The Promise 86-90

Things continue to move as Nayoung returns to the Jang residence after Yookyung almost kills Youngsook in a fight over the DNA report stating that Sejin is not Gyungwan’s daughter.  When Sejin realizes that Nayoung is about to tell Gyungwan about her paternity, she resorts to desperate tactics such as throwing herself in front of Nayoung’s car.  But things continue and the “family” continues to live together in a facade of happiness while everyone schemes.



Nayoung returns to the Baek residence and asks Mrs. Baek if she can return.  While, Mrs. Baek seems surprised to see Nayoung with her bags, she immediately tells Nayoung that this is her home. Of course, she’s welcome.

The warm words break Nayoung and hugs her mother who comforts her that everything will be okay.  Nayoung proceeds to go into her room and cry that she was not able to do anything but hurt Hwi-Kyung…That is until her father calls to ask why Hwi-Kyung is the subject of a bribery investigation.

Nayoung rushes to the company and promises to get to the bottom of it.  Hwi-Kyung just coldly brushes her off with the statement that it’s none of her business.

Youngsook hears about her son and confronts Yookyung.  But Yookyung denies it.  Since she’s still clear of mind, Youngsook goes for her own hidden card – the DNA test showing that Sejin is not Gyungwan’s daughter.


Nayoung then bursts into Taejoon’s office and demands to know who’s plan this is.  He tells her to leave it alone as she left Hwi-Kyung.  He also asks her to leave the revenge to him – he will bring down Yookyung if she will return to him after it.

Nayoung answers that she liked his offer until the last part and only promises to think about it.


Yookyung stops Youngsook on her way out with the DNA reports.  Youngsook demands that Yookyung put Hwi-Kyung back into his rightful place as the head of the company or Gyungwan finds out.

Youngsook also asks if Yookyung was the one who killed Eunhae since she told Eunhae the truth about Sejin’s biological father the day that Eunhae died.  Yookyung is surprised to hear where Eunhae found out the information.  But, Youngsook continues.  She only did it because she overheard Yookyung insinuate to Mr. Jang that Hwi-Kyung is Mr. Baek’s son.


Neither woman is willing to back down.  So a physical fight over the papers results.  Youngsook is thrown against the wall.

Yookyung reaches for Youngsook who is unconscious.  She backs away shaking.  But then she hides the papers and breaks a vase.  With a piece of glass, she cuts herself to make it look more like she was just a victim.

This is when Sejin arrives.  Yookyung orders that Sejin calls an ambulance.


Nayoung returns to the Jang house to protect Youngsook since Hwi-Kyung is in prison.  There, she finds a copy of the DNA report regarding her and Gyungwan in Hwi-Kyung’s jacket as well as the USB drive of a secret camera she set up in the living room.


Nayoung immediately watches the video footage, which has sound.  The video recorded Sejin ripping up the DNA test results.  But what really traumatizes Nayoung is that her mom was killed to protect Sejin’s secret.


That night, Yookyung dreams about Nayoung strangling her after accusing her of killing Eunhae to protect Sejin.  She wakes up with a gasp only to see Nayoung standing at the foot of her bed.

Nayoung smiles that she came to check in on her sister-in-law after hearing the screams.


In the morning, Sejin finds the divorce petition in her room and confronts Taejoon about it.  She threatens to never sign.  (Again, Korea only has consent divorce or fault divorce…Meaning, if Taejoon cannot prove fault, he cannot divorce Sejin.)


Nayoung goes to visit her mother-in-law who has waken up.  But, her dementia has gotten worse because of the traumatic experience.  When Yookyung visits, Youngsook tells Nayoung that Yookyung is actually a snake.  The only good of this situation is that Yookyung is completely convinced that Youngsook is no longer a threat.


Another bitter scene is when Mr. and Mrs. Baek come to visit.  Youngsook does not recognize Mrs. Baek but she does Mr. Baek.  Mrs. Baek quietly takes Nayoung out so that the two can have some time alone.  It’s sweet that she trusts her husband enough to do that sincerely and voluntarily now.


Yookyung stops by to check in on Taejoon.  She is frustrated that Hwi-Kyung got out of prison since there was not enough evidence but she agrees that Taejoon held up his end of the bargain and promises to get Sejin to let her go.

But then she asks him why he hates Sejin.  Taejoon answers that he doesn’t hate Sejin – he hates her.  And, it’s hard for him to be with Sejin as she grows more like Yookyung.  Makes sense to me.  To add to the tension, Sejin overhears this all.


Then we get a new subplot.  Yookyung finds Sejin in a bar where Sejin is off getting drunk.  She asks her mother who her real biological father is.


