Run, Jang-Mi – E48

Taeja and Jang-Mi believe that they convinced Mrs. Hong that they are not dating while Mrs. Hong begins to rely on Minjoo.


The sudden and dramatic opens the scene with Minjoo and Mrs. Hong walking in on Taeja about to kiss Jang-Mi. Taeja quickly tells the two women to leave the kitchen since outside people aren’t allowed.


At a table, Taeja tries to explain that it’s the same thing as Mrs. Hong walking into a tutoring session and accusing the tutor of doing something untoward. Mrs. Hong snaps back that it was clearly something else. She also accuses Jang-Mi of having ulterior motives like other women in Taeja’s life. Taeja sighs that the conversation is going no where and tells the two to leave.


Then Taeja goes into the kitchen to apologize to Jang-Mi. Jang-Mi forces a smile and confesses that she knows that they can’t tell his mother yet but she still feels a bit affected by Mrs. Hong’s words. They clean up and walk home in silence.

Later, Minjoo continues her act by calling Taeja and telling him that she tried to cover up for Taeja and Jang-Mi. She also asks to meet up since they had originally come over to bring him a present.

The next day, Taeja meets up with Minjoo who hands over the bracelet. He thanks her but explains that he already has a bracelet. He also asks Minjoo to give him a warning before she comes in with his mother.

Minjoo agrees and asks for one last date with Taeja. Taeja looks up in surprise and asks if Minjoo isn’t over him. Minjoo answers that she is trying but would like one last date.


Taeja goes back and asks Jang-Mi for permission to go on the date. When Jang-Mi doesn’t answer right away, he adds that he will just turn it down.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Na arrives at the Hwang residence. Mrs. Hong asks Mrs. Na to sit down as she has something to say about Jang-Mi… then she asks Mrs. Na to caution Jang-Mi about her behavior.

Mrs. Na answers that it’s because the two children are really close. Mrs. Hong frowns but doesn’t say more.

Later Mrs. Na goes to ask Mr. Jang the same thing. She tells him to warn Taeja off if he seems to be showing public displays of affection.


Then, the two go off to judo even though Mr. Jang is sore from the last session. Mrs. Na has fun with the new technique of tripping the opponent while Mr. Jang has difficulty just controlling his heart from being so close to Mrs. Na.

That night, Jang-Mi tells Taeja to go on that date with Minjoo.

The next day, Mincheol goes on his blind date. The girl tells him directly that she is interested in him… his appearance is fine and she likes that he is a doctor with his own hospital. She begins to ask him about his monthly revenue and the exact location of the hospital…


At the same time, Taeja and Minjoo walk around the theme park. One of the employees stops them for an event where they are taking pictures of couples. Taeja frowns that they are not a couple but Minjoo insists. So, they take a picture in which Minjoo kisses Taeja’s cheek at the last minute.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi decides to turn off her phone since she cannot focus. She then leaves the store to go to a bookstore for some inspiration.

On her way, she runs into Joonhyuk who offers to go with her to the bookstore. Then, he even goes to lunch with her.


Back on the last date, Taeja asks Minjoo to toss the photograph as it could be misunderstood. Minjoo frowns but rips it up in front of Taeja.


Taehee shows up in this episode as well. She gets a letter from Taeja explaining that he resorted to writing the letter since she wasn’t seeing him. He adds that he seems to be turning into a better person and understands Taehee’s own love now. He asks Taehee to be nice to Jang-Mi. Taehee smiles and laughs that it always returns to Jang-Mi.


Mincheol comes home to sigh that he feels like all of his energy was drained in the blind date. He whines that she was completely different from Jang-Mi. Mrs. Choi immediately decides that she likes the girl since she hated Jang-Mi.


After getting yelled at by his wife, Mr. Kang goes to a bar to drink. Ara joins him and he sighs that his wife is always telling him to shut up. Ara muses that his wife seems a bit temperamental and opinionated. But this sympathy rubs Mr. Kang the wrong way. He snaps that his wife was not always like this but money troubles changed her. He also adds that since she is his wife, only he can complain about her.


That night Taeja arrives first and sees Jang-Mi coming home with Joonhyuk. He yells at Jang-Mi for keeping her phone off all day and mopes about her coming home with Joonhyuk.

Taeja goes home to find Taehee waiting for him. She smiles that she isn’t ready to approve of Jang-Mi but she won’t stand in the way. Taeja immediately grabs her into a hug.


Jang-Mi also stalks into her home wondering why Taeja is acting so weird. She runs into Jangsu who asks why she kept her phone off… Taeja has reached out to him because he was worried. He also explains that guys find it frustrating when girls don’t answer.

Jang-Mi turns on her phone to see all of the missed messages. She pauses as she realizes that she might have been hasty in her reaction to Taeja.


Then morning comes and Jang-Mi runs into Taeja in the courtyard as usual. She immediately apologizes but he does as well at the same time. Cue happy couple again!


They go off to work where Jang-Mi tells Taeja that they have to shape up and work harder eliciting approval from the chef. Everyone is in good spirits until delivery arrives for Taeja. Jang-Mi opens it and pulls out a shirt with the picture of Minjoo kissing Taeja.


Well… trouble brews from both ends with Jang-Mi and her mother. But, in comparison to other makjang dramas, Minjoo doesn’t particularly seem crazy yet. Yes, she demanded a last date at an amusement park… but, if Taeja is serious about keeping Minjoo at bay, he should have refused instead of indulging her.

Minjoo walked the line of crazy when she framed Mrs. Na but it’s something that you would expect from a desperate woman who has no sense of self worth other than from stemming from a guy. She doesn’t realize that each time she does something so extreme, she’s hurting her own integrity as such actions will become less taboo for her internally.

One thought that did cross my mind was that Mrs. Na was particularly annoying in this episode. Sure, she lived a sheltered life by being pampered by her husband and now relies on her daughter. She says she knows how the real world works, which is why she was against Jang-Mi dating Taeja in the first place. Then, why doesn’t get suspicious radar get triggered when Minjoo frames her? I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who want to play the victim card, which this lady obviously does.

Finally, I’m glad that Taehee turned into a neutral person regarding Taeja’s relationship. However, I feel like somewhere along the line, we lost the cool and independent Taehee character that I liked in the beginning of this series. This girl now just exists so that Minjoo has someone to manipulate. She has no reason really to hate Jang-Mi. It would have been different if the writer had developed the romance between Jang-Mi and Joonhyuk… having the two have a side relationship while things were bad with Taeja. Then, it woulda me a lot more sense for Taehee to be so suspicious about Jang-Mi. Yet, we didn’t go that route and she still seems to accept everything that Minjoo says. Annoying.

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