Run, Jang-Mi – 39

A quiet episode. Jang-Mi and Taeja start to see each other officially as a couple.


Jang-Mi and Tasha go back home in happy spirits but with different attitudes. Jang-Mi hides her couple ring with embarrassment while Taeja goes off smiling broadly and flaunting his ring. However, neither Joonhyuk nor his father figure out what has changed to Taeja’s utter annoyance.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi wonders if it is okay for her to start again. She pulls out the hairpin that Taeja bought her and asks her dad to protect her.

The next day, Jang-Mi walks out as Taeja does. Taeja had bought the same type of jacket so they are wearing a couple look with the shoes. Taeja dances around with glee.

When they arrive at the shop, the chef recognizes the couple look immediately! He congratulates the couple and then accidentally let’s it slip that they are the first couple…hints of him with Ara?

In the back room, Ara also congratulates Jang-Mi who is more cautiously happy. Ara asks if Jang-Mi was hurt from a guy in the past and encourages her to be brave. It turns out Ara was also hurt by her husband…


Later, Minjoo arrives and slips her arm into Taeja’s to show Jang-Mi how close they are. Jang-Mi is on the side where she sees his silently and flees to the kitchen. Taeja also stops Minjoo and asks her to stop acting so friendly since they are older now and others might misunderstand. He even refuses the lunch offer so he can eat with Jang-Mi.


Minjoo huffs on back to her office where Taehee has brought lunch back. Minjoo asks Taehee what Taehee would do if Taeja brings home a girl who is poor. Taehee muses that she doesn’t care.

So, Minjoo asks whether it would make a difference if the girl picked Taeja because he’s rich. Taehee frowns that this would be a different situation and the seeds are planted.

The next day, Taeja plans an event for Jang-Mi’s mom at a restaurant with balloons and a bouquet of flowers! He kneels in front of Jang-Mi’s mom and asks for her permission to officially date Jang-Mi.

Unfortunately, Jang-Mi’s mom had her heart set on Joonhyuk and is not a polite adult. She pouts that she wanted Joonhyuk as her son in law. Taeja falters but heartily continues that he is confident about loving Jang-Mi even if he’s not Joonhyuk.

The beautifully decorated room melts away Jang-Mi’s mother’s shallow concerns and she reluctantly.


Meanwhile, Minjoo’s dad tries to reconcile with his daughter asking her to let Taeja go since he is serious about Minjoo. Yet, the girl is obsessed. She cries that she loved Taeja from when she was a child and there’s nothing she wants to do with her life other than marry Taeja. Anyone else find this declaration really uncomfortable? She’s raised by two professors and all she wants to do is marry a playboy?!

At the same time, Taeja makes additional strides with Jang-Mi’s mom who’s happy about eating steak for the first time in a long time. Taeja continues that he’s just as goodlooking as Joonhyuk. Jang-Mi’s mom laughs that while Taeja isn’t her type, he is more comfortable to be around.


The next day, Jang-Mi’s mom goes to apologize to Mrs. Hong as she cannot continue helping out. Mrs. Hong insists as CEO Hwang prefers Jang-Mi’s mom’s cooking and their original housekeeper still has not come back. Jang-Mi’s mom reluctantly agrees.

At the same time, Joonhyuk buys Jang-Mi and Taeja a drink to congratulate them. He tells Taeja not to hurt Jang-Mi and encourages Jang-Mi to forget the scars of her past.

The next day, we have a close encounter. Professor Choi is off at Taeja’s house with an expensive painting as a gift. Then Jang-Mi’s mom brings out tea and the two women see each other. Jang-Mi’s mom drops Professor Choi’s cup in shock and runs back to the kitchen.


Later, Minjoo decides to try again. She calls out Taeja to tell him not to trust Jang-Mi. Minjoo tells Taeja that Jang-Mi not only was married but was even pregnant, even though she lost her child. Taeja frowns that he knows and has known even before he began to like Jang-Mi. He tells Minjoo that as a woman herself, she should understand better how much of a scar that kind of experience would leave…She shouldn’t speak about it so lightly as if it was Jang-Mi’s fault.

Minjoo loses it. She tells Taeja that it can’t be Jang-Mi because she loves him.


For a daily makjang, Episode 39 of Run, Jang-Mi was not too out there. I think only the whole thing about Taeja planning an event to ask Jang-Mi’s mom for permission seemed kind of weird. What kind of couple gets permission when all they are doing is dating and getting to know each other? It’s not marriage.

The scene was probably put there so that we can all “awww” about Taeja throwing an event kind of as a reminder of how Mincheol threw that event when he proposed to Jang-Mi. Did it work? Yeah, it was cute to see the boyfriend treating the mom so sweetly. But was it amazing? No, it was just a sweet but “huh” moment.

What it did achieve is visually showing us how much Jang-Mi’s life has changed.  Not sure if it was unconscious…If it was consciously done, I applaud the writers.  the first picture is from Episode 1 when Mincheol proposed because he was so “madly in love.”  The lights are vibrant.  It’s all bright.  Jang-Mi wears a beautiful red dress.  She and Mincheol are alone. It’s a snippet of the life of two privileged people – walking the path of love.

The second picture is from this episode and seems to represent Jang-Mi’s current love.  The tones are much more toned down.  The background is dark; there is no natural light. Jang-Mi wears a lighter pink rather than the eye-catching red maybe symbolizing that her confidence has taken a hit.  Even the balloons are mostly blue whereas the balloons in the first picture was reds and pink.  However, while the first picture shows a distance between Jang-Mi and Mincheol, the second picture shows much less.  All of Jang-Mi’s family members are there and they all stand together in front of the arch so it looks like Jang-Mi is more closer to Taeja if not connected physically through her brother.  Last but not least, in the first picture, Jang-Mi was sitting and looking up at Mincheol as he came up.  Here, all of Jang-Mi’s family members are standing while Taeja kneels… The writers, producers, etc, are just hitting us on the head that this is a different kind of love and path toward marriage.


The other scene that stood out is Minjoo’s tantrum. She’s devolving quickly into a two dimensional female antagonist, which is a shame since she seems capable enough to study abroad and currently works. Why can’t our leading female antagonists be complex characters that are confident humans with a job or life outside of the guy… and with the flaw that they seem to be obsessed about the guy? I think for this to work, they have to unconsciously be obsessed. It can’t be this tantrum throwing childlike behavior.

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