Run, Jang-Mi – E36

Minjoo dukes it out with Jang-Mi as Taeja has no idea that the girls are suiting up.



Minjoo asks what Professor Choi is speaking about and she can do nothing but admit that Jang-Mi was married to Mincheol. Minjoo immediately assumes that Jang-Mi recognized her as Mincheol’s sister but pretended not to know… Meaning that she attempted a fraudulent marriage and then tried to seduce Taeja. Minjoo goes to her room and fumes that she won’t let Jang-Mi do whatever she wants.

At the same time, Taeja sighs that he spoke to the person who hired the private investigator – Minjoo’s mother. He asks if Professor Choi spoke with Jang-Mi. She denies it.

The next day, Minjoo calls Jang-Mi out separately and secretly from Taeja. At a cafe, Minjoo declares that she feels played by Jang-Mi who tried to get married to her brother before seducing Taeja. She asks if Jang-Mi is a gold-digger.

Jang-Mi clenches her fists and glares at Minjoo. She bites out that Mincheol was the one who declared that he cannot live without her. Then when her father died and they were going bankrupt, Mincheol never returned the bridal gift of the price of the apartment as well as the car. Jang-Mi sighs that they needed the money but Mincheol took it all and never returned it.


This shuts Minjoo up before she runs to her brother’s plastic surgery lab to confront her brother. Mincheol grimaces that they took the money because it was part of a settlement for Jang-Mi’s brother beating him up. But, Minjoo isn’t convinced. She demands to know why they kept such a large amount when a simple beating wouldn’t result in the settlement of a price of an apartment. Mincheol has nothing to say and Minjoo goes home.


Meanwhile, CEO Hwang happily digs into the soup that Mrs. Baek cooked. She laughs that you have to be smart to cook well which she tries her best and CEO Hwang jokes that his own daughter-in-law is smart but cannot cook. Embarrassed, Mrs. Baek takes back her words at Mrs. Hong’s discomfort. Then, Mrs. Hong gives Mrs. Baek a fat envelope for compensation as CEO Hwang loved the dinner when he hasn’t had an appetite recently. To give her credit, Mrs. Hong muses that Mrs. Baek would be perfect if she was less chatty.


At the same time, Taehee and Joonhyuk finish up their meeting.  Taehee packs up to leave but Joonhyuk asks her to join her for some dumplings. Tears spring to Taehee’s eyes but she agrees and they go to one of her favorite restaurants. Joonhyuk thanks Taehee over the food for trying her best to get over him and she replies that it’s hard but she’s doing it since she knows he’s sincere.


After dinner, Joonhyuk comes home to find Taeja brooding over his old box of trinkets that he received from Joonhyuk back when Taeja couldn’t speak. Joonhyuk realizes that Taeja is emotionally lost and tries to help but Taeja waves him off with the explanation that he’s giving Jang-Mi space because that’s what she wanted.

Meanwhile, Minjoo arrives home to a worried household. She sees her worried mom and cries that it’s all her mom’s and brother’s fault. She demands that they pay back Jang-Mi’s family for the bridal gift of the house and the car. But Joonhyuk winces as they already used the money to set up his hospital.

Minjoo freaks out at this information like a normal person and asks how her family could have done this. She screams that once Taeja finds out, he would never turn to her since it looks like they screwed over Jang-Mi’s family for their own gain. Then she runs into her room to cry out her frustration as she just ran into one of her biggest hurdles in life – her ticket to a good life (rich husband) might not pan out. Hmmm… Me thinks Minjoo should think about living independently?


That night, Jang-Mi also finds it hard to sleep and she goes to visit Friend Jang-Mi. Friend Jang-Mi suggests that Jang-Mi tell Taeja the truth about everything and just be rid of the Choi family plague. However, Jang-Mi shakes her head as Minjoo’s family has been friends of Taeja’s family for so long… He is bound to get shocked. She sighs that if she can just suck it up for a couple of months Taeja will leave and the problem will resolve itself.


On her way home, she goes to sit on the bleachers at the neighborhood school yard to brood some more. Likely, she is tempted by Friend Jang-Mi’s suggestion.

Meanwhile, Taeja hears that Jang-Mi hasn’t come home yet and goes out to look for her in the neighborhood. He spots her on her walk home and follows from across the street.


The next day, Jang-Mi finds Taeja in the locker room.  She gives him an envelope of money to pay him back for the food he gave to her mother to cook for her since she was sick.  She asks him to stay away from her family for her sake.


Meanwhile, Professor Choi is off to make more mischief. Her husband catches her muttering about cashing in their savings to pay Jang-Mi off and tries to stop her from bothering Jang-Mi again. Plus, I wonder if the savings would be enough to pay Jang-Mi’s family back for the whole bridal gift with interest. Otherwise, what’s the point?


Anyways, he fails and Professor Choi goes off thinking that after stealing the girl’s family’s last savings that Jang-Mi would be stupid enough to keep her mouth shut for a fraction of the amount. Minjoo’s father recognizes the folly and goes to meet Taeja at a cafe.

Over tea, Minjoo’s father gets straight to the point. Baek Jang-Mi was his daughter-in-law.


Minjoo’s character! What a quandary she poses! In one way, I hate her because her goal in life is to marry Taeja and live as a rich housewife and I can’t tell if Minjoo really loves Taeja or if she is socially indoctrinated by her mother…

On the other hand, I love that Minjoo comes from a pretty functional evil family. As soon as she finds out that their family ripped off Jang-Mi’s family after the wedding ended, she cries it like it is – they should return the money because they messed up. For the non-Koreans out there. I believe that the bridal gift and the groom’s gift are meant to help set up the next generation as they begin their new family. Theoretically, if the marriage ends before it can begin, the gifts should return back with the bride or groom, as applicable. It gets messy if the couple has lived together for a long time but here, it was clear since they divorced right after the honeymoon.

As for the main couple. Hello Noble Angst! I was so happy that you didn’t drop by with Taeja and suddenly you’re here as Jang-Mi’s friend? Is anyone else kind of confused by how Jang-Mi can be so upfront about her feelings to her boss (CEO Hwang) but somehow doesn’t have the courage to do the same with Taeja when she has feelings for him but it is not love yet? Weird.

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