Here Comes Love Episode 1-5 RECAP

Welcome to the story of Eunhee Lee, who had one night’s mistake change her life.  She raises her daughter under the guise of being her daughter’s older spinster sister…And, her life is about to change as her daughter’s biological baby daddy’s brother-in-law works in the same industry as her…And, she looks just like his dead ex.



We open up at a wedding dress fashion show.  After it ends, Lee Eunhae walks out with her coworker sighing that they have far to go.  Her coworker encourages her that her designs are just as good but she doesn’t listen and walks off to go back to work.

Meanwhile, Minsoo and Dahee walk out from the same show.  He liked the dresses but wasn’t particularly impressed.  He’s more aloof and Dahee grumbles under a smile that he hasn’t gotten over the death of his girlfriend.

As he walks into the parking lot, Eunhae calls out for help from her call.  Her sideview mirror doesn’t work.  Minsoo helps but then stares at Eunhae’s face.  He pauses as Eunhae thanks him and drives off.  After minutes pass, he remembers to run after the car but it’s gone.  All Minsoo can do is mutter to himself that it can’t be.


Eunhee meets with a young blushing bride who happily tries on one of her dresses. As Eunhee arranges the dress around the girl, she finds out that the girl is only 20!

The young bride-to-be loves her dress but the bride’s aunt and mother have the money talk with Eunhee…It turns out that they are only marrying the because she is pregnant. But, her father is unemployed and her mother doesn’t have any money saved up. Their budget for the dress was $200.
Eunhee balks as even the cheapest dress in her store is $500…but then the aunt complains bitterly that they should force the girl to abort the baby and push off the wedding. Suddenly, Eunhee interrupts and loudly declares that she will provide the dress at $200 if the adults will leave the girl alone and promise not to tell anyone.
Eunhee’s employee hears this with dismay. After the women leave, he reminds her that they are not running a charity… But Eunhee is convinced that there was no other way. Her coworker? He tells her she’s more pitiful than the girl as the girl is at least engaged and begs Eunhee to date.
Since Eunhee’s mind is set, she changes the subject to the day’s wedding. It’s at some amazing wedding hall called Hara… They are so amazing that they only book one wedding per day.
Of course, Dramaland has it that Minsoo runs or owns Hara Wedding Hall. And the show hits you over the head with the fact that he’s OCD and serious about his work. First, he checks every single flower bouquet and then even checks the piano. Considering that I worked with a less detail oriented wedding planner, it’s good to know that some people care about the details in Korea. ^^
His piano playing brings back a flashback of Minsoo with his ex. They stand in front of an alter as Minsoo vows to take Hyeri (a woman that looks identical to Eunhee) as his wife and she reciprocates. After the vows, he tells her to quit her job after their wedding and only look at him. She laughs that she will since he makes enough. Ahem…as a millennial woman, I take this moment to urge all readers that this is not a healthy relationship! Your wife is not your servant. If she wants to take a break from work, so be it! But men should not coerce or try to manipulate their wives into making that decision!
Anyways, Hyeri goes on her trip but the airplane crashes and she dies.
Next character Lee Haein. She’s at school where she opens her lunch box packed by her sister. All of her friends gush over the cute food noting that Haein’s sister is so amazing.
Eunhee personally delivers her dress for the bride of the day but the girl isn’t at the salon! Just as Eunhee is about to freak out the girl walks in one hour late to her appointment. (Background – in Korea, you are supposed to do hair and makeup for 2-3 hrs on your wedding day. Then you change into your wedding dress. The guy also gets his hair and makeup done as well for one hour. Basically, this girl is one hour behind schedule!)
The bride says something happened and the groom will meet them at the ceremony hall. The salon staff usher the bride to a seat where they can start their magic.

Eunhee paces around during the makeup and hair process before she decides they don’t have any more time. She then begs the salon owner to borrow her scooter and off they go! Eunhee literally driving the bride off to the wedding by scooter! They make it minutes before the wedding is scheduled.

