The Promise 76 – 80

Nayoung brings Youngsook back to the house once she’s recovered and life goes on…to Nayoung finding out that Gyungwan is her father as Hwi-Kyung finds out that his “Dohee” is really Nayoung.



Sejin demands to know what this scene is.  But Nayoung is not even flustered.  She regally and angrily answers that her “neice” better stop being so irresponsibly jealous.  She had heard her nephew groaning from outside the room and had come in to only help.


Elsewhere, Hwi-Kyung meets with Eun-Bong.  She asks him what he’s asking about and he answers that he does not want to suspect Dohee but the picture was in Dohee’s drawers…. He cannot help.

Eun-Bong answers that she gave Dohee the picture.  Hwi-Kyung then asks what kind of person Nayoung was.


That night Hwi-Kyung gives Sejin one more chance to confess.  He notes that there was a camera in the neighborhood that recorded Sejin’s car leaving around the time that Youngsook went missing.  He asks her where she was headed.  Sejin answers that she was going to the salon and Yookyoung jumps in that he shouldn’t suspect family.


Nayoung adds fuel to the fire by noting that there was more development in the investigation.  So, the two women follow Nayoung into the kitchen where Nayoung answers that there was a witness.  The witness knew what Youngsook looked like and even noted that there was a young woman with Youngsook.

Yookyung takes the witness’ conctact information and tells Nayoung to leave it alone.

The next day, Yookyung and Sejin meet up with the witness.  The witness identifies Sejin.  Sejin tries to note that incorrectly identifying someone can cause a mess.  The witness smiles that correctly identifying someone can also help do great things.

Yookyung changes the topic by offering an envelope of money as “travel expenses”.  But the envelope is thick and it’s clear that it’s bribe money.  The witness refuses it answering that she takes the bus.

Then, we see Nayoung getting a call from the witness about what happened.


Another fakeout.  Youngsook wakes up to see Eunhae at her bedside.  She cries that she told the father to look for Eunhae’s daughter.  But, she was too late as the daughter had passed away.

Eunhae is actually Nayoung and Nayoung asks who the father is.  But then Youngsook gets her mind back and laughs that she is speaking nonesense.


That night, Nayoung goes looking for clues in Youngsook’s bedroom.  She remembers how Youngsook had explained that she told a secret to Yookyung but then the day that she told Yookyung the secret was the day that Eunhae died…

Nayoung finds an old album and looks through the pictures to find a loose picture.  It’s of Eunhae and Gyungwan.  Flashbacks start flowing through Nayoung’s mind.


Nayoung realizes this means that her father is Gyungwan…The person who hurt her so much and cries out that this cannot be.  But her sorrow is interrupted when Gyungwan walks in.

She lies that she’s crying because she’s worried about Youngsook and walks out.

Nayoung only makes it up the stairs before she falls.  Taejoon sees this and rushes to her.  But before he can help her up, Hwi-Kyung also comes out and takes her into his room.

Laying Nayoung on his bed, he apologizes for being so senseless toward how exhausted she must be cutting their honeymoon short and forcing her to live with the in-laws.

But in Nayoung’s mind, she just asks what she is supposed to do if it’s true that Mr. Jang is her father.


That night, Nayoung develops a fever from her emotional trauma and Hwi-Kyung nurses her.


Meanwhile, Youngsook becomes a catalyst for helping the Baeks heal their own relationship.  As Mrs. Baek spends time with Youngsook to help her recover happily, they go to Mr. Baek’s office to go out for  food.

Youngsook is back to being the younger version of herself, so she happily  asks Mr. Baek to buy them lunch as they are happy.  Something that Mrs. Baek would never have been able to do herself.


Then the evil side gets rewarded again.  Sejin is appointed to be the Vice President of Baekdo.


Meanwhile, Nayoung goes into Mr. and Mrs. Jang’s room.  She takes a piece of hair from Mr. Jang’s brush before looking through Yookyung’s stuff as she is so suspicious.

There, Nayoung finds the other earring that pairs with her own that her mother left her… All of a sudden, Yookyung’s overreaction every time she saw the earring makes sense.  She cries that Dohee, Saebyul and her mom’s death were all Yookyung’s fault.


The next day, Nayoung receives the paternity test results and gets confirmation that Mr. Jang is her biological father.


