Haein begins working on wobbly baby corporate legs and gets caught in the middle of a corporate battle between CEO Na and Trash. Meanwhile, Eunhee gets cornered by Dahee  when an unlucky fall pushes the power balance in favor of Dahee…She ends up confessing to the copying that she didn’t do to get Jinho out of jail.



Haein sulks through different websites to find out that their application submission deadlines have all past.  Then, she gets a call from Papa Group.


At the same time, a Representative of Red Velvet meets with Minsoo to discuss partnering up.  They are a famous wedding shop in China and want Hara to design their dresses.  Minsoo apologizes that he doesn’t think that their company can handle it and recommends Ma Rie.  But, Da Hee’s minion overhears everything.


Haein goes to Papa Group and meets with CEO Na and Joonhoon.  CEO Na explains that he wants to clean up and organize Papa Group’s history before he retires.  He also wants Haein to work with Joonhoon.


Meanwhile, Minsoo takes Eunhee out to lunch.  She’s asking if he’s apologizing but he says that he cannot officially apologize without hard proof.  Eunhee has no idea why he even called her out.  After getting their bread, Minsoo asks Eunhee to join their company as a designer.

Eunhee cuts him off and refuses.  She tells him that she doesn’t really care about becoming famous.  As long as she can pay for rent and pay her staff, she is happy.  She opened up the shop to just make a living.  Minsoo offers to hire the rest of Eunhee’s staff as well.  But, Eunhee repeats that she rejects his offer.  Rather, she would rather he help find the truth of the copying incident.

Minsoo answers that time will give them the truth.  He also adds that he won’t give up because he recognizes her talent.


Back at the company, Joonhoon eats with Joonhoon when Sunyoung joins.  They happily discuss the cafeteria menu and Sunyoung smiles that she’s happy to have Haein join the company.


Then the Representative of Red Velvet meets with Eunhee.  They discuss partnering up together and he promises to send her the contract through email.  They will be ordering tons of wedding dresses from Eunhee.


While Sunyoung goes to the violin concert alone, Trash spends some quality “couples time” with Dahee. She massages his head and then even cleans his ear.  Is she his mistress or slave?

Back at the concert, the intermission occurs and Sunyoung runs into Woojoo in the lobby. They are both surprised to see the other. Woojoo explains that the violinist is his cousin and Sunyoung smiles that her company (as in the company she works for or her family’s company – the wording is unclear in Korean) sponsors a lot of talented musicians and the violinists are sponsorees. The break ends and both go back to their separate seats.

Then the lights go off in the whole building and the audience has to stumble out. Sunyoung has weak night vision and stumbles on the steps as she’s wearing heels. None of the other worried attendees stop to help. But, within minutes, Woojoo is by her side. He help her out of the building, using the flash on his phone to help guide her unconfident steps.


Once outside, they see that she has twisted her ankle and Woojoo takes her to the nearest emergency room. Sunyoung calls Trash on the way, so he arrives in time to play the concerned and jealous husband.


Woojoo excuses himself as soon as Trash arrives but Trash follows. Outside the doors, Trash warns Woojoo not to lurk around his Sunyoung. Woojoo reminds that Trash should spend more time with his Sunyoung instead of forcing her to go to events by herself.


Later that night, Sunyoung also tells Trash that she’s disappointed in his inability to make time for her. She makes him promise to keep his promises with her.


The next day, Dahee goes on the offense with the copy incident. She tells Minsoo that she will prove her innocence and then heads over to the main office of Red Velvet. There, she tells the Representative that MaRie Wedding Designs copied her design and she’s preparing a lawsuit against the company for damages. She warns him not to finalize the contract with MaRie as there will soon be bad publicity.


At the same time, Ahyoung wanders into a noodle shop where she sees Hansol for the second time. The first time being when she ran into him at the mart and gave him the broken cup.

She wonders out loud that it’s a coincidence and joins him. She also happily declares that she was able to keep a cactus in her cup. Hansol smiles that he did the same with his and Ahyoung announces that there must be a connection between them.

But, before romantic bells can ring, Hansol gets up to leave as he’s finished his meal. Ahyoung asks him if they can trade numbers the next time that they randomly run into each other and Hansol agrees.


Meanwhile, the Representative from Red Velvet calls Eunhee to tell her that he’s cancelling the contract as Dahee sent him the drafted lawsuit complaint she plans to file against Red Velvet if they contract with Eunhee.

Shocked at this turn of events, Eunhee rushes over to Hara Wedding Hall.


Since Eunhee had called Minsoo about the situation, he brings in Dahee to confirm that she went corporate rogue. Dahee, however, sits across from Minsoo glaring at him and even accuses him of not doing enough for his company. She declares that she will win the large wedding dress contract from Red Velvet and clear her name in the process.