And Haein sings the congratulatory song. The girl is good!
After the wedding, Eunhee gets lost looking for the bathroom and stumbles into the video room. As she wanders, she runs into Minsoo who is not happy that someone is in the staff only area.  However, he arrogantly compliments Eunhee’s wedding dress design before insulting her by guessing that she is the helper auntie. (In Korea, the dress shop sends a helper auntie who helps the bride with everything from putting on the dress to hair and makeup touchups. These people are amazing!)
After the ceremony, the reception begins smoothly with cake cutting. They start the video to show happy pictures of the bride and groom when the video gets cut off.
Suddenly, an enraged woman comes on the screen calling the groom out for being an unforgivable arsehat that was with her even the night before. To make her point, the video turns to the two obviously playing around before hooking up… The poor bride faints.
The groom tries to flee during the resulting chaos. Eunhee sees him run and goes after him, catching him in the hallway. She still doesn’t know how baseless he is and asks him to return to the bride.
His answer? He was never that into the bride! Omg! So, Eunhee as the representative of women everywhere starts to beat him up with her purse. The only way it could be better is if she had managed to pick up something heavy to hit this guy with.
Minsoo sees the commotion and runs to intervene. But even Minsoo’s entrance into the beating radius is not enough to cool Eunhee’s fury. She yells at Minsoo and continues to whack both of the men until the men from the bride’s side comes to mete out the beating.
Later that evening, Minsoo’s employee reports that their security cameras have been tampered with. The spurned lover had already fled abroad and no one knows who tampered with the video.  The only footage that they have is of Eunhee wandering the hallway. Hello big misunderstanding!
Next we meet Minsoo’s sister (Sunyoung) and her useless  trash of a husband. Let’s call him Trash.
Basically, Trash is making out with Dahee when Sunyoung waits for him at home.

Minsoo lovingly chastises his sister for not being able to sleep when her husband is not home. She, in return, smiles and tells him to get married implying that he should be focusing on another woman.

But, at the same time, Trash and Dahee cuddle together sighing that they wish they could do this all night. Dahee tells Trash that Minsoo wants to create an in-house wedding design team so that his wedding hall is a one stop wedding shop. She also laughs that she should have Minsoo in her grasps soon. Quick! Lightning strike! Alas, the dramaland gods do not strike so quickly and swiftly.

Trash drives Dahee to a parking lot where Dahee’s car is parked. Oh Woojoo sees them as he’s packing up. It’s pouring so it’s not clear if he only sees Dahee get out of someone’s car and put her hand in lovingly or if he also sees Trash.


Trash goes up to simper to his trusting wife. And we seethe.

But wait! It’s not time for seething yet because we learn more! The lighting storm has Eunhee having a nightmare from the past…


She’s pregnant and she’s telling trash that she wants to keep the baby. She promises to never come and ask him for help or to relate the baby to him in any way. She begs him to let her just have the baby since it’s her baby.

Trash shoves her against the wall and snarls that it was a one night stand. He reminds her that he is engaged and getting married. Then he announces that he and the baby can’t live in the same world… One must die.

Oooh! From your lips to God! A prohecy! May it come true and Haein true to her blood have enough savageness to destroy you.


Anyways, Trash is an useless human being but he’s not a killer. When Eunhee doesn’t relent, he throws her on the ground and spits at her before stomping off in a huff.


Eunhee wakes up and runs to Haein’s room. However, Haein just sighs that her sister must have committed a lot of wrongs since she’s so scared of storms.


The next day, Minsoo’s family has breakfast together. The father-in-law takes this opportunity to berate Trash for his idea of producing soju through their company (Papa Group). He reminds Trash that their philosophy is to take care of the children and such a company shouldn’t be related to alcohol. He huffs that if Trash has time to research low alcohol soju, Trash should have time to look into new cheap crackers for the kids. Awwww. I like him.

Grumpy Gramps is weak to his granddaughter though. It doesn’t matter that she comes down late for breakfast or eats something different (fruit and eggs) than the rest of them. She can do no wrong.

The next morning, Eunhee gets her phone fixed. When she turns it on, she finds 12 missed calls from Minsoo!


She calls him back and he basically orders her into his office for questioning unless she wants to deal with the police. She doesn’t tell him to go stuff himself and shows up.

Minsoo accuses her of switching the tapes and causing the wrecked wedding. Eunhee angrily shouts back that she would never do something to ruin the bride’s wedding and she also sustained damages since the evening dress was ruined… Shouldn’t the wedding hall compensate her since it was their faulty security that let this happen?

