The Promise 91-95

Sejin meets with her biological father.  Gyungman finds out about Nayoung.  And, Sejin throws another tantrum which buys her time with Gyungwan and Taejoon.



The music turns meloncholy so we know we should be ready to sob.  Hwi-Kyung apologizes that he cannot do more and walks out, leaving Nayoung to fall on the ground sobbing.  If the drama had been well made, I would be feeling tears threaten to fall.  But, I feel nothing.

Instead, Gyungwan shows up and sees Nayoung crying.  He asks her why she’s there and his presence forces Nayoung to get up and calm down.


Yookyung visits Mr. Baek to tell him that Dohee is having an affair with her son-in-law.  As evidence, she notes that Dohee  never filed the marriage certificate and Taejoon confessed to having romantic feelings for Dohee.

Nayoung arrives at that moment and Yookyung leaves.  Mr. Baek demands to know the truth.  Nayoung stutters an apology and begins to confess the truth when Mrs. Baek rushes in.  She quickly tells Mr. Baek that it’s because Dohee looks like Taejoon’s first love.  That’s it.

In the face of her second adoptive mother, Nayoung is forced to wait to confess her true identity for another day.


That evening, the Jang residence is in an uproar.  Youngsook wants to discuss Giman’s picture on a magazine with Sejin.  But, Yookyung sees it and snatches the magazine in a huff.

Then, a confrontation occurs in Yookyung’s room.  Nayoung pretends to go about her duties when Yookyung begins to slap Nayoung.  After two slaps, Nayoung stops her.

Yookyung crazily asks Nayoung if she remembers.  Nayoung answers that she would never forget how Yookyung treated a child of 12.  The two talk honestly.  Yookyung asks what Nayoung wants and Nayoung answers that she wants Yookyung to return her dead mother and daughter…The two that Yookyung killed.  The last part was screamed out with tears before Nayoung walks out.

Nayoung manages to rush into her room before the tears come.  She’s sobbing when Youngsook interrupts and Hwi-Kyung also comes home.  Hwi-Kyung takes Nayoung to the garden where he asks why she hasn’t left.

Nayoung tells him the truth.  She is not finished as when her mother died…She died clutching Yookyung’s earring.  That means that Yookyung was at the scene of her mother’s death.  She also adds as the tears come that Eunhae was killed on the day that she found out the truth about Sejin…Yookyung could have killed Eunhae to keep the secret.

Hwi-Kyung is shocked by the news but only asks what Nayoung expects from him.  Nayoung falls into tears and begs him for more time…She needs more time at his house under his cover.


Later, Hwi-Kyung calls Nayoung out.  She tells him that he was right and she will let him go.  But suddenly and for no reason, Hwi-Kyung pulls her into an embrace.  With random romantic music going on, Hwi-Kyung tells her that she does not have to leave.  He will help her through her trials and tribulations – until the very end.  They kiss.  And, we are left wondering about Hwi-Kyung’s emotional whims.


The next day, Nayoung continues her revenge.  She was waiting for Giman in his office and introduces herself as Jang Sejin.  Giman seems to not remember agreeing to an interview until he hears her name.

They begin the interview but Nayoung begins with noting that there are rumors about Giman being a womanizer.  Giman immediately trashes her business card and ends the interview.  He tells his secretary that the reporter is leaving.  But, Nayoung continues that he should remember Yookyung Park.

Giman pauses as he remembers and asks if she’s Yookyung’s daughter.  Nayoung laughs that she actually is Jang Sejin’s aunt…but, Sejin is Yookyung’s daughter.


Gyungwan ponders how he found Nayoung at Dohee’s memorial and decides to call her out for lunch with Sejin. Nayoung continues to drop hints about her background by noting that she’s allergic to shrimp…Just like Gyungwan is.

When Nayoung goes to the bathroom, Sejin follows to harass her.  Nayoung isn’t phased.  Instead, she tells Sejin that she has a gift for her…A paper with Giman’s name and phone number.


Next thing we know, Sejin is meeting Giman.  He walks in and smirks that he recognizes her as his biological child.  He asks her what she wants…The other illegitimate children before her wanted money.  However, he knows that Sejin does not need financial support.  He muses that it might be Yookyung.

Sejin fumes with anger.  She tosses her cup of water at him before biting out that she wanted to find a man but she found an animal.  Declaring that he’s not her father, she leaves after Giman laughs that she’s just like Yookyung.


Nayoung told Yookyung about the meeting so she rushes over to Giman’s office.  She demands to know what he did to Sejin.

Giman placidly answers that he actually was polite to Sejin.  He knew that Sejin was his daughter through her. So he didn’t even ask for a DNA test like the other children.  But, he’s not sure what Sejin wanted out of the meeting.  He thought Yookyung had sent her.

When Yookyung is surprised, he tells her to ask Sejin’s aunt.


Cue another confrontation at home.  Do these women do anything but fight?

Nayoung answers Yookyung’s accusations with the note that she only wanted to help her neice find someone.  Yookyung stomps over to the closet.  She throws all of Nayoung’s clothes on the bed and demands that Nayoung leaves.

