Vampire Detective Episode 4 RECAP

The murder of two models has our detective trio running around trying to clear the name of the murderer for his little sister.  As usual, nothing is as it seems, for no one is purely innocent.

THE RECAP – Waiting in the Dark


Music pumps as a beautiful model finishes her photoshoot.  But then the scene changes suddenly to a darker one of a bathroom?  It’s almost black and white…  A girl lounges when she suddenly gasps and gets up.  We see blood and she screams before falling over.


We turn back to San who is walking with Sunyoung.  Sunyoung shows san a cabinet full of fake identity papers…It was this cabinet where Sunyoung found the passport photo size pictures of  Yoojin and Taeho.  San wonders if they were on a separate mission.


The trio gets another call and depart.

The client (Mi-Jin) opens the door and lets them in.  She’s pretty but blind…She wants them to look into the recent murder of a model.  Her brother (Kyungho) was charged as being the murderer but she does not believe it was her brother even though her brother confessed it.

Mi-Jin adds that it couldn’t be her brother because at the time of the murder, she heard her brother developing film in his dark room.

While San and Koohyung do not seem moved by her evidence of her brother’s innocence, Mi-Jin’s words sway Gyeolwool who just lost her own brother.  The trio takes on the case.


The trio first visits their friends Sara and the doctor.  Interestingly enough, Sara knows Kyungho and does not believe Kyungho would commit a murder BUT Sara never heard of Kyungho having a sister – let alone a blind sister.

On the side, the doctor tells San that he looked into the notebook that San had brought him.  The type of blood documented in the notebook does not exist.  The implication – they are not sure what will happen to San.


The trio splits up to investigate other possible suspects.  Gyeolwool visits the CEO of the modeling agency that both the murder victims (Yuri and Hanna) worked for.  The CEO is utterly annoyed that his top two models have been killed.  The next in line would be model Hayoung but he sighs that Hayoung is not ready to be a top model yet.


The trip questions Hayoung next.  They ask her if there the two dead models would have mentioned any dangerous people or enemies like stalkers.  Hayoung answers that she heard nothing from the two deceased models but she had heard that Hanna had left a dying message that pointed toward Kyungho.


The trip review the murder files and look at the supposed dying message.  It was “M M” in blood.  So, the police assumed that it pointed to Moon Kyungho.  But something doesn’t add up – Kyungho does not have two “M’s” in his name.


The trio decide to go investigate Kyungho’s house further.  But Min-Ji is not there.  Gyeolwool gets this great idea of looking at the apartment while no one is there so Min-Ji doesn’t have to be hurt that they are investigating Kyungho further.  She picks the lock and they go in.

Other than the dark black curtains on the windows, everything looks normal.  The trio go into the dark room where there’s a bunch of developed photographs.  Except, the photographs are all of legs.


Min-Ji comes home and everyone starts to quietly slip by.  Just as San is about to walk through the hallway, Min-Ji walks into the hallway and literally stands inches from him as she disrobes.  San awkwardly stares at the ground as Min-Ji takes off her dress and walks into the bathroom in her camise.


On their ride back, San stares at the DSLR camera he took from Kyungho’s apartment.  It was the only camera that still had a SD card inside.  However, the picture left on the camera is corrupted.  They go back t the doctor for help.

The doctor slips in the SD card into an SD card reader.  But then San pauses.  The picture’s information notes that it was taken from a different type of camera than the DSLR that they took.  Someone had taken the picture in a different camera and placed it in this one…

The trio go back to the scene of the crime where San vamps out at the sight of the bloody dying message.  He sees how the girl dies before using her finger to leave the dying message.


The message was wrong.  It was two “V’s not “M”s.  The blood dripped turning the “V”s into the “M”.

San goes to visit Kyungho but Kyungho repeats that he commited the murders.  San asks how Kyungho committed the murders but Kyungho is silent.  Then San asks about the dying message and Kyungho freezes.

Meanwhile, Koohyung meets up with the police officer friend and complains that it’s clear that Kyungho is the murderer but his team is emotionally swayed by sympathy for Kyungho’s sister.

The detective is confused.  Kyungho does not have a little sister…

When Koohyung insists about Mi-Jin who is blind, the detective shows a picture of Mi-Jin…She’s not Kyungho’s little sister.  She was a model that Kyungho used to stalk before she got into an accident and lost her sight…And, she looks different from the Mi-Jin that the detective trio met.