At this, Minsoo backs off but he still seems suspicious as Eunhee won’t change her mind that it’s a good thing the bride didn’t marry that cheating lying bag of potatoes. But, Eunhee has had enough and gets up to leave.

At this point, Minsoo has the gall to ask why a helper auntie is so busy. Eunhee stares at him flabbergasted before asking if he thinks that she wouldn’t be busy just because she’s a helper auntie! Go Eunhee! And then she storms out.


But Eunhee heads over to the bathroom where she stupidly leaves her bag on the counter. Who does that these days? Anyways unbelievable plot trope later, Dahee walks out of one of the stalls while Eunhee goes in. Seeing the sketch book, Dahee randomly decides to look through it and finds sketches of wedding dresses.

When Dahee hears Eunhee flushing her toilet, Dahee runs out with the sketch book to pretend that it’s hers.


More background. Minsoo calls a meeting with the wedding dress design team which Dahee leads. They haven’t obtained much success or popularity so he asks them to work harder and be careful about copying others.


Dahee bristles at Minsoo’s warning even though she’s pretty much a useless deadweight to the company. Then she goes out and calls Trash to complain that her boss actually had the gall to ask her to do her job! Trash tells her to be careful and appease Minsoo since if Minsoo gets angry, he could investigate her background and find out that she lied about her credentials including studying at a fashion school in New York. She even got the job through Trash being Minsoo’s brother-in-law.


Then that evening, Trash takes Sunyoung to the live cafe for a double date with Minsoo and Dahee. Sunyoung believes that Dahee is Trash’s ignored little cousin and has no idea that they are having an affair.

It turns out that Woojoo is the owner of the live jazz bar. He recognizes Dahee and Trash when they walk in with Sunyoung.

To add to the tension, Woojoo is divorced because his ex-wife (the live signer Lena) cheated on him multiple times! But Lena still sings for the bar as she misses her husband after cheating. Another useless human being.

As the trio watch the show, Trash pretends to be lovey dovey to his wife saying he doesn’t need a private life other than her. And, Dahee gets jealous enough to kick him.


Eunhee is having a bad day where everything doesn’t work out. Then Haein drops by because she’s meeting a friend and wanted to leave her bags.

Meanwhile at the bar, Sunyoung excuses herself for the lady’s room giving the two evil idiots time to declare their love again. Trash tells Dahee to be patient as he’s going to steal everything away from his father-in-law and boss. Then, he will marry her. Dahee laughs with glee and they toast to the horrible future as Woojoo watches with concern.

Then a drunk patron throws up on Sunyoung which Woojoo sees. He quickly goes over and offers one of the staff shirts. Then he pointedly asks about the relationship between Trash and Dahee.


Sunyoung changes into the shirt before returning and one of Woojoo’s staff offers to comp the whole dinner for the inconvenience. When Dahee looks over and comments that Woojoo looks clean and manly, Trash bristles with jealousy and begins making a big deal about the incident.

At the same time, Minsoo finds Eunhee’s bridal shop closed. He sighs and goes to a nearby convenience store for a drink…


Just as Eunhee makes another mistake and cuts herself. She has to run to the nearby convenience store for bandaids…

Then, as Eunhee walks back, she runs into a drunkard abusing his pregnant wife. This moves Eunhee who runs over to throw herself between the guy and his wife. The drunk doesn’t care if he beats up his wife or Eunhee but Minsoo hears the commotion and appears just in time to help out.

With Minsoo involved, the drunkard slinks off and the pregnant wife is able to go home.

Minsoo turns to Eunhee and asks if she’s a gangster always getting involved in other people’s businesses. Eunhee shouts back that everyone has a duty to protect pregnant women, which hits Minsoo with sincerity. He calms down and offers to bandaid the cut finger.


After he helps, Minsoo tells Eunhee that they found the real culprit behind the video fiasco and apologizes. Surprisingly, Eunhee accepts his apology heartily and claims that they have settled their score with him helping her out in the most recent fight. With a lighter heart now that no one thinks she tried to ruin someone’s wedding, Eunhee returns to work surprising Minsoo that she’s still working.

