The Promise – 71-75

Sejin’s birth secret is out but Gyungwan does not believe it.  Nayoung gets married to Hwi Kyung and in the resulting chaos, Sejin abandons her grandmother in a park.



Let the rope of fear slowly tighten around Yookyung’s life.  Yookyung gets stricken with fear and rushes to the bathroom to have a panic attack in quiet.  Nayoung sees this and follows Yookyung into the bathroom where she flaunts the earring and even states that she only has one earring out of the pair…Nayoung notes that her mom lost it but the unsaid threat is clear.


Yookyung immediately goes on the defensive attack.  The next day, she visits Mrs. Baek to confirm that the earring was really hers… She then takes an opportunity of Mrs. Baek going to take a phone call to snoop around Dohee’s room.  Just as Yookyung finds photographs in Dohee’s drawar, Nayoung comes in and protects her secret.


As for the rest of the cast, Manjung makes Taejoon’s life worse by going to thank Yookyung for paying off her loans.  Yookyung’s unhappy expression makes it clear that it was not her, which means that Taejoon did it on the side. With what money, I wonder?

Then Sejin comes in after visiting the doctor who said that her fallopian tubes might be blocked.  Manjung pours salt in the wound by bugging Sejin about babies.  Sheesh, with a mother-in-law like that, I’m surprised Taejoon even managed to keep any wives…

Yookyung comes to her daughter’s rescue and kicks Manjung out of the house.  For the love of women everywhere, THANK GOODNESS.


Manjung also visits Malsook at her chicken shop and makes a scene when she sees Nayoung.  Meanwhile, I sit here thinking that this useless piece of trash of a mother-in-law needs to be dropped off in some abandoned island.  Thankfully, the family kicks her out of the shop.  Whereupon, she goes straight to scheming on how to stop Nayoung’s pending wedding against Hwi Kyung.  Right? As if she cannot stoop any lower?  Should any of us be surprised? I mean, if a person starts at the bottom and refuses to rehabilitate her character, what can the rest of us do?


The story continues as Nayoung decides to turn up the pressure.  She cooks the same dinner that she did for Sejin’s family in the past… Then she excuses herself to go to the bathroom when Sejin’s family arrives and stands around shocked.

Taejoon follows her up and pulls her into his room.  He demands that she stops this but Nayoung refuses… Even more interesting is that Hwi Kyung has an idea when he goes upstairs that Nayoung would be in Taejoon’s room and stops Sejin from going in… When Nayoung leaves after Taejoon, she walks straight into him.

False alarm though as Hwi Kyung is not ready to let Dohee go.  He forces a smile and laughs that the layout of his house can be confusing, which essential gives Nayoung an easy exit.


The next day, Taejoon asks to meet him for dinner.  We all hold our breaths as he holds a divorce petition in his office.  He makes it clear to everyone by telling Nayoung that he will dump Sejin tonight.  He warns her to arm her heart since it hurts the betrayer just as much when one betrays someone who loves her whole heartedly.  But does Hwi Kyung love Nayoung? Or is he just obsessed.  Your call viewers.


But fate is not ready to make things easy for Taejoon.  Yookyung has Youngsook’s stuff packed up so that she can move into a new apartment.  This sets off Youngsook who confronts Yookyung.  The verbal confrontation turns physical until Yookyung shoves Youngsook…

But Youngsook is not going to go down without fighting.  She screams that Yookyung that if Yookyung pushes her…She will tell Gyungwan to have a paternity test so that they can find out who Sejin’s real father is.

Sejin comes down at that moment and overhears.  She demands to know what Youngsook is talking about and the two women backpedal about it as if Youngsook is speaking nonesense.

Sejin decides to go out to dinner with her father, blowing Taejoon off and not answering her phone.


Sejin finally calls Taejoon from a pojang macha where’s she’s drinking herself into a mess.  She drunkenly tells Taejoon that the two men she loves most in the world are her father and Taejoon.  Then tears spring to eyes as she confesses that she feels like both of them are leaving her…

She continues that she has a secret.  When she was 12, she visited her grandfather’s house.  It was then that she saw the paternity test between Sejin and Gyungwan.  She’s not her father’s biological child… She knew this whole time but she pretended not to.


