Run, Jang-Mi – E44

The evil Kangs laugh as the Baeks run around trying to save Jangsu.


Jangsu finally comes home to find Jang-Mi and his mother waiting in the living room while worried sick. Jang-Mi shoves the investigation summons in his face and demands to know what he did.

Jangsu sighs that Mincheol is suing him for tortuous interference. Mrs. Na and Jang-Mi’s hearts drop at the news. Jang-Mi announces that she told him to watch it so he can get himself out of his mess. She stalks into her room.

Left standing in the living room, Jangsu cries that he was so furious that Mincheol was living so happily with their money that Jangsu extorted out of the settlement while Jang-Mi was working so hard to make a living. Mrs. Na screams that Jangsu still should not have made another mess like this…

Jangsu storms into his room as he remembers how Jang-Mi had kneeled in front of Mincheol in the past. Jang-Mi had told Jangsu that she never wanted to feel that again.


The next day, Jang-Mi finds herself unable to focus. She asks to leave early and gets permission. Then, she goes with Jangsu to the police station for the investigation.

At first, Jangsu denies directly telling others defamatory statements against Mincheol’s hospital. The police officer sighs and tells Jangsu to confess as they have a recording of Jangsu in the act. In the face of evidence, Jangsu confesses that he might have said stuff to three or five people.


Jangsu and Jang-Mi go home to tell their worried mother… They need to have Mincheol sign a settlement or Jangsu might go to jail.

Mrs. Na cries that Jangsu had just been living a normal life for him to go to prison. She wonders if they can ask Taeja for help. Jang-Mi frowns at this and cuts her mom off. Jang-Mi snaps that crying won’t solve anything; they need to fix it themselves.


The next day, Jang-Mi continues to work while distracted. She’s so distracted that the chef yells at her for cutting the rice cake without focusing. Jang-Mi excuses herself for a little bit of rest and the chef snaps at Taeja for not knowing anything even though he’s dating her.

Meanwhile, Taehee broods about whether she should let Jang-Mi explain herself for being seen with Mincheol. Minjoo frowns and warns Taehee to not trust Jang-Mi. She adds that Jang-Mi’s brother has been spreading defamatory rumors about Mincheol’s hospital to make it lose customers… he finally had to file a claim with the police. When Taehee hears about this and how Jangsu attacked Mincheol in the past, she sighs that her brother must have been seduced.


At the same time, Jang-Mi tries to visit Mincheol and gets thrown out of the hospital. Mrs. Na also goes to visit Professor Choi. Mrs. Na isn’t luckier as Mrs. Choi throws Mrs. Na out as well.


Taeja comes home first and runs into Jangsu’s friend in the courtyard. He asks about the kids’ playground event that Jang-Mi used as an excuse for leaving work early the other day. Finding it weird that Jangsu’s friend doesn’t know about it, Taeja goes in to check on Jangsu.

Jangsu pretends that he’s just down with a cold. Then, he asks Taeja to take care of his sister. Taeja laughs that Jangsu does not even have to ask and reminds Jangsu to tell him if anything happens to the family.


At the same time, Mincheol leaves his hospital to find Jang-Mi waiting for him in the parking lot. She asks again for him to help. But, Mincheol refuses. When Taeja calls, Jang-Mi lies that she went to the hospital to get IV fluid as she was so tired.

Meanwhile, CEO Hwang tries talking to Taehee about keeping an open mind about Jang-Mj. This only rubs Taehee the wrong way. She snaps that Jang-Mi comes from a weird family and walks out.

The next day, Minjoo meets with Jang-Mi. She promises to try to convince her brother to settle it after noting that there would be no benefit in Taeja finding out about the problem.

Jang-Mi goes back to work to find Taeja worried about her in the locker room. She continues to lie that she just went out to meet Jandi.


That night, Taehee meets with Joonhyuk over drinks. She declares that the Choi’s are right in not settling when they were burned once before. Joonhyuk muses that there must have been a reason for the misunderstanding. Taehee yells that she doesn’t even like Joonhyuk that night…

Joonhyuk then runs into Jang-Mi outside their house. He notes that he heard about the problem and asks if she needs help. Jang-Mi smiles wearily that she will figure it out and asks Joonhyuk to keep it a secret from Taeja.


The next day, Joonhyuk introduces Jang-Mi to one of their company’s attorneys who is experienced with similar matters. The attorney advises that Jang-Mi get declarations in support of Jangsu.

Meanwhile, Taeja happily thinks of ways to gain Mrs. Na’s favor. He gets excited and tries to call Jang-Mi. When she doesn’t answer, he also tries Jandi as Jang-Mi had said she would go to see Jandi.


But, then, Jandi tells Taeja that Jang-Mi didn’t come to see her and Jang-Mi walks home with Joonhyuk. Taeja frowns but let’s the two go in when Jang-Mi explains that something came up.

Then, Taeja decides to look into it further after brooding in his room. He goes into Joonhyuk’s room just after Joonhyuk goes out for a class of water and sees the declaration on Joonhyuk’s computer. Taeja confronts Joonhyuk and then Jang-Mi.

Taeja accuses Jang-Mi of keeping it from him because she thought he would be useless to help her. Jang-Mi answers that she didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t want him having to ask Mincheol for a favor; without this kind of problem, Taeja would never have to lower himself or subject himself to Mincheol’s mercy.


Ah, Jang-Mi… Usually dramas make the view (or me) wonder if it’s worth all of the stress and headache for the amazing stories that these main characters lead.  However, poor, poor Jang-Mi is different.  She barely lives a quiet life.  Even with the quiet life of just being a an employee on probation (with no job security), her life keeps getting turned upside down.  Now, her brother might go to prison… for being stupid. The worst part of it all?  She can’t even blame anyone because it’s her little brother who messed everything up.

On the side, I don’t blame Jang-Mi for not telling Taeja.  They barely started dating.  Why would Jang-Mi tell her recent boyfriend of less than a month that her idiot brother got himself recorded defaming a business in Korea… Everyone knows that in Korea, even if it’s the truth, defamatory statements are sue-worthy… It’s not exactly something to brag about. Koreans even prosecute internet insults.  A person who gets himself recorded talking about another’s business (and a lie at that) is just an idiot!

Finally, I would have judged Jang-Mi worse if she went straight to Taeja to clean up the mess without even trying. So, I was quite satisfied with this episode.

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