The Promise – 62 – 65

Youngsook finds out that she has an early case of dementia.  Taejoon confronts Nayoung to no avail. And Sejin literally goes crazy thinking that she’s following Taejoon and Nayoung to a hotel. Oh, and Hwi Kyung proposes.


Taejoon is about to leave when Nayoung walks back out of her house.  She had seen his car and knew that he was waiting.  She goes with him to a cafe where Taejoon asks her not to marry Hwi Kyung.  Nayoung’s response?  She laughs that she was lukewarm about the idea before but since Taejoon is asking her not to…She wants to marry him more.


Then back at home, Nayoung bonds with Mrs. Baek.  We see a little more about the family dynamics when Mr. Baek is worrying about Youngsook again. He even asks Dohee to take care of her.  In her mind, Mrs. Baek yells at Mr. Baek to go to his first love if he cannot forget her.  But, in reality, she just smiles and asks if Mr. Baek wouldn’t want to sleep with her tonight.  He declines and Mrs. Baek goes back to her room alone…Until, Nayoung asks to sleep with her.

Mrs. Baek smiles that Nayoung is very different from Dohee…Dohee would never had liked sharing her bed as she likes her space.  Then they talk about the past and Nayoung’s questions…Mrs. Baek explains how her child died during child-birth and she heard of a poor mother who gave birth to twins…When the mother did not have the money to pay for the needed heart surgery of one of the twins, she adopted the twin for the cost of paying for the surgery…

Nayoung tries to apologize to Mrs. Baek for the loss of Dohee and promises to try harder.  But, Mrs. Baek surprises me when she hugs Nayoung close and tells her to stop – stop trying to be something she is not and just be herself.


Meanwhile, Sejin confronts Taejoon about coming home late.  He lies that he was at work but she has the photographs from the private investigator that shows otherwise. Once a cheater, always a cheater.  No sympathy here and Taejoon is more annoyed that she had him followed.

Nayoung continues her revenge by slipping Taejoon hints.  Her current hint is by bringing lunchboxes for everyone with a little personalized letter for each person on the staff.  Except, this is exactly what Nayoung used to do for Taejoon.  And, on the side, Hwi-Kyung takes heart that he gets one, too.


Nayoung visits Youngsook when she is still in one of her lucid moments… Youngsook asks Nayoung for help finding her friend’s daughter.  She explains that she wants to help find the daughter’s real father of her friend to whom she turned her back when she got married into the family.

Before Youngsook can tell Nayoung who the father is, Yookyung arrives at home and finds out that Youngsook has a visitor.  She barges in and takes Dohee into the livingroom.  There, she tells Dohee that she does not like Dohee…She hopes that Dohee can stop visiting.  Nayoung smiles that she likes Yookyungs – really respects Yookyung and wants to be her friend.  To buy her trust, Nayoung even tells Yookyung about Youngsook asking her for help finding her friend’s daughter.


The day goes on and Yookyung manages to frame Youngsook’s trusted housekeeper of stealing Yookyung’s ring.  Yookyung uses that excuse to fire the housekeeper and alienate Youngsook.  So, Youngsook does what every self-respecting independent woman does.  She runs to her ex-loverboy Mr. Baek and cries in his office that life is harsh. =_=  He listens to her and then brings out a beautiful pearl brooch that he had bought for Youngsook the day that got out of jail.  He had wanted to give it to her but Youngsook was already pregnant. =_=xxxx Meanwhile, Mrs. Baek is cleaning Mr. Baek’s office and realizes that the brooch is gone…

As for the younger generation.  Sejin has a presentation in front of potential Chinese investors but she goes off to her OBGYN to check if she’s pregnant.  Except as she happily walks into the garage, she sees Dohee getting into Taejoon’s car.  Time for change of plans!

Taejoon drives Dohee to the river where he confronts Dohee about being Nayoung.  His evidence is the box of his mementos from his time with Nayoung…One of his proof is that Nayoung wrote almost the same note as she used to when she used to be his lover.  Nayoung smiles that it’s just a simple coincidence.  His next try is the yellow umbrella…The tape of the song that Nayoung was playing at the wine bar…

Nayoung denies it and tells Taejoon to bring her irrefutable proof that she’s Nayoung.