That night, Taejoon puts Sejin to bed and rips up his divorce application.  He also sends Nayoung a text apologizing that he will not be able to hold his end of the bargain… Is anyone surprised? Not me.


The night is still young though.  Youngsook calls Mr. Baek crying that she’s scared that Yookyung will throw her away.  Mr. Baek answers reassuringly that he and Hwi Kyung will protect her.  This comforts her and she agrees to sleep.

But then Mrs. Baek comes in and sighs that she never heard or saw her husband being so loving.  She confesses that she’s exhausted of being jealous of his first love when she did nothing to deserve his cold and harsh treatment.

Mr. Baek frowns and then surprises us all by asking Mrs. Baek if she really does not know.  He grabs the manila envelope in his desk and hands over the paternity test results that state that Dohee is not his biological child.


Mr. Baek calmly answers that he does not care or want to know about Dohee’s biological father.  He then turns to walk out of the room when Mrs. Baek stops him.  She cries that he should have confronted her or asked her about it…

But Mr. Baek just turns to walk out again.  Mrs. Baek cries out again that she is not Dohee’s biological mother…She continues that they both know that they got married because she loved him…not the other way around.  When she gave birth to their still-born child, she had been so afraid that she would lose him that she did this.


Meanwhile, Nayoung and Hwi-Kyung go to visit Malsook with flowers now that everyone knows the truth.  Nayoung takes hte time to check out her old room where she begins to cry over a picture of her old daughter.

Hwi-Kyung enters and cautiously asks her if she knows the child.  Nayoung is so overcome with emotions that she seems unable to deny knowing her own child.  At that moment, her older sister comes in and interrupts that she told Dohee about her dead neice.  And everyone accepts the excuse.  But the clues are becoming more and more clear that something more is going on with Dohee.


At home, Sejin tries to visit her grandmother.  Because, she truly isn’t evil when it comes to people other than Taejoon and Nayoung.  She asks what her grandmother is looking at.

Youngsook laughs that she is looking at old photographs and talks about Eunhae.  But she’s not completely in control over her surroundings.  She continues on that Gyungwan was in love with Eunhae until Yookyung lied to him that she was pregnant with Sejin, who is Gyungwan’s daughter.  She sighs that Gyungwan believed Yookyung’s lies and left Eunhae…

Sejin may be interested in visiting her grandmother but she is not the most charitable soul.  Realizing that her grandmother is close to telling her father the truth, Sejin lashes out that her grandmother is going crazy.  She also goes to tell Gyungwan that her grandmother is getting worse.  She tells him not to believe anything that her grandmother might say.

Then the drama pours it on thick that Sejin and Geum-Bong have currently opposite situations.  Whereas Sejin is told that it would be difficult for her to get pregnant even through artificial insemination, Geum-Bong is told that she’s pregnant.

Sejin goes straight to tell her mother.  She accuses her mother of achieving her goals… She can no longer get pregnant.  While, I feel bad for Sejin, Yookyung – you deserve worse for what you’ve done.  At least in dramaland, comeuppance always occurs and being the type of selfish woman you are, I am thinking this is not enough.

This is a busy episode as Youngsook also calls Gyungwan out ot the temple.  She tells him to pay his respects before it’s too late to Eunhae and his daughter.  But Sejin’s words repeat in Gyungwan’s mind and he refuses to believe her.


Poor stupid Gyungwan.  He goes straight to alcohol and his wife, telling her that he heard something weird from Youngsook.  Of course, this infuriates Yookyung who runs into Youngsook’s bedroom and threatens to kill her.

Youngsook runs to her son’s bedroom.  Hwi-Kyung promises to protect her but I don’t know.  Yookyung is pretty crazy and she seems to not have learned that being so stupidly-blindly-selfish for her own family is ruining it.

Without dilly-dallying, we have the wedding.  Hwi-Kyung silently thanks Nayoung for coming to him while Nayoung silently apologizes for starting her new life like this.  In the crowd, Malsook silently tells Nayoung to live happily.  If Nayoung is happy, she will be satisfied never calling her daughter by her real name again…One telling note is that Taejoon sneaks out toward the end of the wedding as if he can no longer bear watching Hwi-Kyung kissing Nayoung.  As if he did not throw her and his daughter away.  YOU WATCH YOU WORTHLESS ARSEHAT.  YOU WATCH AND YOU FEEL.

