Vampire Detective Episode 7 RECAP

San races against the clock to save his friends as he and Yona look for her first love.


As Jiwoong fights with Vampire Taeho, San arrives at a club with he finds Koohyung and the rest wasted.  They all believe that San had arranged for a night out so that Koohyung can forget the ghosts of his past. But, San’s worried as he didn’t set this up.


A vampire working girl brings San up to Yona who gives him an ultimatum.  Help her find someone named Young-Kwang by 6AM or his friends die.  Off they go!

Yona is quiet but then loses herself in a flashback.  Yona is still an innocent human daughter of a boarding house.  And, she’s interested in meeting the new boarder – Young-Kwang.  As she eats breakfast, he arrives. The sun backlights Young-Kwang and Eunha freezes.  Love is in the air.


Back in the present, San enters a wine factory and begins to look for clues.  His eyes glow as he sees the past – a wine bottle breaking on the ground and its contents spilling out.  San’s vampire powers being triggered can only mean one thing – the bottles are of blood.  He goes from table to table where he finally finds a slip of paper.

A sudden noise alerts San to another intruder.  He runs out but the other guy is gone.

Next stop is at a nice bar/barber shop.  The barber lathers on some cream and sharpens his razor.  As he begins San’s trim, San asks if the barber knows Ji Young-Kwang.  The barber freezes and pretends not to know.  San continues that Young-Kwang visited two days ago…

Two suits also get up.  Yona muses that it’s interesting that there are such clean cut clients at a barbershop.  The suits attack and Yona steps on the barber’s throat.  She demands answers.  In order to stop the impending murder, San grabs the barber’s phone – it shows a bunch of calls to a place called Blue Moon.  They are off.


We jump back into the past.  The new boarder gives Eunha rides to school on his bike.  He’s studying to be a doctor and Eunha is smitten.  The outlook is good as Young-Kwang seems to return her feelings, he smiles when Eunha grabs tighter due to a wobble.  Eunha sighs happily that he should be her primary care doctor and Young-Kwang promises to take care of her for life.


After losing a tail, San’s vampire senses are on high alert and he’s tense.  He pulls over when Yona does not explain why she’s looking for Young-Kwang.  He also knows that he doesn’t have much time until dawn at 6:00 a.m.  San finally swerves over to the side where he grabs Yona’s throat threatening her life for answers.

Yona smiles and reminds him to focus on his friends.  She adds that she also does not have time – if they don’t find Young-Kwang soon, he will die as well.

They arrive at Blue Moon where the owner is sipping the blood-wine.  She isn’t happy to talk to them but Yona recognizes the blood-wine smell.  She smirks that Young-Kwang has been scaling the copy business.  The owner reluctantly gives San a card and Yona goes to change her clothes and put on makeup.


Back in the past, Eunha and her friend window-shop, which she promises to buy with some saved up allowance… Then they run into Young-Kwang and she walks with him home.  Young-Kwang asks about Eunha’s friend and Eunha bristles with jealousy.


The next day, Eunha’s friend arrives wearing the same dress… Eunha blows up at their other boarder and runs away.


Young-Kwang finds Eunha petulantly sitting outside and asks her what is wrong.  Eunha confesses that she didn’t like the way that Young-Kwang looked at her friend.  Young-Kwang smiles and leans over – giving Eunha a peck on the lips.  The young and innocent Eunha is happily stunned.

At the club, the doctor friend is asleep at their booth. Gyeolwool also wants to leave but Koohyung refuses to leave until San arrives… Gyeolwool sees a weird woman walking toward the bathroom and follows.  The other woman violently washes what looks like blood from her hands.

Gyeolwool storms back to their booth and declares that they should leave.  But the others want one more dance… Gyeolwool tries to leave alone when one of the girls from the club grabs her.  The girl doesn’t release her grasp.  Instead, she tells Gyeolwool to stay until San returns.

San and Yona arrive at another bar.  The bartender gives them a free drink on the house and agrees to give them what he knows – a location…But, only if they help him find someone.


Back in the past, Eunha and everyone sit around cake to celebrate Eunha’s birthday.  But, they don’t begin as they are waiting for Young-Kwang.  Then, Eunha hears something from the gate.  She runs out calling out for Young-Kwang…

When Young-Kwang arrives, he drops his present – the dress.  Everyone is dead except for Eunha.


