Vampire Detective Episode 6 RECAP

Koohyung wasn’t always our goofy, happy-go-lucky detective.  He was changed when his first love died in high school.  Now, his past has come to be resolved once and for all.


Sporting a tough leather jacket, San walks toward the wharf where Yona and her cronies are waiting.  He courageously flies toward them and begins the fight.  But as Yona waits, San gets subjugated.  She saunters up and sneers that she only invited him to meet so that they can clarify their relationship…She’s his owner and he’s her hunting dog.


This episode is about a trip into memory lane.  However, unlike most high school reunions, this isn’t just about showing off your status and success.  This reunion is about finding the truth about a dead friend and an accident that was actually a murder.  The murder of the class sweetheart Lee Soyoun.


As always, the case starts when someone comes to elicit their help.  This time, its Kim Jiyoung, a friend from high school.  She works for a broadcasting company now and she wants Koohyung’s help in investigating their friend’s death.  The time and place?  It will be at their reunion.

Koohyung is somehow involved and he doesn’t want to go back but being hired – he decides to face his guilt.


A cute scene enfolds with the close friends remeeting in their old class room.  Even the teacher is there and their old selves flash by with their current selves… Everyone is happy about the reunion and they agree to drink in the class room…


Cue happy drinking until Jiyeon remembers that they also drank in the school once before – when they wanted to see the stars.  Gyeolwool asks about the class’s most beautiful girl – Sooyoung Koh.  Koohyung excuses himself awkwardly and the group moves on quietly.


San goes out to meet with Koohyung and asks if something happened.  Koohyung tells him that Sooyoung died.

Back in the room, Jiyeon suggests that they play a drinking game.  Basically, they draw numbers.  And then the person who picks a star gets to tell two numbers to do whatever is written on the next card.  If the two numbers don’t want to comply, one person has to drink a bottle of soju.  First round is Heesook hitting Koohyung.  The second task was San and Gyeolwool sharing a short kiss.  In front of everyone, Gyeolwool downs the bottle quickly.

Everyone is into the game when Koohyung pulls out a card and sits back down.  The order? Number 3 is to kill Number 5.

Suddenly, we’re back in the past.  The same card came up.  Everyone looks scared in the past as Heesook crumbles up the paper, angrily shouting that a tacky prank doesn’t count.

In the present, Mira angrily pulls away.  But, Jiyeon pulls out a voice recorder.  She warns everyone that her first episode as a newly minted producer will be to investigate Sooyoung’s death.  And she will be forced to go out with only what has been recorded so far.

Mira angrily glares at Koohyung and Jiyeon accusing them of calling the reunion was to dig into the past.  Koohyung walks out with San following.


Outside, the two men quietly sit on the side and Koohyung explains that the police didn’t really investigate.  It was bad for underage people to drink so they all agreed on the story that Sooyoung committing suicide.  The story worked because Sooyoung had issues both academically and socially…

San muses that the Number 3 card holder must have committed the murder.  Koohyung sighs that everyone believes that it was Number 3.  But, he knows that it was not Number 3 as he held the card.


Koohyung and San return back as the people inside are about to riot.  Mira is angry that they want to bring up buried issues when everyone believed that Koohyung was guilty.  He even quit school shortly after the accident.  And, to make matters worse, each one of them had issues with Sooyoung.

San takes over and announces that they are going to investigate the matter right now and find out the truth once and for all because he believes that it was not Koohyung.


Suddenly, we are back in the past…An investigation through memories.  Heesook and Mira walk out together to use the restroom.  Mira gossips that there are rumors about Sooyoung being involved with their teacher.  Heesook heartily laughs that she doesn’t care as long as Sooyoung stays away from Koohyung.  But, she is so annoyed these days that Koohyung is looking at Sooyoung weirdly.  She declares that he doesn’t like Sooyoung.  Mira agrees.


Back in the present, they go to the next scene.  Koohyung remembers being with Sooyoung in the health center.  He’s awkwardly looking for first aid when Sooyoung carefully asks if Koohyung has someone he likes.  He kind of confirms and she announces that she likes someone, too.  Koohyung quickly cuts her off that he knows who she likes.

Sooyoung frowns.  Keeping her eyes on the floor, she asks if he heard about the rumor with the teacher.  Koohyung notices the awkwardness and immediately adds that he doesn’t care about rumors.

Koohyung then turns around to pull out the medicine and everything tumbles.  Sooyoung kneels to help him and their hands touch.  She shyly tells him that the rumors are not true.  She has someone else she likes.  It was him.


Back in the present, we are now up to 11:30 p.m. Mira remembers that she went out for her medicine when she heard someone call for Sooyoung as Sooyoung ran out.  She thought it was Koohyung’s voice.  Koohyung agrees that he called out for Sooyoung when they returned and she didn’t follow him into the room.


