Run, Jang-Mi – E35

Taeja confesses his love for Jang-Mi again and even forces Minjoo to confirm that they are not dating. Meanwhile, Professor Choi’s private investigator gets caught and Minjoo realizes that she has competition.


Taeja stops Jang-Mi from running away from him and asks exactly what he did to deserve her treating him like trash when she knows that he likes her… Loves her.

Jang-Mi bites out that he is weird for dating two women at once when he loves her. She cries that she just saw it herself. Taeja gapes at the implication that he’s dating Minjoo… He grabs Jang-Mi and pulls her into a cab to prove that he’s not cheating on Jang-Mi.


Meanwhile, Minjoo happily comes home right before she gets a call from Taeja requesting that she come out. She agrees and Professor Choi even recommends that she dresses up as Taeja is probably going to ask her out. Giggling, Minioo flounces out only to find Jang-Mi with Taeja.


Taeja glares at Minjoo and asks her in front of Jang-Mi if they are dating. Minjoo’s smile freezes and she agrees that they are not dating. Jang-Mi turns to walk away and Taeja runs after her after offering a weak apology to Minjoo for calling her out so late.

Minjoo ends up walking home alone to scream in her room…

Taeja catches up with Jang-Mi to ask if she doesn’t have anything to tell him. Jang-Mi glares back that she didn’t misunderstand by herself. Taeja insists that even if someone had said something, she should have trusted him. Jang-Mi frowns that she doesn’t trust any guys and walks off again.


At the same time, Minjoo cries her mom who reassures her that there is a way to keep Taeja.


The next day, Mrs. Hong’s housekeeper takes a few days off because her mother-in-law passed away. So, Mrs. Hong goes to Mrs. Baek to ask her to be their temporary cook. She promises to pay well.


Mrs. Baek cautiously accepts when she hears that she will be paid a lot for the week. She follows Mrs. Hong home and proudly introduces herself to CEO Hwang as the temporary House Manager. She explains that she is proud of her job and wants to keep her own self respect. She does ask Mrs. Hong to keep it a secret.


Meanwhile, Taeja meets with Minjoo on the side to apologize. Minjoo smiles it off as one of Taeja’s many women issues. Taeja sighs that it is different this time – for the first time, it feels serious for him and he cannot handle how much it hurts. He now knows what it feels to love someone even if the feeling isn’t returned. Minjoo frowns and then suggests coyly that Taeja let Jang-Mi go if she doesn’t return the feelings as the relationship would be disapproved of by his mother. But Taeja insists that he knows it will be hard but he doesn’t want to give up.


Minjoo furiously accelerates her car toward the rice cake shop. There, she laughs that she wanted to come and apologize for Taeja’s abrupt behavior. She adds that this was always a problem for Taeja and she even had to pretend to be Taeja’s girlfriend at times to get rid of girls.

Jang-Mi winces at the words and Minjoo narrows her eyes at the sign that Jang-Mi might be interested in Taeja back. Jang-Mi forces her smile and reassures Minjoo not to worry about it as she already cut Taeja off.


Minjoo leaves and Jang-Mi retreats to the kitchen where she can cry in peace. But, then Joonhyuk arrives to give her some materials on their new developing rice cake. Jang-Mi wipes away her tears and pretends that it’s nothing. But Joonhyuk guesses that it’s Taeja and tells her to have heart…and not to lose her passion for her work. He promises to support her from behind.


Then Joonhyuk finds Taeja and a bar and snaps at him to stop playing around with Jang-Mi. Taeja exclaims back that he’s serious this time and is taken by surprise when Joonhyuk sighs that Taeja shouldn’t make Jang-Mi cry then. Hearing the implication that she’s crying, Taeja runs back to the shop where Jang-Mi has calmed down and is walking out.

Taeja follows Jang-Mi and pulls her aside in the park. He tells her that no matter what she does, he won’t give up because he knows she is opening her heart, too. If she had not been, this incident wouldn’t have affected her so much. Jang-Mi doesn’t answer so Taeja continues. He knows why she can’t trust guys and will wait for her until she is ready.

Jang-Mi walks off.

The next day as Jang-Mi and Taeja go into the main building, Taeja pauses in front of the entrance.  While Jang-Mi continues in, Taeja rushes out to find the private investigator with a camera hiding behind one of the columns.  He snatches the camera and hands it over to Jang-Mi to look through as he forces the private investigator to the side.
Jang-Mi confirms that there are tons of photographs of Taeja and herself.  Then, Taeja tells the private investigator to spill on who hired him or he will call the cops.  When the investigator stutters that he doesn’t know the name of the employer, Taeja forces him to call…and Professor Choi picks up.
Taeja goes to visit to ask about the private investigator.  Professor Choi laughs it off as she hired him when she got nervous about Mrs. Hong setting him up on blind match-making dates because she wanted to see them together.  Taeja frowns and asks her to stop having him fired before leaving.
Having been caught in the act, Professor Choi goes home to destroy all of the evidence photographs.  But, she gets caught b her husband.  When he recognizes Jang-Mi in the photographs, she screams with exasperation that Jang-Mi is out to ruin their lives – first by ruining Mincheol and then ruining Minjoo… Just then Minjoo walks in.
One thing that this drama seems clear about is the outcome.  We pretty much know that Mrs. Baek is going to end up with Joonhyuk’s dad.  Then if Taehee can win over Joonhyuk, Mrs. Hong will end up being parents-in-law with the woman she treats like a second class citizen.  But, the interesting part of the story is seeing the journey as we know that Mrs. Hong is going to make a larger mess before she learns to become a compassionate human being if the way that she treat Joonhyuk’s dad is any indicator.
One question that this episode poses is whether Joonhyuk will be the second male lead and how?  So far, he seems much more like Jang-Mi’s older brother as well as Taeja’s older brother.  The chemistry between Jang-Mi and Taeha seems to be growing while Joonhyuk fades into the background.  He’s there when Jang-Mi is crying and when Taeja is drinking.  So, how does he turn from older protective brother to seeing Jang-Mi as a woman and Taeja as a rival?
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