Run, Jang-Mi – E46

Minjoo fights back by framing Ms. Na as a thief.
The episode opens with Minjoo dropping by Mrs. Hong’s house. The creepy and brooding music in the background warns us that something will happen…
Then as Mrs. Na prepares lunch, Mrs. Hong gives Minjoo what looks like a diamond ring. She explains that she wanted to thank Minjoo’s mom for the precious painting that she received but Minjoo’s mom refused any compensation. So, Mrs. Hong reset one of her rings to be more modern.

As Taeja and Jang-Mi date, Minjoo excuses herself for the bathroom. Then, when Minjoo comes back out, she find her ring box empty. Minjoo calls for Mrs. Na and demands the ring back. Mrs. Na denies taking the ring and Minjoo then demands to loom through Mrs. Na’s bag.

Mrs. Na yells back that she has nothing to hide and dumps the contents of her bag. To her surprise, the ring falls out as well. Minjoo turns to Mrs. Na and notes that Mrs. Na cannot lie about the fact any more.

Then Mrs. Hong calls for Minjoo. This cuts the tense scene with Minjoo getting the last word. Minjoo threatens to keep it a secret for now. Then she leaves Mrs. Na nearly in tears.
Minjoo drives Mrs. Hong on their date and lightly mentions that she might need to be careful of the help. Mrs. Hong answers that once you hire someone, you should trust them and ends the conversation.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Na broods about what happened. When Taeja and Jang-Mi come home to invite Mrs. Na on a weekend to a nearby hot springs, Mrs. Na refuses. Taeja tries to insist but Mrs. Na yells out of frustration that she doesn’t even want to take the bus and retreats into her room… the two youngsters are left in shock with Taeja wondering if Mrs. Na still doesn’t like him and Jang-Mi assuming Mrs. Na is going through menopause.
Then Minjoo goes off and tells Taehee about the whole incident as well. This of course makes Taehee distrust Jang-Mi’s family even more.

Taeja tries again by inviting Mrs. Na to a nice lunch the next day and gets declined again. At this point, he and Jang-Mi give up trying to take Mrs. Na out and decide to have a date instead.

They take out the date box and Taeja pulls out the suggestion -visiting an orphanage. It’s Jang-Mi’s wish as she used to go with her father.


Cue trip to see the kids! Taeja is overwhelmed by the kids…

They hand out gifts and put up glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. After the long day, Taeja whines about being sore at the bus station and Jang-Mi gives him a massage. Of course, Taeja takes it too far and asks for a kiss, which Jang-Mi refuses.

At the same time, Mr. Jang takes Mrs. Na back to the judo gym where they practice flipping the opponent over. Mr. Jang is too distracted by the nearness to Mrs. Na so that he keeps freezing up and gets slapped around by her. ^^
Meanwhile, Mrs. Choi gushes over Minjoo’s ring. She wonders if Mrs. Hong is considering Minjoo as a future daughter-in-law for giving Minjoo a ring.
CEO Hwang visits his doctor and gets some good news. If he continues this way, he won’t have any issues living a normal life.
On his way out, CEO Hwang runs into Joonhyuk and lies that he came because of a simple cold. Joonhyuk offers to take the CEO back to the office and reminds him to get his annual physical exams.
Once Joonhyuk is back at the office, he realizes that he cannot shake off the weird feeling that the CEO was at the hospital alone. He checks with the CEO’s driver who answers that the CEO always goes to the hospital with him but the CEO hasn’t gone to the hospital in a while…
Back at the rice cake store, Taeja thanks Jang-Mi for teaching him about the happiness he can obtain by helping others. He confesses that he used to think that happiness can only be achieved by focusing on himself. Jang-Mi smiles that she learned it from her father.
Later, Minjoo continues scheming. She calls out Taeja for lunch and tells him not to bring Jang-Mi since she plans to bring Taehee.

Lunch arrives and Taehee frowns when she sees Taeja walk over. Taehee decides that she doesn’t want to eat lunch with Taeja, leaving the two to eat lunch together.

Taeja’s desire to bring food back for Jang-Mi makes him realize that he doesn’t know where his phone is. Minjoo calls his phone and Taeja sees that Minjoo still has him labeled as “My Man.” He frowns and tells her to change it as it could cause misunderstandings with Jang-Mi.

After lunch, Taeja also declines’s Minjoo’s offer to drive him home on the grounds that it might make Jang-Mi unhappy… Minjoo goes home and then renames Taeja as “My Man,” and determines to make Jang-Mi’s life miserable each time that Taeja makes Jang-Mi happy.
Minjoo goes over to Taeja’s house with renewed determination and tells Mrs. Hong to watch out for Mrs. Na as she tried to steal Minjoo’s new ring.


Episode 46 seems to exist just to give Mrs. Hong another reason to hate Mrs. Na. Honestly, I don’t even understand why Mrs. Na would want to work in the Hwang household in the first place after knowing that Jang-Mi and Taeja are an item. It’s already a sensitive issue when your kid wants to marry someone and you start judging the other family from everything from looks to values… I can’t see how Mrs. Na could think that working for an anal woman would be beneficial to that evaluation, which would inevitably come.

On the other hand, I loved that this drama spent a date at an orphanage! Unlike the United States; Korea has several orphanages. Not all of the children are truly orphans without parents. Some may have parents who do not have the means to care for the kids. Either way, they exist.

The fact that this drama showed two young people spending their free time spending time with those who could benefit from the additional affection was lovely. It’s unfortunate but the younger generation is inundated with what is “hip” or “cool” to do on dates. If more shows highlighted the emotional benefits of spending time helping others instead of finding Instagram picture opportunities, more people would benefit (both the volunteers and those being helped). Taeja’s statement that he never knew that he could become happier by helping others was such a sad statement because, it may be true for a lot of people out there.

DRAMAFEED out on a happy note.

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