We fast forward to Eunha biting into a patient and sucking his blood.  Young-Kwang pulls her away.  He promises to fix it as long as she just trusts him.


Then, Young-Kwang follows a strange woman into a tunnel before he hits her with a pipe.  He manages to drain her blood into a bottle for Yona.  When he arrives, Yona greedily guzzles down some of the bottle.  But then, she drops the bottle and cries that she is so sorry for turning into a monster.  She offers to die.

Young-Kwang embraces the breaking Eunha and repeats that it’s not her fault that she turned into a monster.  He promises to protect her for life.  Then he continues research how to drain blood efficiently underground.

One day, he manages to find away.  But it’s too late for Eunha who had gotten tired of waiting for him in the room for ten years.  She had found her own prey and attacked.  Young-Kwang angrily stabs the man that Eunha had been drinking from.  He then declares that he will not let Eunha’s hands get dirty.  He will create an organization to keep her clean.


Fast forward, there is a huge underground organization that bottles blood.  Eunha wants to kiss Young-Kwang but he turns away.  He tells her that he’s tired because he’s just human…But, he turned into a monster because of her.

Eunha smirks that he had a chance to change.  But Young-Kwang walks off saying that there is nothing permanent in life.

Then, we see Young-Kwang walking through the factory where Eunha is making out with one of their employees.  He pauses but he doesn’t interfere.  Finally, Eunha screams back that he doesn’t seem affected even though she’s making out with another man.

Back in the present, they find an older Young-Kwang in a tunnel.  She walks up and embraces him, telling him that it’s time to go home.  But Young-Kwang doesn’t follow her.

From behind, Eunha’s old friend Soyoung walks over.  She asks Yona to let Young-Kwang go now that he’s old.  He should rest.


Yona screams at Soyoung to shut up.  She declares that she knows Young-Kwang better.  Then she turns to Young-Kwang and asks him to pick between her and Soyoung.

Young-Kwang holds Yona’s hand and apologizes.  He begins that he wanted to be the light for Yona.  But, he can’t anymore.  Young-Kwang pulls Soyoung away.

Yona orders that San kill Soyoung.  But San refuses.  Seeing the danger, Young-Kwang pulls Soyoung and begins to walk away.  But, Yona quickly attacks and bites Soyoung before anyone can do anything else.  She then turns to Young-Kwang smiling and asks him to come back to her.


Young-Kwang cries that he should finish what he started and presses a button.  Suddenly, artificial light floods the tunnel.  San covers Yona with his jacket while men in black suits run up and help Young-Kwang and Soyoung retreat.


After securing Yona, San looks up in time to see Taeho smirking at him.  San’s first instinct is to run after Taeho but he’s too slow.  Young-Kwang’s team flees with cars and San is running from a ticking clock – he has to bring Yona back to the club to save his friends.


We return to the main mystery with large gusto!  I was surprised to find out that there is ANOTHER vampire THAT-STARTED-IT-ALL behind the scenes.  Just who exactly bit Eunha/Yona and started this horrible mess?

On the other hand, I do not have much pity for Young-Kwang.  While, I understand that he had been infatuated Eunha to the point where he wanted to save her.  He decided that he wanted to kill other innocent people so that Eunha could live.  That’s where I think Young-Kwang sinned and turned into a monster.  Yona didn’t turn him – he did it himself.

As for the acting, the veteran actors really stood out. Even though the scene with the older Young-Kwang and Soyoung was short, it was compelling.  It kind of gave me goosebumps as the younger generation in the main episodes do a swell job but the older Young-Kwang’s character was just effortless. Like, he was Young-Kwang.  He doesn’t hate Yona… He has some feelings for her.  But he wants out and he wants to spend the rest of his time with Soyoung.  Pretty amazing for such a short scene.

Finally, this episode added a lot of depth to Yona’s character.  She’s not a hero in any sense but her devolution into a vampire from an innocent girl explains a lot about why she’s so obsessive.  She had spent ten years of her life, relying on one guy who locked her up with the promise that he would help her.  He was her only tie to being a human for a decade.  In a way, Yona’s sense of humanity is built and rests with Young-Kwang.  Hence, his betrayal later is breaking the column of stability…She would have no boundaries left since no one (including herself) thinks of her as a monster.

Viewing the prior episodes from this perspective, Yona’s actions make sense.  Humans are just temporary and transient toys.  She’s already a monster so she has no reason to behave nicely to such humans – all she needs to do is find a way to live for all of eternity.


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