The next scene bears mentioning only because it pissed me off… I understand that plot-wise, they wanted to show how Malsook got close to Youngsook but it still rubbed me the wrong way.

Youngsook soils herself due to her condition and the women guests start to gossip around her without even HELPING THE POOR WOMAN CALM DOWN OR CLEAN UP.  Even knowing that this is a story, I could feel my anger rising as I hoped to myself that this is not a reflection of Korean society but rather an exagerrated fabrication.  How could fully grown women bear themselves to stand there while another woman needs their help and gossip about her in FRONT of her?! Do they have NO humanity, civility, or SHAME?

Well, Sejin comes in at this point and angrily pushes Malsook away before taking her grandmother home. There, Yookyung orders the housekeeper to wash Youngsook up.


On the bright side, it looks like the Baek relationship is healing.  Mrs. Baek thanks Mr. Baek for loving Dohee like his biological daughter even when he suspected her of infidelity.  Mr. Baek answers that he has still not fully forgave her but Dohee has never been anything but his daughter. Awwww <3 <3 <3


In case anyone decides to pity Yookyung, she helps us out by being evil again.  She goes to check on her husband where she asks if Youngsook has said anything else.  She also declares that she had been suspicious that Nayoung was his biological child when he first brought her home.  Therefore, she had her tested against him – they were not a match and Nayoung was not his biological daughter.  AHHH – THE LIES.  SOMEONE THROW THIS WOMAN OUT.


Sejin begins to lose it when she eavesdrops and overhears her mother tell Taejoon that he’s just a temporary placeholder for Sejin in his office… She yells at her mother to stop interfering in her life before going to confront her grandmother about whether the other woman Eunhae really had a daughter.

When Youngsook agrees, Sejin loses it.  She takes Youngsook out before Yookyung can finish calling the mental hospital where she wanted to put Youngsook.


Meanwhile, Hwi-Kyung and Nayoung have a loving lunch in their stay-honeymoon.  She quietly tells him that she can promise him one thing.  She will protect his family and make sure he inherits his father’s company.

At the same time, Sejin leaves Youngsook in a park and drives off.


Then Yookyung is faced with the fact that she raised a stupid monster.  Yookyung asks Sejin where Youngsook is and Sejin denies knowing even though it was clear that she had taken her grandmother out and probably the blackbox video surveillance on every Korean car would clearly prove the same.  Again – we sigh at the clear evidence at how Yookyung failed to raise her daughter correctly.


Hwi-Kyung and Nayoung are called back from their short honeymoon and the whole family pretends that they have no idea how Youngsook managed to walk out of the house and the gates without anyone knowing.  Nayoung calmly declares that she will file a claim with the police and ask them to confirm with the surveillance and traffic cameras around the house.


Then Nayoung and Hwi-Kyung go up to his room and we find out that Nayoung had been called by someone.  Did she have someone tailing Youngsook just in case?  She tells the person on the phone to take Youngsook to the “safe place”.  Then she must have told Hwi-Kyung as he clenches his  teeth that he’s so embarassed by his worthless piece of trash family who are lying to his face instead of looking for his mother after what they did.


At the same time, Yookyung checks Sejin’s car and overhears the recording where Sejin is telling her grandmother that they are going to a place Youngsook likes… Again, I wonder. You lived such a horrible life – never giving back and only protecting/taking what is yours and your family.  You wonder how your family turned into this?


It turns out that Youngsook was taken to her house.  Mrs. Baek invites Youngsook to join them for breakfast and smiles that Youngsook should stay with them for a little bit.  Awwww, I love Mrs. Baek.  She is human but she is still nice and tries to help those around her.  What more can we expect from each other?


Back at the Jang house, Yookyung confronts Sejin with the SD car from Sejin’s car’s blackbox.  Yookyung asks why Sejin did such a thing.  Sejin answers with a question.  She asks if Nayoung isn’t her father’s daugther since Youngsook said Eunhae’s daughter had died early from a hospital accident.