Nayoung laughs that she would happily leave if Nayoung tells Gyungwan the truth about everything. Yookyung continues to freak out as Hwi-Kyung enters.  He tells Yookyung to calm down.  This manages to get Yookyung to leave but calmness isn’t obtained.

Nayoung asks Hwi-Kyung if he’s disappointed in her.  Hwi-Kyung sighs that he isn’t happy with her but he understands. Ya think? You have a psychopathic sister…Who wouldn’t want revenge on the sociopath?


Sejin turns to alochol to dull her pain from meeting her slimey biological father.  She stumbles home drunk where Yookyung tries to comfort her daughter.  Yookyung denies that Giman is Sejin’s biological father.

But Sejin just lashes back out.  She asks how her mother could have loved such a baseless man…She notes that she would have rather preferred a gangster or a beggar…Then she falls to the ground crying that it’s all her mother’s fault.  Yookyung should have kept it a secret until she died… Because, poor, poor, little rich girl who lived a sheltered life without knowing poverty or war?


Meanwhile, Gyungwan calls Taejoon out for drinks.  He asks if Taejoon still sees Nayoung in Dohee because he’s starting to do the same thing.  He also confesses that he’s going to resign soon as he finds no happiness in life.

Taejoon takes another gulp of his whiskey.  Then he apologizes for not telling Gyungwan earlier that Nayoung is still alive – Dohee is actually Nayoung.

Gyungwan laughs that Taejoon is drunk already.  But Taejoon insists that it’s the truth.

Gyungwan grabs Taejoon’s collars and asks why Taejoon is telling him now.  Taejoon stutters that it’s because he sinned against Nayoung.  Then Taejoon calls Nayoung to warn her that he told Gyungwan the truth.


Just in time! Minutes later, Gyungwan barges into Hwi-Kyung’s room where Nayoung is snuggled up against Hwi-Kyung.  Gyungwan awkwardly apologizes but then asks for a moment with Dohee.

Hwi-Kyung leaves and Gyungwan asks if Dohee is Nayoung.


Nayoung answers that she is not as Gyungwan and his family killed her.  Gyungwan falls to his knees sobbing as Nayoung screams back that he does not deserve to feel relief that she’s alive…Because Dohee was also his daughter…her twin sister.

Gyungwan is stricken with shock.  He repeats after her about Dohee being her twin.  Nayoung repeats herself that Gyungwan should leave and just focus on being Sejin’s father.


Sejin hears all this from behind the door and goes back to her pity party.  Because even though her adoptive father is still alive and nothing has really changed in her life, she decides that her biological father’s rejection of her is the end of the world.


The next day, Gyungwan tells Hwi-Kyung to divorce Nayoung.  He plans to put Nayoung on his official family registry.  Hwi-Kyung refuses.


Gyungwan also calls out Nayoung and apologizes for not recognizing her earlier.  Nayoung responds that he shouldn’t expect that she would treat him as a father.  She still has stuff to settle with his family.  She tells him not to call her name.  If he wants her forgiveness, he can show his sincerity by divorcing Yookyung.


As Gyungwan tells Sejin and Yookyung that he plans to welcome Nayoung as his daughter, Nayoung storms into Taejoon’s office screaming at him for telling Gyungwan.  He confesses that he told Gyungwan because he couldn’t stand seeing Hwi-Kyung with her.

Nayoung calms down.  She quietly warns Taejoon to focus on Sejin as Sejin will soon lose her father.  Just as Nayoung says this, Sejin walks in and Nayoung leaves.


Hwi-Kyung takes Nayoung to the river and asks her to flee abroad with him.  But Nayoung tells him that he doesn’t have to suffer any longer. In her mind, she decides to let him go.  The music changes to a pensive melody implying that we should feel bad for the two, but again, the emotions are not there.


Nayoung’s next move is to pre-emptively tell Mr. Baek the truth.  She kneels in front of him and apologizes for lying to him.  As Mr. Baek does not understand the situation, Nayoung continues that she’s Dohee’s twin.

Mr. Baek takes this as expected.  He falls into his chair with shock.  Even though Mrs. Baek is there and tries to comfort him with the knowledge that Dohee would have died anyways in six months, Mr. Baek dismisses both Mrs. Baek and Nayoung.

As Nayoung struggles over the guilt of misleading Mr. Baek, Sejin decides that she has been quiet for too long.  She barges into Nayoung’s room and declares that she will lose nothing to Nayoung.  Her decision?  She throws herself off the stairs.


Gotta give the girl credit that she sure has determination.  Sejin is taken to the hospital where the doctor announces that due to the accident, Sejin lost the use of her right leg.  Yookyung immediately blames Nayoung for paralyzing Sejin.

Sejin continues her strategy by screaming when Yookyung and Gyungwan enter her hospital room.  She demands that they throw Nayoung out.  Even though Gyungwan looks guilty about abandoning Nayoung, he just asks Nayoung to understand Sejin.