Koohyung shoots the picture to San who shows it to Kyungho.  Kyungho confirms that the woman in the police officer’s picture is Mi-Jin.


At the same time, the doctor saves the file… It’s a picture of Mi-Jin except she has fangs.

The doctor sends San a picture of their “Mi-Jin” and San shows it to Kyungho.  Suddenly, Kyungho gets agitated. The detective trio’s Mi-Jin is the one who threatened Kyungho into confessing to the murder of the two models…The woman had threatened to hurt Mi-Jin if Kyungho did not confess. Kyungho demands to know what happened to Mi-Jin.

At the same time, the fake Mi-Jin takes the real Mi-Jin out of a car trunk after calling San.  She laughs into the phone that San has one hour.  If San can find her and Mi-Jin, he can get information about Yoojin.  If not, he will have to come and pick up a corpse.

A flashback also confirms our suspicions.  The fake Mi-Jin had bitten into the models and sucked their blood.  She then stabbed them with the ice breaker to cover up the fang marks.

The real Mi-Jin is tied up.  She asks to be let go since she’s blind but the fake vamp Mi-Jin laughs that Mi-Jin is just a tool.  Real Mi-Jin asks Vampire Mi-Jin why Kyungho is being framed when he’s just a nice guy who would never commit such a crime.


Vampire Mi-Jin laughs creepily and annouces that she will tell Mi-Jin the truth.  Kyungho had loved and obsessed over Mi-Jin.  One night, he followed Mi-Jin home and then knocked her out.  He then fondled her unconscious body before dropping chemicals into Mi-Jin’s eyes… When Mi-Jin awoke next, she was blind.

The truth kills Mi-Jin’s resolve as she sobs at the betrayal.

San and Koohyung arrive at Kyungho’s apartment where they find Mi-Jin crying.   They free her when they realize there’s a ticking bomb above Mi-Jin’s chair.

But it’s too late and San throws himself over Mi-Jin as the bomb goes off… It’s only confetti.


At the same time, Vamp Mi-Jin finds Gyeolwool waiting in the garage.  She smirks that she was going to kill Gyeolwool for being rude but she changed her mind when Gyeolwool fell for the skit about Mi-Jin’s brother.  Laughing, Vamp Mi-Jin tells Gyeolwool not to trust anyone and leaves.


The case is solved and Kyungho is being freed.  San asks Mi-Jin if she knows anything about who would frame Kyungho or leave the SD card in Kyungho’s camera.

Mi-Jin sighs that she knows how Kyungho was framed.  Vamp Mi-Jin told her and by telling her, crushed her only ray of hope.  Tears bubble up and fall on Mi-Jin’s face.  Mi-Jin notes that she would never be able to forgive Kyungho now…She had thought Kyungho was a kind man who would take care of her even though she was wounded.  But a scar from someone one loves is deeper than a regular scar.


San leaves when he gets a call from Vamp Mi-Jin.  She only introduces herself as “Yona.”  She also has a hint for San about the person he is curious about…The person is photogenic.

San looks up and sees the security camera.  He gets the video footage and would you know?  The person who took a picture of Vamp Mi-Jin was Yoojin.


Ah, OCN.  I love your crime dramas.

Vampire Detective  is a joy to watch!  Each episode is a story on itself so I don’t feel pressured or frustrated because the story hasn’t finished.  It gives closure in each episode.  And, with the way that the story and production is completed, each episode feels like watching a movie.  Therefore, I breathe a sigh of complete contentment after this episode. 🙂

As for the plot of this episode, it seemed like the “mystery in the background” was still just hints.  Vamp Mi-Jin is clearly connected to the back office of the club that Gyeolwool’s brother was involved with.  Vamp Mi-Jin confessed it herself.  Yet, the question is why is she showing herself to San et all?  They have no idea what she looks like and had she not called the detectives to look into Kyungho, who knows if they would have ever figured out her connection to the vampire underground world?

While, I am busting out the questions from this episode.  What is going on between Vamp Mi-Jin and Yoojin?  Why is Yoojin telling San about Vamp Mi-Jin? Are they rivals? Are they on the same side?  Is this to test San and team?


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