Youngsook denies it but her denial is answer enough.

Yookyoung changes the topic and asks where Youngsook is.  Sejin answers that she abandoned her grandmother in the park.  So, Youngsook rushes over to look but I wonder whether its to help Youngsook or get her hospitalized before anyone can help.


Hwi-Kyung and Nayoung visit Youngsook at the Baek residence.  Hwi-Kyung is shocked at how much the dementia has gotten worse.  Mrs. Baek sighs that it must have gotten worse from the trauma of abandonement.

Mr. Baek also tells Hwi-Kyung to leave his mother at their place for a while.


Meanwhile, Nayoung asks Youngsook for the truth about what happened that night – the secret.  Youngsook seems worried but she tells Dohee that Yookyung “broke up a family” but the words imply that there was death because it is similar to “ending the family line.”  Other Korean speakers can correct me if I’m wrong ;).


Hwi-Kyung interrupts before Nayoung can ask any more questions.  So, Nayoung excuses herself.  After she leaves, Youngsook happily hands over a picture of Saebyul to Hwi-Kyung explaining that it’s a picture of child Dohee that she foun in Dohee’s drawers.


Next, we return to the Jang residence where the police are investigating Youngsook’s disappearance. They ask for everyone’s alibis.  Yookyung confidently answers that she and Sejin were returning from the  company.  When they returned home, Youngsook was gone.


Then not satisfied with abandoning a family member.  Yookyung takes Sejin to meet with some of the directors who support Yookyung as Gyungwan had told Sejin earlier that day that he will  call Sejin back to the company.  He is going to hold a board of directors meeting to decide her place.

At the meeting, Yookyung makes it clear that she wants their support when the meeting occurs.

That day Taejoon goes home early nursing a flu.  Nayoung realizes this and goes up to help with some cool towels.  Since Taejoon is in the middle of a fever, he looks up and remembers how the old Nayoung used to care for him and he reaches up lovingly.  While, I think… YOUR BLASTED FAMILY HELPED YOU TURN AWAY FROM HER SO DON’T YOU EVEN TRY TO LOOK PITIFUL.  It just makes me sick that Nayoung has to even care for him right now.  Can’t wait until she makes them all pay for their greed and selfishness.

Then, Sejin arrives.


Other than the tasteless exaggerated scene in the bathroom after the wedding, I felt like the writer picked it up in these episodes.  We get movement now that Nayoung feels like she has no other path than to continue her revenge.  She had wavered when Taejoon promised to finish the revenge by throwing away everything that the Jangs gave to him and to throw away Sejin.  But when he was elevated to the second highest position, it was clear he wouldn’t give it up.  Nayoung would have to take the company away in order for the family to pay.

Now, we are back in a Wife’s Temptation territory with Nayoung living in the enemy’s den.  I feel like though it took a while, the show is really trying to shift the focus from Taejoon (who is a bit lackluster) to Sejin and Yookyung as the main antagonists for the final arcs and they are doing a fine job.  Both are not completely flat villains.  Yookyung seems to hate and fear Youngsook who knows the secret of Sejin’s birth.  But, surprisingly, Youngsook is the one character that Yookyung didn’t quickly kill or forcefully intern in a hospital.  Even when Youngsook starts mentioning to Gyungwan hints about Sejin, Yookyung resorts to threats and physical threats but does not actually do more.  In her own way, I was surprised to see that it implied depth to Yookyung’s character.  While, she couldn’t give the same respect or base level of protection to Eunhae who would tear her “dream family” apart, she can control herself even as she fears what Youngsook’s verbal slips might do.

Similarly, Sejin’s breakdown was gradual in the past 10 episodes.  She is clearly fighting against not only Nayoung’s revenge but her own insecurity and her mother’s foolishness.  While she is vulnerable becauseo f Nayoung’s revenge, Yookyung’s actions in pushing the side characters against Sejin (since their only attack would result in harm to Sejin) forces Sejin to treat those who do not have to be her enemies as enemies. The hesitant visit to her grandmother compared to Sejin’s final decision to abandon her grandmother was pretty powerful in showing how weak Sejin has become.  Really, without Yookyung, I don’t think Sejin’s character would even make a good rival for Nayoung.










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