The first thing that she does is rip up her marriage certificate with Hwi Kyung since her relationship to Mr. Jang means that she’s technically Sejin’s half-sister… She also call someone to begin it now.

As Sejin approachs the Board of Directors for officially accepting her new position, the reporters converge.  They demand to know if she really abandoned her grandmother.

At the same time, all of the news outlets report on how the chaebol daughter left her grandmother with demetia in the park.  The witness is even interviewed and she reports how she saw Sejin get into her car…and how Sejin tried to bribe her to keep quiet.


The family retreats to Gyungwan’s office where Gyungwan slaps Sejin.  He tells her to get out of his sight and Sejin runs off.


When Yookyung arrives at home, she finds Youngsook smiling in the livingroom. Yookyung is shocked speechless and Nayoung smiles that she was able to find Youngsook after the news focused on her abandonment…Someone called in with a tip.


Next attack!  Yookyung calls for water and Youngsook’s old help rushes out.  Yookyung demands to know what happened.

So, Nayoung answers calmly that she heard the most ridiculous thing from the housekeeper. Nayoung found the ring in the housekeeper’s room and knew that this was the missing ring that Youngsook’s housekeeper was accused of stealing.  When Nayoung confronted Yookyung’s housekeeper, she answered that Yookyung gave her the missing ring after she framed Youngsook’s housekeeper.  Nayoung continues that she knew this couldn’t be the truth and fired her.  Faced with these facts, Yookyung is unable to do anything.


Gyungwan comes home to find that Youngsook has regressed into the past.  She does not remember what happened and she also believes that it’s the past.


Gyungwan goes in to ask if Yookyung knew what Sejin did.  But Yookyung just lies that she did everything…That Sejin did this because Youngsook kept torturing her.  She asks that Gyungwan does not say anything to Sejin since she’s so pitiful.  Erm? The girl who wrecked a family and abandoned a grandmother with dementia?  The girl who has literally done NOTHING but parasitically live off of her grandfather’s money? Pity her for doing what?


Thankfully Hwi-Kyung is listening to none of it as well.  Sejin doesn’t really apologize.  She begins with he doesn’t understand how much SHE SUFFERED.  Ahem, again some people are worthless as how they turn everything into their suffering without accomplishing ANYTHING in their life.

Well Hwi-Kyung slaps her and tells her that he let things go before as she was his neice.  But he warns her not to hurt his mother ever again.


The next day, Gyungwan forces Sejin to hold a press conference.  Sejin then kneels in front of everyone and lies that she did this because of the pain that her grandmother kept making her own mother suffer even after stealing her grandfather. PUKE.  Again, am I surprised that she stooped this low?  Nope, and neither are Taejoon and Hwi-Kyung.  Taejoon frowns before walking out and Hwi-Kyung glares at these blatant lies while I sigh that if there is any lesson, it is that if there is a selfish ne’er do-well near any of us, we should just run the other way.  Since like Sejin, they can be useless and incorrigible.

However, when Gyungwan kneels beside Sejin to ask for forgiveness on behalf of his daughter – the tide turns.  The public opinion begins to look on Sejin favorably as the victim of a wrecked home by the homewrecker Youngsook.


The immediate Jang family seems to be back to normal as Gyungwan tells his wife and daughter that Sejin should give up her position in order to gain more later. -_-

Yookyung happily goes home to find an envelope with the DNA results stating that Gyungwan is Nayoung’s biological father on her dresser.  She rushes over to make a fuss in Youngsook’s room but Nayoung and Youngsook’s housekeeper saves her.


Meanwhile, Nayoung also sends a package with a picture of her and Saebyul as well as the family register of Eunhae which shows that Eunhae was Nayoung’s mother.  He gets a weird feeling and hires a private investigator to look into Nayoung.


Between a fight between Manjung and Yookyung, I have no idea who to root for since they are both horrible.  Sejin and Yookyung find out that Se-Kwang is engaged with Geum-Bong and each take turns threatening Manjung not to let the wedding happen.  Yookyung threatens to take the shop back just as Taejoon walks in.  He glares at his mother-in-law and demands that his mother leave the shop since she does not need to deal with Yookyung that way.


Later, Youngsook runs into Malsook in front of her house and invites her in.  Sejin demands that Nayoung never let that woman (Malsook) back in the house since Malsook is the murderer of her baby.