Sejin arrives and immediately shakes Nayoung, screaming at Nayoung to shut up.  But Nayoung just smiles that Sejin should be careful before rumors start to swirl that Sejin has uncontrollable jealousy…


Nayoung walks off so Sejin screams at Taejoon for being distracted with Dohee instead of focusing on her. Taejoon throws her to the side because of her hysteria and Sejin decides that she needs to amp up her routine.  She walks to the river to I guess drown but Taejoon runs after her and stills her with a hug.  Nayoung watches all of this from the road.


On the side, people are continuing to scheme.  A man approaches Malsook to buy Malsook’s chicken for a better price.  He introduces himself as a representative of a subsidiary of Dohee’s father’s company.  He asks Malsook to consider it even though Malsook refuses… Of course, we realize that it’s Sejin scheming.


Back at home, Yookyung tries to take Youngsook to a home but Youngsook realizes and breaks free…She runs back to her room and locks the door before calling Dohee for a favor…


The favor is to accompany her to a hospital where she gets diagnosed with early dementia.  Dohee comforts Youngsook and promises to help her in any way that she can, which leads to a comforting dinner and girl talk until Hwi Kyung comes home.

With the return of rest of the family, dinner gets cut short and Hwi Kyung walks Nayoung out.  He confesses to her that she seems different from before…whereas in the past, she was an unstoppable warm ray of sunshine that he could lean on, now she seems colder but more fragile…he can’t help want to protect her like he felt about the girl he met in the past.


When Hwi Kyung returns, he finds Sejin drinking.  She asks him if he could just fire Dohee from AP Foods.  However, Hwi Kyung apologizes that he cannot throw away Dohee for his niece as he’s already turned his back on Dohee once.


The next day, Malsook tries out for the commercial model for the AP Foods chicken brand.  It’s so cute as she dons the chicken had and decides to just be herself – a no-nonsense ajumma that cuts onions well.

Meanwhile, Malsook visits Mr. Baek again who is happy to entertain her with flowers, especially since he knows that she’s sick.  But when Mr. Baek goes out for a second, Mrs. Baek calls and Malsook picks up.

Then Sejin goes crazy when her private investigator tells her that Taejoon is going into a hotel with Dohee.  She rushes over and begins to imagine the worst – that the two are having an affair…

In reality, Sejin manages to ring the doorbell and Taejoon comes out.  But, he’s not alone.  The whole team is there because they felt like having the team meeting at hotel would be good for all nighters? Who knows.

They all see Sejin slap Taejoon before she walks in and sees everyone…She then walks out.


Nayoung also follows.  The two girls exchange heated words and then Sejin pulls a Yookyung.  She gets into her car and speeds toward Nayoung who doesn’t budge.  Thankfully, Sejin stops at the last minute and Taejoon sees it all.

Taejoon waits nervously for Sejin at home.  She arrives completely drunk and he asks her if she’s really pregnant as she had said.  She confesses that she is not.


News for us all? The private investigator is a turncoat.  He has been sending the pictures to Nayoung for approval before sending them to Sejin.


Finally, we end with Hwi Kyung deciding to propose to Dohee in the most unromantic way possible.  He asks her at their office late at night with the words, “Come to me. I need to have you.”


I’m back! Woa, what a few episodes to recap as my first recap back.  A lot of plot development here!

Again, I just want to take the time to apologize to everyone for my random extended vacation from DRAMAFEED.  Unfortunately, as a one-woman website, every time my life decides that it needs more attention from me, the website goes silent.  For now, I think my solution will be to cut back on my recapped series so that there’s less of a pressure of unrecapped episodes going by and leaving me behind.  At least, until Heaven’s Promise recaps are done, this show will be the only one I recap.  Hope you all enjoy and thank you everyone for the encouraging messages! I read them while I was off DRAMAFEED! >_<  They were more than half of the reason that I decided to return even though the series finished off in my wandering.

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