When Minsoo gets home, he pauses in his room as he remembers Eunhee’s sincere empathy… The beginning of love?


As for Eunhee, she realizes later that it’s gotten late and drops Hain’s bag. Out flows a bunch of questionable stuff including condoms, birth control pills and a man’s underwear.

She freaks out and calls her mom only to hear that Haein hasn’t come home yet…


Eunhee rushes home and beats Haein. When Haein arrives, Eunhee immediately begins to demand to know where Haein was and with whom. The additional scrutiny irritates Haein who decides to avoid the fight by running into her room.

But Eunhee follows an demands an explanation for every single item. Haein is pissed off at this point as well…she laughs that she bought the pregnancy test to see if she was pregnant because she sleeps around and that’s what the other items are for as well. She asks if Eunhee is satisfied before screaming that Eunhee needs to leave her room that instant.

Eunhee’s mom diffuses the situation by leading Eunhee out. She promises to ask Haein in the morning calmly when Eunhee is gone and asks Eunhee to be patient.

The next morning, Eunhee’s mom follows through with her promise and we find it that the bag was actually Haein’s friend’s. The friend had gotten so drunk that Haein brought the bag for her. But then she got so annoyed by her sister’s controlling behavior that she lied that it was hers.

Mom calls Eunhee to tell her the good news. However, Eunhee then calls out the friend to meet. Handing over the bag, she tells the friend to stay away from Haein.

At that moment, Haein walks in and sees her friend scoff at Eunhee before storming out. She realizes that her sister was interfering again and screams at her sister to get out of her life. Haein then runs home to pack her bags and run out.


Eunhee decides to enlist help in finding Haein, she goes across the street to their neighbors and friends (Mrs. Hang and her son Hansol). First thing we notice is that he’s a momma’s boy…. Haein, run away… Run far, far away for Mrs. Jang is definitely the type to make your life miserable and it’s not worth it!


Anyways, Eunhee asks if Hansol has heard anything from Haein who has run away. Hansol drops his spoon in shock and immediately declares to go find Haein. This leaves Mrs. Jang and Eunhee alone to have a passive aggressive fight about whether Hansol likes Haein or Haein is trying to seduce Hansol…

Hence, Hansol arrives at their old band practicing studio with some kimbap. He tells Haein not to be so rash since he was shocked and his heart wrenched hearing that she ran away. Haein, in turn, thanks him for the kimbap and tells him to go back home and study for the accountant’s exam.

Hansol asks if they can’t get married after he passes the accountant’s exam. He promises to do all of the housework, give Haein nightly massages, and spend all holidays traveling so they don’t have to deal with family. Haein laughs it off and tells him to wake up – they are just friends. Poor puppy but your mother hun… You’re gonna have a hard time finding a wife other than a low rate gold digger with that kind of mom.

Even though Hansol promises not to tell anyone, he tells Eunhee and his mother. So, off Eunhee goes!

But, first, she stops by a flower shop to buy a bouquet of marigolds. She runs into Minsoo there as he’s buying up the marigolds for the reception the next day.

She asks him for just one bouquet as these are the flowers her sister loves and she has to apologize. Minsoo agrees if Eunhee can tell him the flower meaning behind marigolds. Eunhee smiles that there are two types, the first means sorrow while the second type means happiness must come.

Hence, Eunhee gets a bouquet and goes out with Minsoo following. He asks her for another favor – to meet the wedding dress shop designer as he wants to scout her.

Eunhee laughs him off and tells him to give up. Her boss has a lot of pride and she built up that small wedding dress shop, she would never give it up.


Then Eunhee goes to meet Haein who is still furious at her older interfering unmarried sister. She has a point as she’s in college.

Haein refuses to accept any more aid from Eunhee. Eunhee looks like she wants to tell Haein the truth but stops right before she says it. Instead, she promises to leave the house if Haein returns and to stop interfering with Haein’s life.

Haein reluctantly agrees even though she seems suspicious.


And, Eunhee goes home to pack. Mom comes in and clucks that this is not the way to raise a child but Eunhee cries that she can’t let Haein sleep outside. She asks Mom if they can’t tell Haein the truth.