Eunhee walks into the meeting and the picture doesn’t look good. Anyone would believe that Dahee is working under Minsoo’s marching orders, if not his approval. Eunhee tells Dahee to call off her threatened lawsuit against Red Velvet. Dahee laughs back that she has nothing to lose.


And… Minsoo regains calm in the room by ordering Dahee out. Eunhee sits down still shaking from her anger. She tells Minsoo to control his rogue designer or she will counter sue Hara Wedding Hall. Minsoo asks Eunhee to trust him a little longer as he will figure this out.


But when Eunhee walks out, Dahee is waiting for her. Dahee sneers that someone like Eunhee in a no-name wedding dress shop should be careful where she picks fights as she will lose. Eunhee doesn’t back down as she knows Dahee is just copying her and Dahee uses her signature move – physically grabbing Eunhee to drag her out.


At this point, Jinho arrives. He rushes to his boss’ aid but Dahee doesn’t let go even with Jinho trying to separate him. He tries harder to pull Dahee away and she stumbles and falls into one of the hallway plants, cutting into her.


Dahee realizes that she just won the battle and begins screaming as if she’s dying from the cut into her arm. She’s taken to the emergency where the doctor takes out the glass but she moans that she still feels like she has some glass left in her.

Then when she walks out, she calls Trash and they both agree that she’s going to play it it as much as she can to get 6 weeks of necessary rehabilitation time. (In Korea, if the hurt person gets 6 weeks or more, the aggressor is jailed unless the two sides settle. Even if the alleged aggressor wants to fight it out in court, he has to wait for the trial in jail.)


Meanwhile, Trash happily takes out his team for drinks. Then the appetizer soup comes out and Haein begins scratching while Trash coughs uncontrollably. Both realize that the soup must have used some sort of crab as they are allergic.


Haein takes one of her allergy pills that she carries around and the symptoms disappear. When Trash can’t calm himself, she offers him one as well. It works and on his way home, he muses with Sunyoung that he needs to find out what company the pills are from.


But then the next day, Trash calls in Haein to ask about the pills. Instead of thanking her, he angrily complains that he had an upset stomach all night long because of the side affects. Then he goes on to tell her that her proposal sucked and he is going to trash it.


Haein walks out dejected and pauses next to the window to calm herself. At that moment, Ceo Na walks by and recognizes her as the star recruit. When he strikes up a conversation, he realizes she’s upset and nearly crying.

He asks her what happened since if a new recruit is crying the first week on the job, there are serious issues. Haein tries to play it off and explains that she just got her proposal critiqued. So, Ceo Na asks for the proposal to review.


Of course, when Ceo Na goes into his office and actually looks at the proposal, he likes it. He calls in Joonhoon and tells him to develop the proposal further.


The next day, the cops come in to bring Jinho into custody. They tell him that he only has until the afternoon to settle the matter with the victim or he’s stuck.


Eunhee cannot leave her friend and coworker in jail. So, she goes over to Hara Wedding Hall to meet with Dahee regarding the settlement conditions.

Dahee smirks that she will call everything off if Eunhee admits to copying her design. Eunhee is stuck as formally admitting to copying will follow her for a long time in her industry… But, the girl in front of her is obviously a crazy witch that caught them in a mistake and will use it to her advantage.

Eunhee signs the declaration with shaking hands that she copied and promises to pull the dress. Trash’s lawyer (likely the company’s) calls the police to release Jinho.

Eunhee stumbles out to find Minsoo outside. He asks if she signed the declaration to get her friend out. She stares back and asks how he can pretend to be supportive when he wont even control or stop his own designer. She’s done with him, Dahee and Hara Wedding Hall.


Eunhee next goes to the police station to see Jinho. He’s clearly happy to be out but becomes crestfallen when he hears that Eunhee admitted to copying to get him out. He sends Eunhee on first and runs over to Hara instead.


At Hara, Jinho goes to the office area where he screams for everyone to come out. Minsoo is first. Minsoo looks at the broken man and warns him not to do anything rash and it will not help.

Jinho grabs Minsoo by Minsoo’s collars but he knows… Anything he does now might just land him back in jail or at their mercy for another settlement.


The insult gets worse. The next day, a client arrives who has a wedding in a couple of days. She had wanted THAT dress. They react predictably when Eunhee apologizes that they can have any dress but the dress that the bride picked out … Like three days before the wedding. Both the bride and the mom are pissed.

So, Eunhee offers a refund but that’s not enough. Understandably, the bride and her mother feel blind-sighted by the sudden change as the bride would have to find another dress days before her wedding. The mother declares that she will only accept it if Eunhee pays for the bride’s choice from a luxury dress designer.

