does not remember that they just had dinner.


Later, Sejin brings up wine for Taejoon and demands that they talk. Taejoon hugs her close and tells her that Dohee did tempt him. But, he’s not so weak to fall.

The next day, Nayoung brings Mrs. Baek to the memorial where Dohee’s ashes are resting in an urn labeled as “Nayoung Lee.” Mrs. Baek sobs that she’s sorry before she turns to yell at Nayoung. She accuses Nayoung of killing Dohee and then pretending to be Dohee.

Nayoung falls to the ground crying and apologizing. She begs Mrs. Baek for help as she cannot be Dohee but she wants revenge on the people who did this to Dohee when Dohee gave her a second chance. Mrs. Baek yells at Nayoung to leave immediately…. Which Eun-Bong sees.

Malsook drops by the office to see Dohee but is told that Dohee did not come in that day. As she leaves, Taejoon stops her and asks to talk since it’s about Dohee.


At a cafe, he asks Malsook if Dohee is not suspicious…She could be Nayoung. Malsook throws her water on Taejoon’s face and tells him that he went crazy. Mrs. Baek is alive and has denied that Dohee is a part of twins. She also tells Taejoon to go see a psychiatrist instead of bothering poor innocent Dohee.


At the same time, Nayoung packs the DNA test results as well as a picture of Saebyul into her purse. She also takes the watch that Hwi Kyung gave her. Then she looks at the family picture and sighs that she could not protect anyone. She tells Dohee not to worry about her as she will live well enough for the both of them.


Mrs. Baek also stumbles out of the doctor’s office. He had finally told her that Dohee did not have many months left. He tells Mrs. Baek that he wonders if Dohee had not found another her to present her mother before she passed on…


Nayoung walks out of Dohee’s house and pauses. She walks off as Mrs. Baek arrives without seeing Nayoung leave… Mrs. Baek goes to sit on Dohee’s bed and pauses, too. She finds a letter from Nayoung telling Mrs. Baek that she is apologetic for the scars that she is leaving behind…She had first had no idea how she would tell Mr. and Mrs. Baek….Then she started to get greedy…She had hoped that the present that she got from Dohee would go forever… That she would become Dohee.

Mrs. Baek falls apart and runs out after Nayoung in her indoor slippers. Even as her slippers fall, Mrs. Baek continues on until she finds Nayoung at the bus station. Mrs. Baek holds Nayoung and cries that Nayoung is Dohee from now on…Not a fake Dohee but the real Dohee to her.

From the background, Eun-Bong walks out. RANDOM!?! She tells Nayoung that she’s relieved that it all worked out. T_T Kill me now… The true love of a sister. That scene is as moving as Mrs. Baek’s acceptance.

Meanwhile, Youngsook meets with Mr. Baek. She had accidentally called him instead of Dohee to meet and he had invited her out. But as they go to the park, Youngsook swings on a wooden swing and calls over for her “oppa” to come over. Mr. Baek pauses at this sudden lapse of decorum from Youngsook.


That night, Taejoon calls Nayoung out and she walks out. However, Nayoung finds Hwi Kyung waiting outside of the gates. She tells him that she has no obligation to tell him everything.

Hwi Kyung stops her and asks why it’s Taejoon and not him…When she knows that Taejoon is Sejin’s husband. She is always warm towards Taejoon but cold towards him.


Nayoung walks off a bit before asking if Hwi Kyung still loves her… Not the Dohee of the past but her… Hwi Kyung grabs Nayoung and twirls her into a kiss…Which Taejoon sees.


First, my apologies everyone! I am so sorry for being MIA the past week and a half. I was sick and then I was catching up to life. >_< But thank you for not giving up on dramafeed and expect some more blogposts coming up ASAP!

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