Mom is resolute that they can’t because it’s better chances for Eunhee to get married as an old spinster than someone who had a child out of wedlock. She reminds Eunhee to think of Haein’s future as well. When Eunhee still hesitates, Mom brings up dead dad implying that he died from the stress of the incident of Eunhee’s pregnancy…oh dear, Trash has a LOT to answer for.


The next day, Trash and Father-in-Law duke it out as Trash allowed a press release relating to the new soju line from Papa Group even though the Father-in-Law was pretty clear that he didn’t want that.

The Father-In-Law orders that Trash request a retraction on the first page. Trash reluctantly agrees and storms out as Sunyoung comes in.

Sunyoung asks her father to be patient with Trash as Trash is only trying to impress his former boss. But the Father-in-Law is unconvinced. He grumbles that he has to protect his company or Trash will run it into the ground.


As for Trash, he waits until the Father-in-Law and Sunyoung leave for lunch. Then he meets up with Dahee.

At Dahee’s place, Trash goes up first while Dahee drops her car off at a car wash… Which is coincidentally the one that Haein got a part time job at.

As Trash is about to go up, he realizes that he doesn’t have his wallet and calls his secretary. The secretary confirms that he didn’t leave it at the office. So, Trash calls Dahee who is on the other line…


Trash decides that it must still be in the car and goes back where Haein had begun spraying it. He stops her to open the door and search but doesn’t find anything. Then he decides that Haein stole it and blatantly accuses her of doing so.

Haein angrily yells back that she hasn’t even opened the door yet but Trash isn’t listening. He smirks that he can cancel the card and Haein can use the cash as allowance since she’s so pitiful.

Trash turns to walk away in his arsehat glory and Haein decides to throw her wet sponge at Trash. It hits and Trash literally roars at her for throwing a rag at him. He then commences to push Haein down, which throws her off balance and she falls against the side mirror breaking it. Trash warns Haein’s boss and friend to fix the car or else and leaves.

When Trash goes upstairs, he finds Dahee there with sushi. She also has his wallet. But Trash doesn’t repent. He has the gall to tell Dahee not to use that car wash again and to not tell the employees that they found the wallet. Of course, our ray of innocent sunshine Dahee agrees.


We turn back to Sunyoung, Minsoo and their father who have lunch. Their father tells Sunyoung that he’s letting Minsoo build another wedding hall on their land in Paju in exchange for rent. Sunyoung smiles that it’s good for Minsoo and she doesn’t begrudge him.

At the same time, Dahee breaks the news to Trash as she saw the contracts on Minsoo’s desk. Trash jumps to the conclusion that the old man is reallocating his assets so not to give Trash any. Ya think?


Meanwhile, Haein meets with Hansol as she has to pay $1,000 for fixing up Dahee’s car. She sighs as she doesn’t know what to do. And, Hansol jokes that this is her punishment for leaving home. He offers to let her borrow the money if she returns home.


So, Haein returns and Eunhee gleefully goes shopping for materials to make Haein dinner.


At the same time, Minsoo visits Eunhee’s wedding dress shop and is surprised to find out that they don’t employ any helper aunties… The employee laughs and proudly explains that their boss actually goes herself.


While Minsoo is sorting that out, Haein wakes up from her nap to a text by Hansol asking to meet. She rushes out only to run into Eunhee. Her smile fades away as she accuses her “sister” of not keeping her promise and orders that Eunhee leaves immediately!

Eunhee agrees to leave while Mom looks on with growing anger. After Eunhee leaves, Mom turns to Haein to yell that she’s horrible for being so harsh on her sister.

Haein bites back that Mom only cares about Eunhee and muses that she must have been a foundling…found by Eunhee. In the heat of the moment, Mom agrees.

MY TWO CENTS / FIRST IMPRESSIONSFirst off, similar to Make a Woman Cry, the main character is an older woman.  Even if we assume that Eunhee got pregnant when she was younger, Haein is in college…  Hence, I think we can safely assume that Eunhee is at least 40.  As a result, I don’t think there will be as blatantly cutesy moments in this drama.