Sejin’s determination seems to unnerve Nayoung who begins to go into self-reflection mode.  She wanders through the streets in a daze and dramatic music plays.  Hwi-Kyung tries to call Nayoung after seeing Sejin but she ignores him.


Nayoung finds resolution in the decision to end her revenge.  She bids a sleeping Youngsook goodbye.  Then, as she walks out the garden, Hwi-Kyung runs into her.  Nayoung offers him her hand and bids him to live well – she will protect Sejin’s secret like he is going to…which means that they can never be together.

When Nayoung walks out, Eun-Bong is there.  She grabs Nayoung’s luggage and welcomes her home.  Of course, Malsook and Geum-Bong are just as overjoyed for Nayoung to return.


At the same time at the Baek residence, Mrs. Baek continues to plead for Dohee.  She begs him to forgive Nayoung as Nayoung was a present from Dohee.  She also cries that she cannot live without Nayoung but Mr. Baek isn’t moved.


At the same time, Sejin returns home.  Youngsook runs out when she sees Sejin and tells Yookyung about how she knows the truth – Sejin tossed herself off the stairs.  Yookyung doesn’t question Youngsook.  But, she warns Youngsook to keep it to herself.


Sejin achieved her goals.  All of a sudden, Taejoon is fawning over his paralyzed wife again.  He even decides to go to work late so that he can spend time with Sejin.

Later, Mr. Baek and Nayoung run into each other at the memorial.  Nayoung tries to the run away but Mr. Baek stops her.  He asks about Saebyul and notes that Mrs. Baek misses her.  Then, he confesses that he might take more time to forgive her but he misses her…He asks her to return home.


Nayoung decides to return to her adoptive parents.  As she backs her stuff, she realizes that she left her watch at the Jang residence.  So, she returns back and sees Sejin walking to pick up a cal from Gyungwan.  Nayoung freezes as she realizes that she was duped.  The revenge is back on!


Nayoung visits Giman to discuss how much of a great child Sejin is.  She explains that she came over to let him know how Sejin was hurt.


That night, Hwi-Kyung views the video that was on the USB that Nayoung had kept.  Before she moved out, Youngsook had taken it in her childish naivete.  Then after Nayoung left, she gave it to Hwi-Kyung so that Nayoung would return to him.

The video? It’s the one where Youngsook and Yookyung fight over the DNA report and Youngsook is flung against the wall.  He frowns and decides to take Baekdo from her.


An interesting development occurs when Yookyung goes home that night.  As she checks on Sejin and they talk, Sejin drops her book.  Sejin asks Yookyung to pick up the book, which Yookyung sighs that Sejin can pick it up herself.  Sejin just pouts that she always has to be careful since she has not achieved her goal. Oh ho! Yookyung knew.


The plot continues to move along as the distributor CEO who gave Hwi-Kyung the gold trophy returns home.  Nayoung sees this and calls the police, who manage to arrest the guy.

Of course, somehow Yookyung heard about this and called the police to report that it was all Taejoon’s doing.  She also tells him to take the fault and she will reward him.


One thing that I felt in this episode was the depth of Mrs. Baek’s character.  She’s a character that we don’t see as often in dramas.  Unfortunate that she was more of a side character.  A proud and capable woman who has her quirks.  She was the capable wife and owner of the restaurant franchise who loved her daughter.  She is human as she tossed out Nayoung when she found out the truth.  But, she’s also human enough to run after Nayoung in slippers and beg her to return… The fact that this episode highlighted how such a strong woman who would do anything for her children such finding Giman Lee and buying up enough Baekdo shares to become a swingvote equity member would have a vulnerability – Dohee/Nayoung was subtle but appreciated.  Mrs. Baek survived her loveless marriage because of Dohee.  Then when she lost Dohee, she managed to survive because Dohee’s twin Nayoung was there… There was a reason for Mrs. Baek to march on as she could help Nayoung get revenge on the Jangs for Dohee’s death.  Now that Mr. Baek is rejecting her “daughter”, it’s understandable that she would want her husband to accept Nayoung just as she has.

Similarly, I felt myself moved by Mr. Baek’s emotional roller coaster in this subarc.  The drama actually was pretty brief about it.  But, the scene in front of the memorial was poignant.  Mr. Baek is so human as he asks about Nayoung’s dead daughter…Because after all Nayoung is his own adopted daughter’s twin.  In a way, he would feel kinship.  Additionally, he is clear that he has not forgiven Nayoung.  Yet, he asks her to return home as he misses her.  That dialogue where he basically tells Nayoung about how he’s still hurting but he’s conflicted on how he feels about her was well written… I could feel his frustration.  His anger about not knowing that the girl who raised was dead…But, the hope that he feels when he sees his daughter’s face on her twin who is with them…and whom he lived with… How can he separate the warring emotions of betrayal and hope that Nayoung would represent? Especially, when he’s greiving?

As for the plot, a much faster subarc than the last arc.  We are racing to probably the last two recaps… And if this was my first time around with this series, I would actually be pleasantly wondering how they are going to wrap up the series!

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