Vampire Detective Episode 5 RECAP

The trio are hired to protect a famous actress who is getting weird threatening gifts from a stalker.

THE RECAP – The Actress Must Die to Live


San visits Jiwoong again to ask about the connection between Yona and Yoojin.  Jiwoong warns San to stay away from it all as Yona is the devil incarnate.  He smirks that when the time is right, the devils will come to find San so he does not have to do anything.


Then we turn to Koohyung who is triaging through clients.  First a woman asks to look for her puppy.  Then a cocky young man asks Koohyung to find a girl that he met at a club.  Another woman tells him that she sees her dead husband always around her..

Koohyung is about to give up hope when Young-Min arrives.


Young-Min explains that she is the CEO of an entertainment company that Sora Kim works for.  Her request is that the detectives protect Sora.


San and Koohyung find Sora at a shooting range practicing.  San comments that if Sora changes her stance by a little bit, her shooting would be improved greatly.  Sora smirks that she will take care of acting and doesn’t seem impressed.

Sora meets with Young-Min and the detectives to complain that she doesn’t need additional bodyguards.  She wants to dismiss the detectives.

But Koohyung and Young-Min remind Sora that Kihyung Lee has been released.  Kihyung had been imprisoned because he killed someone and then turned himself in with the explanation that he did it for Sora.  With that reminder, Sora finally relents with the condition that they don’t bother her.


Koohyung goes straight to his police friend for some information.  But the officer is more interested in eating at the “mat-jib” or famous hotcakes.  ^^

Koohyung reminds the officer to stay on topic and gets some photographs of the victim who was originally killed by Kihyung.  The officer decides that Kihyung is just crazy.  What’s worse is that after Kihyung got released, no one has been able too get into contact with him.


The team splits up.  San is introduced as the new road manager, Gyeolwool is the new stylist, and Koohyung brings over Sora’s latest stalker present to the doctor for analysis.  The doctor finds an acupuncture needle as well as a tarot card with a dead bird.

Koohyung calls San about the new information.  San is surprised about the tarot card as the bird represents success.  So a dead bird would be the stalker’s threat that the stalker is going to drag Sora down from her peak of success.

San questions Minsoo (Sora’s other manager) and finds out that Minsoo is a superfan of Sora.  But then they get distracted when the male lead (Joonyoung) arrives on set.  He’s cocky and slimely.  After tossing a compliment toward Gyeolwool, he tells Sora that he’s still hot for her.

Sora gets up to leave with disgust.  So, Joonyoung begins to flirt with Gyeolwool.  She smirks and gets up close before whispering that if he tries the same again, she will erase his life line from his palm.  I love this girl!


The filming continues when San suddenly hears something odd.  It sounds like someone is sawing at wood.  His eyes flit around to find the source when the second lead Younchae arrives and introduces herself.

San asks Younchae about Joonyoung and Sora.  Younchae laughs that Sora dated Joonyoung.  The relationship ended but Joonyoung keeps flitting around Sora like a fly.

The first accident hits during a break when Sora is resting on her chair on set.  The background structure begins to wobble.  The only person who had even noticed anything different was San with his keen vampy sense of hearing.  He hears the wobbling and looks around – spotting the structure as it falls.

People rush out of the way while Sora sits frozen with shock.  San manages to reach Sora seconds before the wall falls, throwing himself and Sora out of the way.  Sora is safe but it’s clear she’s in shock.


San and Koohyung go back to the set area where the accident occurred.  San sees the rope and muses that someone had cut the holding ropes.  What’s worse is that the culprit has to be someone in the crowd.


San is practicing shooting when Sora finds him there.  She thanks him for helping him earlier, apologizing that she did not have the leisure to tell him earlier.

San looks at her and asks if it was not an issue of leisure but rather she felt that it would be weak for her to show her real feelings.  Sora bites her lips and brings down the gun.  But she acknowledges that San spoke the truth.  She then sighs that she wonders if she would be able to shoot Kihyung if he ever came after her.

San pulls up Sora’s arm and aims the gun for her.  Softly, he tells her that she will be able to defeat Kihyung if he ever showed up.  Sora shoots and hits the bulls eye.

As the doctor calls Koohyung to let him know that the needle stuck in the dead bird was a needle usually used in accupuncture, San and Sora arrive at the accupuncture clinic she usually goes to.  Sora walks in first and Younchae also arrives.