Koohyung goes back out with San again and the rest of the members have to come to terms with their own guilt.  Jiyeon starts to tear up and confesses that she started the rumor that Sooyoung confessed to their teacher and got rejected… She had been so jealous of Sooyoung who was both smarter and prettier.

Of course other girls jumped on the bandwagon and Sooyoung begins to get bullied.  All the while, Koohyung flutters around the edges watching over her.  He helps her by giving her his lunchbox when the other girls put dirt in it.  He helps her by carrying her to the medical center when the girls put glass in her shoes…etc…  But, he tells San that even though Sooyoung confessed to him, he didn’t declare his feelings back.  He had been afraid even though he liked Sooyoung, he was scared that the others would bully him as well.


The last puzzle is up.  Jiyeon and Mira were in the classroom together toward the end.  They had taken the final break.  Jaewook had gone outside for a smoke. Heesook was at the water fountain.  Koohyung had gone to the bathroom.  So, Jaewook, Heesook and Koohyung don’t have alibis.

The music gets intense as everyone looks at each other.  They head over to the scene of the crime – the roof from where Sooyoung fell.  San narrates as they go back down.  During the final round, Sooyoung found her way up the stairs and fell to her death.  The only weirdly thing about the final game was everyone’s cards.  He orders that everyone pull out their cards that they pulled out earlier.

Everyone looks down and sees that they are holding the Number 3… Just like back then.

San continues his inference.  It was the same as in the past.  Mira had switched out the cards and did so easily because they were drunk.  Mira of course gave herself the star card and pretended to pull out the order card which said that Number 3 should kill Number 5.

He knows this because even if they had been afraid… Why would all of them agree to a story that Sooyoung committing suicide just to save Koohyung?

Mira laughs that this is all nonsense.  She starts to break down stuttering and then someone tells Mira to stop – it’s enough.  It’s their teacher Mr. Ji.

Mira cries as they all head back into the classroom.  He confesses killing Mira.  He had intentionally let everyone drink at the school after planning the deed and asked Mira to switch the cards.  He waited until everyone was drunk enough to order the switch…

Koohyung rushes over and punches Mr. Ji several times before he stops.  He asks Mr. Ji why.

Mr. Ji stutters.  Jiyeon answers that she knows.

We turn back.  Sooyoung had dragged Jiyeon to the window behind the medical room saying that she wanted to clear her name with the origin of the bad rumors.  From the window, they saw Teacher Ji undressing Mira.

Jiyeon is shocked.  She gasps and stumbles back, falling into Sooyoung and pulling the both of them to the ground.  As Teacher Ji rushes to the window, Jiyeon runs off so only Sooyoung is there.

Gyeolwool announces that she found out an interesting thing. Teacher Ji’s resume was amazing.  He started at a prestigious school before he quickly moved schools and finally ended up in the country-side… There had been rumors about an inappropriate relationship with a student at the first school as well.

Teacher Ji’s composure falls.  He manages to eke out that this was his last chance.  He had been motivated by fear.

The others begin to lose their calm as well and tears spring up everywhere for they each lived with guilt in their own way…And, none of them knew that it was all a result of someone’s attempt to cover up.  Jiyeon’s voice shakes as she realizes that this all occurred because of her.


By the time that they walk out, it’s the morning.  Heesook asks Jiyeon if she will still broadcast the story.  Jiyeon smiles that even though the statute of limitations is over, she owes it to Sooyoung.

As for Koohyung, he and San sit back outside where Koohyung seems to have finally found peace.  In a voiceover, Koohyung wonders that sometimes the buried truth hurts more than the present lies and yet people always want to unearth the truth.  He wonders why.


At the end, San gets a text message from Yona.  It’s an invitation/summons.


At a recent dinner, I was told that one of the questions as a FBI candidate is “What is your deepest darkest secret.”  This episode reminded me of that question because that is such a loaded question about circumstances that one cannot control.  This was clearly a deep dark secret that each of original members from the incident carried around.

The episode was another large deviance from the main mystery in the back.  However, I was quite entertained throughout it.  Additionally, the dark lighting combined with the tense ambiance music kept me on the edge.  With the whole episode set at night in a school, I was partially sure that there would be some supernatural elements to the case as well.  Thankfully, there was not.

Instead, the resolution was bittersweet.  Each of the friends find closure but the closure came with the undeniable truth that they covered up a murder…And, let Sooyoung’s story be twisted even after their death.   I can only imagine that there would be a level of heaviness that followed with questions.  Had one of them spoken up, would it have been different? Or would the blame have fallen on them? Can we even blame them when they were only high schoolers?

Finally, I thought it was interesting that the episode revolved around a reformed bully.  Specifically, Jiyeon’s character was a moral quandary.  She was the reason that Sooyoung died since she left Sooyoung in front of the window.  She was the reason that rumors about Sooyoung and Teacher Ji started.  But, she is also the reason that everyone was forced to face the past and find out the truth.  She is the reason that everyone who watches her program will know that Sooyoung did not commit suicide because of bullying but was killed.  What a heartbreaking story.


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