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So, there seemed to be a lot of readers looking for this series.  I am going to try to find the series online and see if I can follow it to give it another chance with a fresh look and open mind.  Maybe, I will find the later episodes more interesting and less throw-my-hands-up-in-the-air.  In this episode, Professor Choi starts to meddle in Jang-Mi and Taeja’s toddling romance.


Professor Choi  clutches a picture of Taeja kissing Jang-Mi on the head with shaking hands.  She asks how something like this could have happened.  The private investigator answers that he thinks the guy likes the girl but she doesn’t return the feelings.  So, Professor Choi determines that there is still hope and orders him to continue to follow Taeja.  Then she rushes over to rant to Mincheol about the problem.  He warns her not to jump in and make things worse but she’s determined to do something.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi remembers the forehead kiss and finds her heart racing and her cheeks blushing.

The next day, Jang-Mi walks in coolly but Taeja is a ball of needles.  He tells her as soon as he sees her that he did not mean anything bad.  He just felt thankful and wanted to express it. Jang-Mi coolly tells him that she’s not affected and walks into the locker room.


In her locker, she finds a cup with a rice cake. It has a post-it saying that he hopes Jang-Mi will try it and tell him her opinion.  Inside, there’s also a tidbit about Taeja.  His name comes from the character for great and son to be a great person. Taeja also noted that he hasn’t become such a big person yet.

Before Jang-Mi can try it, Taeja comes in and smiles that she found it.  She asks what it is and he said it’s his way of winning her over and practicing his rice cake making skills.  He hopes that she can learn about him one piece by one piece of information even if she doesn’t care.


The next day, there is a note saying that Taeja likes japchae the best and his favorite color is ocean blue.  Jang-Mi gets two trivia pieces as there is a weekend the next day. ^^ Jang-Mi laughs that Taeja is interesting because he’s so confident.


But then Monday rolls around and she finds that there is no rice cake.  She walks into the kitchen to ask why. Taeja jumps up and declares that he won! She’s now interested in him.

The chef walks in and interrupts.  They need to work late for a large order but Taeja frowns as it’s his mother’s birthday.  Jang-Mi dismisses him and promises to take care of it.


But, before Taeja leaves, Jang-Mi runs out with a box.  She made one of the “Everything Cakes” for the birthday.  She smiles that it was his idea so he should present it to his mother.  As the two smile, Minjoo arrives and possessively takes Taeja to dinner with his mom.

That night, Professor Choi visits  the store after hours.  She asks for some time and Jang-Mi reluctantly sits down when Professor Choi doesn’t leave. Professor Choi carefully apologizes for reacting so severely before and asks if she is meeting anyone yet.  Jang-Mi cuts her off that she has no time to meet a man.  Professor Choi barely hides a smile thinking that Jang-Mi doesn’t have any feelings for Taeja.

Professor Choi continues that she wanted to explain that Minjoo and Taeja are dating…and Taeja’s mom even considers Minjoo as a possible daughter-in-law.  Jang-Mi frowns and her eyes wander with shock.

Professor Choi scoffs at the reaction snarling that Jang-Mi could even consider thinking of having Taeja.  Jang-Mi asks what Professor Choi’s point is telling her all this.  So, Professor Choi smiles that she hopes Jang-Mi will keep it a secret from Taeja about their bad history. And then leaves.


Jang-Mi returns to the kitchen but she’s affected.  She cannot concentrate as she remembers all of Minjoo’s reactions.  She’s furious that Taeja would try to date two women at once.


At the same time, Taeja’s mom opens her presents and is surprised that Taehee bought her a perfume.  Taehee smiles that it was actually Minjoo’s gift and Taeja’s mom frowns.  Then she asks Taeja for his and Taeja proudly announces that the cake was his gift – something more important than money.

Both Taeja’s mom and his grandfather are surprised by Taeja and the grandfather declares that it’s great that Taeja learned that there are things more important than money.  But, the praise rubs Taeja the wrong way and he goes back into his room.

Suddenly, Taeja loses himself in a flash back.  When his father and younger self had come home, they were met by a tenant who asked for some more time as even though he couldn’t pay rent, they were expecting a baby any day.  Taeja’s father apologizes that he has no power but hten drinks while waiting for Grandpa Hwang.  Taeja watches from upstairs as his father begs his grandfather to give the tenant more time.  But, Grandpa Hwang angrily throws Taeja’s father to the ground growling that he is too weak to carry on the family business.

Taeja’s father cries that he feels like he’s going to die with all of the sorrow that they are causing.  And Grandpa Hwang sniffs that Taeja’s father can die if he wants.  When Grandpa Hwang goes into his room, Taeja’s father reaches for a piece of broken glass.  Mini-Taeja runs over crying and begs his father not to hurt himself.


Jang-Mi listlessly wanders home late when she runs into Joonhyuk.  Joonhyuk apologizes for making Jang-Mi work so late and then asks Jang-Mi to understand Taeja even if he is difficult to manage.  Jang-Mi turns to him and asks if the reason that he apologized for Taeja in the beginning was also because Taeja has problems with women.  Joonhyuk pauses and tells Jang-Mi that he cannot answer that.

The next morning, Jang-Mi throws the packaged rice-cake on the table.  She tells Taeja not to play with food anymore.

Taeja grabs Jang-Mi’s hand as she turns to leave and asks her why she’s so angry.  Jang-Mi tells him to stop flitting around her and treating her like she’s an easy woman.  She tells him that it makes her want to puke and leaves…but in the locker room, Jang-Mi fights back tears wondering why it hurts her so much.


Meanwhile, Professor Choi tells Minjoo to act like she’s Taeja’s girlfriend in front of everyone.  Minjoo hugs her supportive mom…


That evening, Taeja is trying to ask Jang-Mi about her feelings again when Minjoo happily flounces in.  She shows off her new watch that Taeja’s mom bought for her even declaring that if anyone else saw the expensive watch, they would think that it’s a wedding gift.  She even goes over to show it off to Jang-Mi.


Jang-Mi pauses but then leaves after forcing a smile.  So, Minjoo asks Taeja out to dinner but he begs off saying he has to work late.  He goes into the kitchen instead to ask Jang-Mi why she’s so angry.

Jang-Mi just tells him to bug off and stop bothering her.  Taeja continues to tell Jang-Mi that he’s sorry for whatever made her so angry.  He likes her and he wants to be around her . The kiss wasn’t a joke to him.


Readers, don’t think that DRAMAFEED doesn’t listen.  I feel like Run, Jang-Mi  is the one series that got the most requests so I looked for episodes online this weekend.  I was able to find a place to download it and will try to recap the series.

I have to admit that having watched a bunch dramas focused on the older generation, it was nice to see one focused on the younger generation.  It did not but me as much about how childish the antics were.  If the series manages to avoid the too unrealistic “Candy” situation which triggered me off with Jang-Mi’s reaction to Grandpa Hwang, I think I can stick it out with this series.  But, I can’t promise anything other than I’ll try my best.

So onward we go!


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