When Gyungwan does not come home that day, Yookyung finds him in his office drinking.  She falls to her knees and apologizes for Nayoung.  She also begs him to think of Sejin and return home.

Gyungwan is moved enough to help her get up and reluctantly pats her on her back but it’s clear he’s still hesitant.

At the same time, Sejin returns just as Taejoon is demanding that Nayoung moves out of the house again.  Sejin overhears Nayoung telling Taejoon not to take anything for granted since life can surprise you just like she’s still alive and Taejoon thanking her for being alive…calling her “Nayoung.”


Then Nayoung visits Dohee’s memorial where she sees Gyungwan and Yookyung.  She hears Yookyung apologize falsely and decides to send Gyungwan a copy of the video where Youngsook is threatening Yookyung about going to Gyungwan with the knowledge that Sejin is not Gyungwan’s daughter.

Except Gyungwan doesn’t have his cell phone.  It’s at his office and Sejin sees the message first.  She deletes the message and throws the cell phone away in the fields.


Random, Yookyung meets with a director who suggests that she compete with Hwi-Kyung for the title of CEO.  Because as a woman who has done nothing in her life, no business education or business experience, she’d be PERFECT for the position if they get enough equity support.


Sejin then goes to Taejoon and accuses him of planning betraying her with Nayoung.  She also threatens Taejoon to stop Nayoung from telling Gyungwan about how she’s not really his daughter or she will hurt Nayoung.

Meanwhile, Nayoung takes a walk in the park with her mother-in-law.  Then Youngsook asks for a cup of coffee but complains about needing a rest.  So, Nayoung tells Youngsook not to go anywhere for five minutes as she gets a cup of coffee.

But, when Nayoung returns, Youngsook has already left thinking that she has to pick up Hwi-Kyung from school. Nayoung runs around looking for Youngsook before falling in her haste.  Luckily, she gets a call that Youngsook is at home.

Hwi-Kyung sees the state that Nayoung is in as well as her scraped knees.  He patches her up lovingly making Nayoung feel even more guilty.capture888

That night, Nayoung decides to increase the pressure when she sees Yookyung and Gyungwan sharing a romantic drink.  She notes that her father’s friend just found out after 30 years that the child he thought was his was not… Gyungwan comiserates that it would be a huge betrayal which makes Yookyung shake her hand with nerves.


The next day, Sejin decides to take matters into her own hands and forces herself into Nayoung’s car.  She explains that she has something to say so the girls go to the river where Sejin first yells at Nayoung to keep her secret.  Nayoung isn’t moved so Sejin resorts to screaming that she will not leave Nayoung alone if Nayoung doesn’t keep her secret and leave Taejoon alone.


Nayoung ignores her and walks to her car.  So, Sejin grits her teeth and throws herself against Nayoung’s car.


Nayoung takes Sejin to the hospital where Yookyung accuses Nayoung of hitting Sejin on purpose.  However, Hwi-Kyung tells Nayoung reassuringly that he knows Sejin’s personality.  She is the type of person who would hurt herself to get what she wants.

After Hwi-Kyung leaves to go to work, Taejoon also comes over to comfort Nayoung.  But who needs another pic of Taejoon? Not me.


Gyungwan sees Taejoon with Nayoung and walks over to interrupt.  He repeats that he asked Nayoung to treat Taejoon as an aunt after he dismisses Taejoon.  But, Nayoung just answers that she is trying whereas Taejoon seems confused.


Sejin wakes up and tells her mother that Nayoung did not run her over. She just explains it as a simple mistake.

But when the other leave, Sejin asks Nayoung to stop and Nayoung quietly answers that she has no reason to stop her plans.  Sejin threatens to tell Mr. Baek and Nayoung’s answer is that they can both tell the fathers and see what happens… Since Sejin knows that she would lose this bet, she backs down.


At the company, Gyungwan calls Taejoon into his office to warn him to focus on Sejin.  But Taejoon apologizes that he can no longer forget Nayoung.  Gyungwan doesn’t realize what the rest of us know – that once a man’s heart has turned, it’s gone.  He asks Taejoon to move out with Sejin as Gyungwan plans to promote Taejoon to Vice Presidency.


Yookyung hears about the promotion offer and races over to order that Taejoon refuses it.  His response is in line with his character.  He answers that she always spurs him to be more ambitious.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Baek calls Nayoung over as she found Sejin’s biological father.  He is Mr. Giman Lee who is the head of a multinational corporation.

Nayoung thanks Mrs. Baek before asking if they can’t tell Mr. Baek the truth now.  Mrs. Baek pauses and asks for some more time as she’s not ready to tell him the truth… Nayoung agrees to wait until Mrs. Baek is ready to confess to Mr. Baek about her second secret from him.


