Run, Jang-Mi – 38

Minjoo pushes Jang-Mi too far and forces Jang-Mi to declare her own feelings.  This gives Jandi the cue to be one of the best wing-women and tell Taeja the same.  Cue Taeja’s open courtship.


Jang-Mi’s declaration of her feelings snatches off Minjoo’s mask. Suddenly, Minjoo’s face contorts into a half furious, half-contemptuous frown. She screams at Jang-Mi that Jang-Mi isn’t of the same level to even want Taeja.

Jang-Mi’s also hurt by Minjoo’s words. She tells Minjoo that it’s thanks to Minjoo’s interferences that Jang-Mi was able to identify her true feelings.

Minjoo screams at Jang-Mi before speeding over to her brother’s office to tell him to fix it. Mincheol tells Minjoo not to worry as Jang-Mi had even been pregnant and then lost her child.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi meets with her friend (turns out its Jandi not Jang-Mi). Jang-Mi sniffs that even though she knows that she likes Taeja now, she feels like she should run away because this is going to be a difficult path.

Later that night, Minjoo tells the same to her mother and Mincheol drinks his feelings away now that Jang-Mi likes Taeja.


The next day, Professor Choi yells at Mincheol for telling Minjoo about Jang-Mi losing her baby. Remember it was because of crazy Professor Choi’s scheming?

Minjoo’s dad walks in at this moment and finally finds out the truth. Feelings the pangs of a normal conscience, he goes to see Jang-Mi.

In the store, Minjoo’s dad apologizes for not coming sooner as he just found out about the child. He also sighs that he is responsible for his wife terrorizing Jang-Mi because he isn’t able to stop her. He tells Jang-Mi that Taeja has a difficult past as he suffered when his own dad passed away and couldn’t speak due to the trauma. He smiles and encourages Jang-Mi to do her best with Taeja and to ignore his own family.


At the same time, Jandi meets with Taeja and asks if Taeja really likes Jang-Mi. When he confirms, Jandi tells him that Jang-Mi started to like him.

Suddenly, Taeja is full of energy! He flounces over to store and smiles lovingly at Jang-Mi. When Jang-Mi glares at him, he explains it as the result of an energizing lunch and dances around for the rest of his responsibilities.


The next day, Jang-Mi finds three rice cakes! Taeja pounces in to tell her that he wants her to eat the rice cakes for lunch. Then he asks if she doesn’t want to know why one of the trivia facts is that his faerie season is fall.

Jang-Mi answers that she isn’t really curious. Taeja stream rolls through her wavering and answers that it’s because he met her in the fall! Proud of himself, he waltzes out.


Later that day, Minjoo engages in psychological warfare by arriving at the store with Mrs. Hong in tow. They take Taeja out for dinner to have Japanese at Minjoo’s request. Minjoo preens as she’s confident she showed Jang-Mi how much Mrs. Hong appreciates her.

On the side, Jang-Mi’s mom sits to knit when Joonhyuk’s dad walks in. He sees her and stops in place to stare, which surprises Jang-Mi’s mom. When Jang-Mi’s mom yells in surprise, Joonhyuk’s dad stutters that he thought he was seeing Joonhyuk’s mom who also used to knit a lot.

Jang-Mi’s mom softens at the thought and confesses that she also feels like her husband is on a long business trip and may return any time. She decides that they should have some kimchi pancakes and just chat. They are happily laughing together about old memories when Jang-Mi and Joonhyuk arrive because he stopped by the store on his way in. They join their parents and Jang-Mi’s mom makes it clear that she would love Joonhyuk as a son-in-law.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hong arrives at home where she runs into Taehee. Taehee tells her mom to stop stringing Minjoo along but it falls on deaf ears.


The next day, Jang-Mi finds her locker empty. Suddenly, she gets a text from Taeja which calls Jang-Mi out to the nearby school playground. There, he hands her a rice cake and asks her to eat it there.


Jang-Mi breaks the rice cake in half and finds a ring. Taeja smiles that he hears from Jandi and wants to be official in courting her. Jang-Mi tells Taeja that she’s not confident that they will work out. Taeja continues that all she has to trust him. Hold on to him. He promises her that he will do everything if she feels even a little bit that she wants to try.

Taeja slides the couple ring on to Jang-Mi’s finger and pulls her into an embrace.


And we settle into focusing on the romance.  Now that Jang-Mi and Taeja both realize that they are interested in the other romantically, can this relationship blossom?  Originally, the main issue was how and whether Jang-Mi would ever accept Taeja’s advances.  But, now that that hill has been climbed, we have to take a step back.  As a quick reminder, I’ll list out the main issues that I see lurking in the background:

(1) Taeja’s snooty mother.  Does it matter that Jang-Mi originally came from another blue blood family if Jang-Mi currently lost the privileges that came with such blue blood?

(2) Minjoo et al.  Minjoo is obsessed – how is Taeja going to escape from this girl’s insanity without her family sending her to some kind of healing camp or institution?

(3) Mincheol.  The jerk seems like the type to be jealous even though he did not want Jang-Mi once he found out that she would be penniless.

(4) Taeja’s family’s company and Jang-Mi’s father’s company.  Remember how Jang-Mi’s father had been relying on SL Foods to come through with some sort of contract that would save the company? Then SL Foods backed out.  Objectively, it’s clear that partnering up with Jang-Mi’s father’s company, which was on the brink of bankruptcy was too risky. Yet, indirectly, Jang-Mi went bankrupt as a result of SL Foods not taking the risk…Her dad died because of that cold decision.  This is ripe for some major angst.  Can Jang-Mi’s family accept the fact that Taeja’s family indirectly created the huge catalyst in their lives that forced them into poverty and a life of running the rat race?

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