At the same time, Youngmin enters her office and finds a gift box.  The card says that it’s to “My Loved One.”  She carefully opens it up and finds a caruusel.  She turns its and suddenly it explodes…


As it explodes, San hears a scream and runs in to find a guy run out of Sora’s room after sexually assaulting her.  San runs after the guy and corners him in the stairway – it’s Joonyoung.  He stutters that all he wanted to do was talk to Sora.

Youngmin has only hurt her arm so the two men go back to the office to investigate.  San sees Youngmin pull something from the carusel just as it explodes and Koohyung finds a small razor knife.  San asks if Youngmin was also a celebrity before she became Sora’s manager.

Koohyung confirms.  They decide to send the razor for additional investigation.


The investigation results are in.  Team Vampy tells Sora that she needs to be careful as the razor was the same type of tool that cut the ropes holding the set wall…Additionally, it’s unusual for a bombing victim to sustain such little injuries.  San asks if there would be any reason for Youngmin to be jealous of Sora.

Sora cuts them off.  She repeats that this would be ridiculous and tells Team Vampy that she wants to end this before entering the hospital room.

That night, Sora is on the scene filming the finale.  It’s an action scene where Joonyoung is supposed to pull Sora out of a car before it blows up.  Then a problem occurs when the door doesn’t open and the bomb time starts and everyone runs off.

Sora tries to get out the back door but Kihyung’s corpse is there…

As the time ticks down, San runs up and pulls the door off.  Grabbing Sora, they run off seconds before the car explodes.


The scene switches and the police officer is questioning Minsoo.  He emotionlessly answers that he couldn’t forgive Kihyung and Sora after Kihyung killed his mother…A flashback shows Minsoo grabbing Sora and holding her at gunpoint after the blast.  San had to subdue him.

But it’s not the end.  San confronts Youngmin, Sora and Younchae in the office.  He notes that it was Younchae who sent the dead bird to Sora and cut the rope to the set wall… Even though Younchae wiped the prints off the razor and hid it in Youngmin’s office, the perfume chemical was the same.  Also, the accupuncture needle had the same chemical.

Younchae frowns and angrily agrees that she hates Sora…She wanted to try being the female lead for once.  She asks if San would arrest him.

San sighs that he’s not the police but Younchae should know that she was only included in the current movie as a condition for Sora agreeing to be in it.


San meets with Sora separately in a cafe.  Sora thanks him for his help and sighs that too many people don’t like her.  She also confesses that the scar on her wrist was because of an accident caused by Youngmin in the past.  However, after it occurred, Youngmin had apologized and gave up acting as penance.  Sora decided to trust Youngmin completely afterwards.  She also asks San if he doens’t have someone he would trust forever.

San is unable to answer and Sora leaves.


San gets up to leave as well when he gets a call.  It’s Yona and she wants to meet.


Another engrossing episode.  It was over before I knew it and it kept me guessing throughout.  I had not expected that the culprit would be more than one person – not working together.

One thing that this episode was give each culprit a believable motive.  Sora isn’t a horrible person.  Yet, she has a role and a personality that makes it easy for others to be jealous of her.  She keeps to herself, is a bit aloof, short with words, and a bit egotistical.  As a result of her pride and success, she also seems to treat others with less than common courtesty.

I understand that she’s a top star with tons of stress.  However, I couldn’t help sympathize with some of the antagonists like Younchae and Youngmin.  With the way that Sora treated Gyeolwool (although she apologized for it) by ordering Gyeolwool to speak in honorifics and get her cofffee, it’s not surprising that Sora would have more enemies because she doesn’t feel the need to be nice to other people as long as she’s good at her job.  I don’t approve but I understand where she’s coming from.

On the flip side, I also understand why Younchae or Youngmin would be jealous.  Sora isn’t the type to try to flatter the other women or step out of the spotlight.  She is also not the type that would take the time to really converse with the other women so that they would understand each other…

In contrast, I did not feel as empathetic toward Minsoo.  I felt that his backstory was a bit forced with the whole premise of a crazed fan killing his mom for Sora.  There was no explanation on why Kihyung thought that killing Minsoo’s mom would help Sora.  As a result, I felt no attachment or sympathy.  It was just an existing plot device.

My last thought was that while this episode was fun to watch, there was no connection with the “big mystery in the background” relating to Taeho, Yoojin and Yona.  Was it purely a filler?


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