Unable to do anything, Eunhee agrees. Then her staffer interrupts and tells the bride that they can’t provide her with the dress but she knows of a place with the exact same design – Hara Wedding Hall. Eunhee makes the call to Minsoo who promises to prepare the dress for when the client arrives.


Meanwhile, Dahee heads over to Red Velvet with the signed declaration. The Representative is convinced by her story and agrees to contract with Hara Wedding Hall instead.


Yet, when Dahee triumphantly brings the contract to Minsoo he frowns and refuses to sign it. He sighs that he doesn’t feel right. Dahee insists that he has to think of the company and we never hear the conclusion.


On the side, Joonhoon has a tea break with Haein and it looks like there’s some undercurrents developing here. Then a perfectly timed scene between Trash and Sunyoung informs us that Joonhoon comes from a good family which is why Trash and Ceo Na wishes that he ends up with Ahyoung.


Then night finally arrives and this terrible, horrible, no good day for Eunhee ends with soju in front of a convenience store. She drinks alone waiting for the alcohol to full her pain.

Instead of dullness, Minsoo arrives and joins her. Eunhee’s reaction is to bite back and order that he leave her presence. But, Minsoo doesn’t get up. He tells her that this is just part of life and it shouldn’t matter because he believes her and he will make sure that she succeeds. Hah! Throw gas on a burning building, will you?!

Eunhee isn’t convinced either and decides to head home.


At the same time, Hansol has a breakthrough in the search for Haein’s biological father. That’s when his mother comes in to check on him and frowns when she realizes that he was working on Haein-related stuff again. Hansol answers that his mom needs to understand that in his life, its first Haein, second Haein and third Haein. His mother is fourth. His mother clucks like an angry mother hen and leaves.


The next day, our two leading ladies Eunhee and Sunyoung end up taking their first drum lesson together. When they each arrive at the studio, some guy is enthusiastically playing the drum. He sees the two women and throws down his sticks declaring that anyone including cows and dogs are learning how to drum. And with that outburst, he leaves!

Eunhee turns to Sunyoung in surprise to confirm that the guy just called them cows and dogs. The two women are quite insulted but they bond by the shocking experience.

Then Woojoo arrives. He hands out drum sticks and announces that they go by pseudonames. He names Eunhee “Smile” so that she will smile more and Sunyoung “Future” so that she will look toward the future. Then he teaches them the basic beat and leaves after telling them to practice.


After some time has past, Eunhee gets bored and suggests to Sunyoung that they to on the real drum set. The two cautiously walk over and begin having fun when Mr. Musician from before comes in and screams to see the two hitting the drums. He declares that drumming must come from the heart, kicks the two women off the drums, and warns them not to try drumming on real drums until Woojoo tells them that they are ready.

The rest of the lesson is uneventful and the women part having made friends in each other.


The next day, Haein’s group has another meeting where Trash is frustrated with her ideas of investigating past crises and explaining how the company grew from their mistakes. He orders that Haein focus on research only.


Haein heads over to the company’s library when Ceo Na appears looking for an older file. He doesn’t remember the name of the guy that he’s looking for – only that the guy created a product.

Haein happily suggests the name and pulls out the relevant file. Seeing that Haein has researched and informed herself about the company, Ceo Na gets all excited and sits down to talk.

He mentions that he wants to look into one of their bad times when he was sick and went abroad for treatment. At the time, they had a drink that was selling well. By while he was gone, bad ingredients were used and people got sick. The line had to be trashed.

Haein asks if such incidents should be swiped under the rug. Ceo Na disagrees. He tells her that he wants the truth found out and he wants to be able to tell the victims why it happened. Haein pauses as that was her idea which got tabled by Trash.

CEO Na grimaces and then calls Trash in later to declare that he is going to investigate the whole scandal further.  Trash realizes that it was Haein who told the CEO.


And we begin moving into the main story now that we know more about each characters.  One interesting fun subplot is the one about the Papa Group drink which sounds like “Onion Drink” when I watch the episodes but I can’t be sure.  It’s clear that TEAM CEO NA and TEAM TRASH will end up duking it out over this scandal where Trash messed up after cutting corners and it cost Papa Group a lot of goodwill.  The real question is what motivated Trash?  Did he think that he would curry favor with CEO Na by increasing the company’s revenue?

One quick observation was that it’s interesting that Haein and Eunhee are professionally developing at the same time.  Haein is stumbling over her baby corporate legs and Eunhee has run into her first corporate betrayal… Unfortunately, some may even say that for a business to grow, it has to overcome hurdles.  Dahee undercut Eunhee, which is interesting.  Eunhee’s business has been small enough that it does not trigger major competitors and she’s been safe from dealing with too many bridezillas.  Minsoo was right that Eunhee could learn and grow from the Dahee experience.  I liked the fact that there is this parallel development occurring in this series. 🙂


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