Run, Jang-Mi – E42

Our couple begins to run into haters both in the form of Jang-Mi’s mom and Taehee.


Jang-Mi’s mom cannot believe that Jang-Mi would even think about continuing to date Taeja when it would never end with marriage. Jang-Mi tries to plead with her mother that she trusts Taeja to protect her; they may be able to succeed. Tears spring to Jang-Mi’s eyes as she asks her mom to help since she already started falling for Taeja.

Jang-Mi’s mom sighs that Jang-Mi already got hurt once by people’s avarice. She tells Jang-Mi to meet a regular guy instead.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Choi and Minjoo scheme about how to relationship. Minjoo snaps that Mrs. Choi was wrong to tell Jang-Mi’s mom about Taeja’s background… the longer the two date while Jang-Mi’s mom works for Mrs. Hong, the more that Mrs. Hong will disapprove of the relationship.


The next day, Jang-Mi finds herself unable to focus because of what happened to her mom. Taeja tells Jang-Mi to rest and offers to take over. Unfortunately, when the chef tries he same with Ara, the flirting fails.


At lunch, Jang-Mi’s mom calls Taeja out to tell him to break up with Jang-Mi. She tries to pretend that she just doesn’t like Taeja but when repeatedly questioned agrees that it’s because of his background. She explains that she has lived enough to know how hard the relationship would be and doesn’t want her daughter to suffer.

Jang-Mi’s mom gets up and leaves with Taeja following. He runs after her declaring that he will always protect Jang-Mi. Jang-MI’s mom yells back that his declaration is wrong, too. Why should a relationship start with the need to protect it? She repeats that she will never approve and leaves.

That night, Taeja calls Joonhyuk out for drinks and begins chugging away his sorrows. He whines that he doesn’t even want to take over the company… why can’t he just live a small but comfortable life with Jang-Mi?

Joonhyuk responds back with some tough love. He tells Taeja that this is just a tantrum. Taeja has something that other people can only dream about… a company that he is responsible for that feeds numerous other families.


The next scene is hilarious! Taeja wakes up with a hangover and asks Joonhyuk what he can do… even though he woke up, nothing has been fixed. Joonhyuk snaps back that Taeja did nothing but drink and sleep. He needs to get his act straight first.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hong has to call Jang-Mi’s mom who slept in late due to her emotional drain. Jang-Mi’s mom apologizes that she’s feeling under the weather and Mrs. Hong judges her as being unreliable.


Taeja also meets with Jang-Mi and reassures her that Jang-Mi’s mom is reacting g expectedly. He will just work harder.


Later as Jang-Mi’s family has dinner, Taeja comes over smiling. He asks if they have extra food since he’s alone at his house. Jang-Mi’s mom snaps that they don’t have extra food, but Jangsu gets up after a look from Jang-Mi. He confirms that there’s extra food and gets a bowl for Taeja.

Jang-Mi’s mom cannot stand Taeja’s attempt to get back into her good graces. She slams her utensils back down on the table and announces that she’s not going to eat further. Taeja gives up and leaves after telling Jangsu to bring his mother back out.

Jangsu confronts his mother about it. But, Mom is pretty adamant that she is doing what is right. They don’t know how the family would react to Taeja bringing Jang-Mi home. Even after Jang-Mi comes in to ask Mom to go easier on Taeja, she doesn’t relent.


The next day, Minjoo calls Taeja out and asks one more time if he couldn’t consider her again. Taeja repeats that he loves Jang-Mi. Minjoo smiles when she hears this and announces that she will give up; she values their relationship more than her love for him…She doesn’t want to be an obstacle to his love.


Meanwhile, Mom calls Mr. Jang home to try on the vest that she knitted. However, the vest is tight around Mr. Jang’s head and Mom has to dance around him to pull it down. Joonhyuk comes home during this time and smiles when he sees the scene. Mom brags that she knitted it before leaving and Joonhyuk comments to his father that they have gotten really close.


That evening, Taeja calls Taehee over for dinner. Taehee is icy as soon as she arrives. She refuses Jang-Mi’s attempt to help with dishes. Then she even asks why Jang-Mi likes Taeja. When Jang-Mi answers that he’s warm and nice, Taehee remarks that it’s so weird that they are all intangible characteristics. Jang-Mi laughs that she also likes Taeja being taller. Taehee asks if Taeja’s status as heir to SL Foods had nothing to do with it.

Taeja quickly pulls Taehee away to ask why she’s being so rude. Taehee snaps back that Taeja is the idiot for not seeing how fake Jang-Mi is. Taeja sighs that his sister is not ready to meet Jang-Mi and drags Jang-Mi off.


The next day, Taeja stops by Taehee’s office. He softly notes that Taehee would change her mind if she got to meet Jang-Mi more. Taehee snaps back that she knows more than Taeja thinks…she knows that Jang-Mi told Taeja to come over. She even snipes that girls like that are all the same – they make fights and then pretend to care.

Taeja bristles at the insinuation and yells that Taehee is just being stubborn. He adds that he knows that Taehee’s worried about but his relationship with Jang-Mi is different than Taehee’s relationship with Joonhyuk. While, Taehee had a one sided relationship, his feelings are returned.

Taehee snaps asking how Taeja could belittle her feelings while protecting his own. Taeja decides to retreat.


Jang-Mi then takes a bunch of rice cakes to Taehee’s worksite for all of her contractors. Even though Taehee declines the rice cakes, Jang-Mi insists hands them out.


When Minjoo later joins Taehee, Taehee is already wavering. Taehee sighs that she’s starting to warm up to Jang-Mi who seems to be trying so hard.

Minjoo decides that she has to take matters into her own hands. She texts Jang-Mi to meet up the next day at a restaurant.


While Jang-Mi waits for Minjoo, Minjoo arrives pulling Taehee along. Minjoo smiles that the chef is really talented and Taehee will enjoy the food. At that moment, Mincheol stops by Jang-Mi’s table and exclaims in surprise to see her there.


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