Run, Jang-Mi – 47

As Taeja and CEO Hwang find out about Mrs. Na, Minjoo moves into strengthen her hold on Mrs. Hong.


Mrs. Hong gasps in shock when she hears Minjoo’s story about Mrs. Na trying to steal the ring…and the ring being found in Mrs. Na’s bag. Mrs. Hong’s immediate reaction is to ask why Minjoo didn’t speak up earlier.


A convenient flashback shows us that it was all part of Minjoo’s plan in the first place.  She had planted the ring to frame Mrs. Na.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Na determines that she will continue to do her best. She even prepares three different jars of tea jelly that she had prepared to bring to the Hwang household. She walks in defiantly but Mrs. Hong asks Mrs. Na to sit and demands to know the truth.

Mrs. Na tries to convince Mrs. Hong that it is all a misunderstanding as she’s innocent. But, Mrs. Hong replies that it’s still suspicious that Mrs. Na didn’t tell Mrs. Hong about it after it happened. She tells Mrs. Na to leave.

On the side, Jang-Mi and Taeja run into Mincheol as they leave the building where Jangsu works. Taeja quickly grabs Jang-Mi’s hand tightly. Jang-Mi thanks Mincheol levelly for settling the issue with Jangsu. Mincheol responds back by warning Jang-Mi that it will be the last time.

Jang-Mi and Taeja walk off and Jang-Mi asks Taeja why he held onto her hand so tightly. Taeja smiles sheepishly and answers that he wanted to show Mincheol that Jang-Mi is worth loving. Jang-Mi smiles broadly back noting that she also felt much more confident because of Taeja being with her and holding her hand.

At the same time, Mr. Jang hears Mrs. Na sobbing and invites her out to play one of the outside whack-a-mole games. She gets into it before she begins sobbing that she’s innocent. This lets Mrs. Na confess to Mr. Jang that she was fired after being labeled a thief.


Meanwhile, Joonhyuk visits CEO Hwang’s doctor to check in on CEO Hwang. The doctor answers that there is nothing wrong other than a cold. However, he’s still worried and tells Taehee to take CEO Hwang to the hospital for his annual exams.
That night, Jang-Mi sees that her mom seems to be in a bad mood and insists on putting on face masks. Laying together with the face masks, Jang-Mi tells her mother that she’s happy these days with Taeja. Mrs. Na sighs to herself that she cannot be the reason that Jang-Mi loses her happiness.
The next day, Mrs. Na returns to work after begging the other housekeeper to let her in. Even when Mrs. Hong glares at her for being in the kitchen, Mrs. Na asks Mrs. Hong for another chance. Mrs. Na even adds that she doesn’t need to be paid but she hates the fact that she would have to quit after being framed as a thief. She just wants a chance to prove herself. She asks Mrs. Hong to give her another chance and even offers to go to the police if anything else goes missing.

Taeja drops by with some herbal medicine for his mom after Jang-Mi insists that Taeja takes care of his mother. He drops by just as Mrs. Na is leaving and she confesses to working as the general household manager before leaving. Taeja immediately goes to tells his grandfather to watch out for Mrs. Na as she is Jang-Mi’s mother. CEO Hwang tells Taeja about how there might have already been an incident.

Taeja leaves after giving his mother the herbal medicine and explaining that he was told to take care of his mother by his supervisor at work.
Then Taeja meets with Mrs. Na and hears about the whole issue. He sighs that working for his mother might not be the best thing but Mrs. Na insists that she can’t leave while being viewed as a thief.  The conversation stops abruptly when Jang-Mi comes home.
At the same time, Mrs. Hong checks in with her housekeeper about Mrs. Na… The other lady honestly answers that Mrs. Na never took anything. Rather, she always brought food for the family. She even adds that even though they didn’t know each other, Mrs. Na had given her condolence money when she had to leave for her family funeral.
The day doesn’t end before Mincheol reviews possible blind dates. He agrees that one woman out of the lot seems to be the best although he’s not really into her. Mrs. Choi agrees as the girl that he picked is the girl who is rich with land.

At this point, Mincheol’s father notes that money isn’t the most important thing in a marriage. But, Mrs. Choi cuts him off with the declaration that the lack of money can cause a lot of suffering glaring at her husband.
The next day, Taeja calls Minjoo out to a cafe to ask about the ring incident. Minjoo insists that Mrs. Na had to have taken the ring. Minjoo pretends that she didn’t even know who Mrs. Na was.

Taeja tells her that Mrs. Na is not the type who would steal another person’s stuff. He explains that Mrs. Na is Jang-Mi’s mother. Minjoo gasps in surprise as she pretends that she had no idea. Taeja doesn’t second guess her reactions and only asks that Minjoo try to resolve the misunderstanding and treat Mrs. Na with respect.


Even though Minjoo promises to help, she carefully asks Mrs. Hong at their painting class about the housekeeper. Mrs. Hong answers that it weird that Mrs. Na refuses the quit and seems adamant that she didn’t do it. She wonders if it truly was a misunderstanding until Minjoo reminds her that the ring was found in her bag.

Minjoo asks how Mrs. Hong hired Mrs. Na. Mrs. Hong tells Minjoo that Mrs. Na is Taeja’s female supervisor’s mom… of course, Minjoo pretends to be shocked at the news.

Then, Mrs. Hong sighs that she feels under the weather and invites Minjoo to go shopping. They buy Taeja a bracelet and bring it to him just in time to see Taeja and Jang-Mi looking too close as Taeja learns how to decorate with frosting.


Mrs. Na’s decision to continue to work even after hearing Taeja’s concerns was an interesting development in the series.  On one hand, Mrs. Na is showing a growing resolve.  Even though she has been warned by both Mr. Jang and Taeja, she insists on her own choice and path.  On the other hand, the decision appears to be a foolish one as Mrs. Hong is clearly a biased woman set in her beliefs.  While Mrs. Na has no other way of getting close to Mrs. Hong, jumping into to work for Mrs. Hong as their head of household just seems irrational.  Even if the playing field were level, Mrs. Na would have to be nearly perfect…With Minjoo and Mrs. Cha circling in the background, Mrs. Na is sure to make mistakes that would only strengthen Mrs. Hong’s resolve to keep her son from marrying Jang-Mi.

As for Minjoo, her decision to sabotage Mrs. Na shows that the drama is walking the path of makjang second lead hysteria.  It’s unfortunate because the devolution into a hysterical second lead takes away all of the presumably good characteristics that remain in Minjoo – an educated and charismatic woman, who has a life other than Taeja.

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