On the side, Yookyung visits Mrs. Baek about Dohee’s earring.  Mrs. Baek confesses that the earring was actually’s Nayoung’s which  sparks Yookyung’s suspicious.

As Dohee is not home, Yookyung quickly rummages through Dohee’s things and finds a USB drive before Youngsook finds her in the act.


Gyungwan is also busy as he calls Malsook out.  He hands over a title deed to an apartment and explains that it’s a bit of his gratefulness for her raising Nayoung.

Malsook refuses it.  She instead tells Gyungwan to nicer to Dohee who looks just like Nayoung.  She gets up in a huff to leave.

Gyungwan quickly confesses that Nayoung is his biological daughter and he knows that he killed her…


Sejin also decides to act.  She rushes over to Hyi-Kyung’s office and begs him to help her.  She tells him that Dohee and Nayoung switched at the hospital…Nayoung only married him to get revenge.

Hwi-Kyung just asks when Sejin found out and Sejin realizes that he isn’t her ally.  She asks him if he loves Nayoung knowing that Nayoung is not Dohee.  Hwi-Kyung’s silence is answer enough.

Pushed to desperation, Sejin cries that Nayoung is stealing everyone from her…Taejoon, Hwi-Kyung and Gyungwan.  When Hwi-Kyung asks what Sejin is talking about, Sejin confesses that Gyungwan is not her biological father – hope.  All of a sudden, Hwi-Kyung is given the choice of protecting his neice or pursuing a marriage with his love.

Meanwhile, Yookyung slips in the USB to her phone and sees pictures of dead Eunhae, Nayoung and Saebyul.  She realizes that Dohee is Nayoung.  The cold war starts as Yookyung goes into the livingroom where Dohee is cutting roses.  Dohee offers the vase to Yookyung who purposefully drops the glass on the floor before demanding that Dohee cleans it up.


Dohee agrees to clean it up but then drops off a manila envelope with two family pictures in Yookyung’s room.  One is of Gyungwan, Eunhae and Nayoung.  The other is of Yookyung, Sejin and a man who’s face is cut out… A declaration of war.


In the morning, Gyungwan announces that he wants Taejoon and Sejin to move out.  Nayoung decides that she needs to make another move and asks Eunbong to research Giwan.  It turns out that he comes from a business family and married the daughter of the Minister of Economy.  They have two daughters who are either scholars or young professionals.


Malsook calls Nayoung out to ask if she can’t give up her revenge against the Jang family.  But Nayoung responds that she cannot stop since the family including Gyungwan destroyed her family by killing Dohee and Saebyul.

Then Hwi-Kyung takes Nayoung to Dohee’s and Saebyul’s memorial.  When Nayoung refuses to confess that she’s Nayoung, he confronts her and tells her to be honest in front of dead Dohee and her daughter.

Nayoung accepts his rebuke and asks why he is confronting her now.  Hwi-Kyung answers that Sejin asked him to stop her.  He confesses that he was so happy when he found out that she is not related to Sejin.  But, he knows that it was not as big of a deal to Nayoung.

Nayoung agrees that her revenge is more important to her.  Hwi-Kyung asks if he was just her tool.  Nayoung looks him straight in the eyes and agrees that he was only a tool – she hoped that he would be used for a little longer.

Hwi-Kyung looks broken and shocked.  Then he gasps out that they should end it now.


Ah the scheming.  If one thing stood out to me in this arc of episodes, it was the weird way that everyone is scheming against each other.  The scheming isn’t secret as everyone knows that the other is moving against them such as Yookyung v. Hwi-Kyung or Yookyung v. Nayoung.  Yet, they hold this facade of a happy family during meal times – polite to a point of boiling tension.  What a tiring way to live, no?

As the story heads over to the last 12 episodes, I wonder why it feels a bit lackluster in eliciting emotions.  The only subplot that really got to me in this arc was how Youngsook was thrown against the wall and her dementia worsensed.  Sejin’s car accident was more of a WTF moment while the whole last part where Hwi-Kyung breaks up with Nayoung?  Eh, I was wondering if I should get popcorn.

The breakup was a way to up the ante on the emotional turmoil of star-crossed lovers… Hwi-Kyung has to give up Nayoung to save his neice.  But, instead of feeling sorry for Hwi-Kyung, I’m just sitting here wondering what exactly motivates his actions.  He’s not a character that is bound by “loyalty to family” at all costs since he rationally decides to side with his family or Dohee as he finds conscionable. He has also told Nayoung that he would always be there for her and take on her burdens….And, he knows how Sejin is a spoiled wreck of an adult.  So, what motivated this? Who knows? Some kind of disconnect here.  But onward we go towards the end!

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