Despite that fact, I find Eunhee highly relatable.  Yes, she made a mistake by sleeping with Trash.  However, she not only took responsibility for that action but she stood up to Trash when he used both physical and verbal abuse to deter Eunhee from giving birth to Haein.  She had Haein and seems to have done a great job raising the girl with the help of her mother.  Haein has turned into a sweet but slightly spoiled brat that is completely sheltered from the world as implied by Haein’s decision to turn down Eunhee’s financial aid and run away to the band studio.  Last but not least, though we do not know when Eunhee’s father passed away, it looks like Eunhee has been working to keep her family and her daughter afloat without having to want for anything.  From these five episodes alone, I really hope that Eunhee will get her happy ending and a great break in life.


In contrast, Minsoo feels a bit flat in the beginning.  Yes, he is the only son of a CEO of a large company.  But, the drama made it clear that Minsoo branched off on his own unlike Trash to create Hara Wedding Hall.  So, even though Minsoo was genetically blessed through the lottery of birth, he didn’t lay on his laurels and keeps working hard to reinvest his talents.  In other words, our main character is from a great family, has a great work ethic, and has a successful career.  Great.  Yet, I don’t feel like I want to swoon when he comes on the screen.  Nor do I feel myself shyly smiling.  There is some kind of magical chemistry missing…as of the first five episodes.  Is it the hair?  Is it the clothes?  Something!  But – this is not a deal breaker.


Turning to Trash and Dahee.  Wow!  The writer did an amazing job in creating two characters that the viewers will LOVE to hate.  First, Trash…Trash… Trash.  Wow.  So, he grew up in an orphanage and then began to work for Sunyoung’s father.  At one point, he got engaged to Sunyoung but still slept with Eunhee?  Then, when he hears that Eunhee is pregnant, he threatens her into aborting the baby?

As if that is not enough to get him a one-way ticket to drama hell, he goes on to have an affair with his friend from the orphanage while married to Sunyoung.  Yes, his comeuppance will be delicious.


As for Dahee.  She is everything that I hate embodied into a character.  She lied about her education and credentials.  She dreams about a station far beyond what she deserves – being the wife of the CEO of Papa Group.  And, she knows that Trash is currently married but she actively engages in the affair waiting for the day that he will steal everything from Sunyoung and turn to her.

Having a Cinderella dream is fine.  Additionally, not working is wine.  But, what is up with this girl trying to ruin Minsoo’s business and coveting Sunyoung’s position?  If you want riches and success, WORK FOR IT, don’t spent all your time frolicking between the sheets with Trash (pun intended).  Create your own darn Dahee Group or something!  With all the time you spend conniving behind Minsoo’s and Sunyoung’s back, I can bet that a small company could have been created! She has greed and ambition far greater than she’s willing to put in the effort.  Sure, she goes to work only to pout at Minsoo and steal other people’s designs.  Not to mention that she’s perfectly happy wrecking another family…Where is this girl’s morals?!  This girl needs a comeuppance and fast.


Next – Haein!  Okay, so I respect Hain first off because she doesn’t care about puppy Hansol flitting around her.  I’m not sure if she knows that marrying him would sand her with annoying mother-in-law or if she’s just not attracted to Hansol.  But, at least the girl has some sense of intuition.  Other than that, I felt that Haein had more dimension than Minsoo.

Haein’s frustration at her interfering older spinster sister is completely understandable.  The girl is a senior in college or at least 21 years old.  She is an adult.  Anyone in her shoes would feel suffocated by the attention that Eunhee gives Haein.

Additionally, I thought the last scene in Episode 5 was enlightening.  When Mom berates Haein for being harsh on Eunhee, Haein accusing Mom of not loving her.  From Haein’s standpoint, this could be how she sees it.  Mom is in the awkward position where she is “Haein’s Mom” but she also defers to her beloved daughter who is Haein’s biological mother.  As a result, Haein might have felt that Mom cares only about Eunhee and expresses less love toward her since Eunhee does enough love expressing for both Eunhee and Mom… But, in turn, this could affect Haein’s reaction toward Eunhee’s obsession.  She sees Eunhee as stealing all of Mom’s love AND interfering all the time.

So final first impressions?  I’m going to continue to watch this and continue to recap it.  The plot is obviously not the center of this series as it is more of a story about Eunhee/Minsoo and their story of achieving success and happiness.  But, the character backgrounds and the acting is strong enough to make one continue to watch it.  Each episode leaves you feeling pretty entertained and satisfied.



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