But Nayoung answers calmly that Sejin is overreacting.  Sejin should stop blaming others for everything that goes wrong.  Sejin just glares back that Nayoung does not understand the sorrow of losing a child.  Oh the irony – well done!


On her way out, Malsook runs into Gyungwan who offers to drive her home.  He remembers how Youngsook kept repeating that Eunhae’s daughter is his biological daughter… She declines and he asks where Nayoung’s memorial is.  Malsook asks why he would want to go and he answers that he wants to ask for forgiveness.


That night, Hwi-Kyung and Nayoung have a drink together.  While Nayoung seems on the edge, he smiles and reassures her that he’s not expecting anything.  He wont force her to be with him until she’s ready.  Well – duh?


This gets to Nayoung who goes to cry by herself in the garden.  However, Taejoon comes by and pulls her up.  He tells her that she loves Hwi-Kyung so she should stop her revenge.  He tells her that her revenge will only increase her unhappiness as she has to hurt someone she cares for.

Nayoung turns away and Taejoon grabs her arm.  He tells her to stop, calling her by her real name.  Nayoung just pulls away before walking off.  Which is all seen and heard by Hwi-Kyung.


The next day, pressure continues to build against Sejin.  She sleeps in and Taejoon goes out with a loose button.  When Nayoung sees it, she offers to sew it back – bringing back memories of loving Nayoung.  Sejin sees this and freaks out.  She orders that Taejoon wear a different suit and then goes in to rip up the suit jacket.  She isn’t even silent about it.  She cries out that Taejoon is looking at their aunt as he would a beloved wife.  Taejoon just shouts back that there is nothing he can do if she’s like this.  He walks out before she can do anything else.


Meanwhile, Hwi-Kyung calls Eun-Bong over to ask why Nayoung was hospitalized.  Eun-Bong answers that it was weird that Nayoung was missing and forcefully hospitalized right before Taejoon’s and Sejin’s wedding.


At the same time, Gyungwan gets a report from his investigator.  The investigator declares that Eunhae was never married and doesn’t even seem to have had any male suitors or relationships.

He goes back to ask Youngsook about Eunhae…whether she ever got married.  Youngsook sighs that Eunhae never did and now both Eunhae and her daughter are lost.  She loses her temper and throws her glass of water at Gyungwan just before Nayoung comes in…

Then, Youngook calls Nayoung Eunhae, making Gyungwan pause.  But he doesn’t connect the dots.


Hwi-Kyung goes to Dohee’s memorial where he apologizes for falling in love with Nayoung instead of Dohee.  Placing the snow globe at the memorial box, Hwi-Kyung sighs that he believes Nayoung chose him for revenge…But he doesn’t hate her…He’s just afraid that he might lose her.

Hwi-Kyung begins to woo over Nayoung’s family because he realizes that Dohee is Nayoung.  This leads Eun-Bong to seek Nayoung out.  She tells Nayoung that she would let Nayoung continue with her revenge but as her older sister, she wants to prevent her baby sister from making a mistake… She begs Nayoung to leave his revenge.

But Nayoung does not change her mind.  She tells Eun-Bong that she found out that Gyungwan is her father and asks Eun-Bong to give Gyungwan her stuff when he asks.


First off, I feel a little warmer to Hwi-Kyung after these episodes because I find him making decisions for himself that are not purely obsessive of Nayoung.  First, he goes off and gives Sejin a good slap, for which he gets tons of brownie points.  That girl had it coming.  I mean she literally has accomplished nothing in 80 episodes which is a lot of Korean drama time!  Instead, she’s always whining, crying, or scheming.

The other part that really won me over was how he acted after he found out that Dohee was Nayoung.  The writers skipped the whole “questioned” and “in-denial angst.” Instead, he went straight to making his feelings clear by apologizing to his first love – Dohee before going to pay his respects to Nayoung’s real family.  Then, to change the infatuation to love…because, who can really love someone that they do not know or understand – he begins to research Nayoung and learn about her history.  Those actions won a little bit of me over for the Na-Kyung relationship. >_<

On a side note, and as my last note for tonight, I cannot wait until Gyungwan finds out the truth.  Hopefully, it will be decently climatic.  A lot of the tensions have resolved with Youngsook returning home and Sejin giving up her position as Vice President.  I assume that the tensions will increase to a boiling point before Gyungwan finds out so that everything can blow up at once. ^^

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