Run, Jang-Mi – E49

Jang-Mi and Taeja go through a love-fight as Jang-Mi fights her rising jealousy over Minjoo’s antics.


Jang-Mi runs out of the main room with Taeja following.  Taeja raises his voice repeating that it was just a misunderstanding.  But, Jang-Mi quickly turns around to shrilly shout that she is angry that she even had to see such a photograph.  She tells him to leave and Taeja acquiesces reluctantly.


Taeja goes back to the kitchen were Ara agrees that she would be completely furious if she had been Jang-Mi.  They encourage Taeja to make it up to Jang-Mi.

At the same time, Minjoo meets with the person in charge of the photograph competition event at a nearby cafe.  She thanks them for helping her out.  The employee smiles back that it was not much of a bother since Minjoo paid for printing of the shirt as well as the shipping…


The same day, Taeja barges into Minjoo’s office and throws down the box demanding to know why it was sent to his work.  Minjoo pretends not to know what happened repeating that she intended to give the event representative her work card but she must have given Taeja’s.  Taeja sighs and tells Minjoo to be careful in the future as he does not want anything to happen that would make Jang-Mi even get concerned before leaving.


Taehee comes in a couple minutes later and Minjoo lies that Taeja is angry at her because Jang-Mi is jealous of the relationship between Taeja and Minjoo.  Taehee surprises Minjoo when she agrees with Jang-Mi and tells Minjoo that would wouldn’t hurt for Minjoo to distance herself from Taeja now that he has a girlfriend.  Minjoo starts up in shock and Taehee explains sheepishly that she decided to support Taeja’s relationship.  She remembered how hard it was for her to be in a relationship with Joonhyuk when everyone disapproved.  She wants to support her brother.


Later, Jang-Mi and Taeja go back to headquarters for their usual meeting with Joonhyuk and Jandi.  However, when the meeting ends, it’s clear that there’s an issue between them…Jandi follows them out and ends up going home with Jang-Mi.  At Jandi’s place, Jang-Mi bears her soul and lets it out.


Jandi gasps with fury when she hears about Minjoo’s antics.  She mutters that she would have been furious as well.  But, then, Jandi laughs that she is surprised to find out that Jang-Mi is showing jealously.  It means that Jang-Mi has fully healed.


At the same time, Taeja has dinner with Joonhyuk who guesses the same thing.  Jang-Mi is showing some jealously.  This puts a different light on the whole fight and Taeja leaves reenergized after getting a text from Jandi.

Taeja’s off to pick up Jang-Mi from Jandi’s place.  In the cab, he’s all smiles and laughter, holding Jang-Mi’s face in place so that he can memorize it.  Even Jang-Mi has to smile sheepishly at Taeja’s forward excitement.


Meanwhile, Mincheol has another date with the girl from last time.  However, he ends up comparing her to Jang-Mi over and over again.  First, the girl has issues with how well the steak is cooked.  Then he coughs when she asks about his first marriage.  He comes home exhausted and whines to his parents that she seems to have a temper.  Mr. Choi jumps in to shout that Mincheol should stay away from women with strong tempers as he looks at his wife.


Back at the rice cake store, CEO Hwang visits and tells Taeja to come home.  Taeja answers that he doesn’t want to and promises to send his grandfather a picture every morning.  When CEO Hwang grumbles that he doesn’t know how to use a cell phone, Jang-Mi jumps in to help.  She even writes down the instructions on how to read and respond to texts so that CEO Hwang can have it as  reference.


The next day, Taeja and Jang-Mi discuss possible dates.  Jang-Mi sighs that a day trip would be nice but it would only work if they had a car.  Taeja pauses as he does have a car but he just cannot drive… That night he goes to ask Joonhyuk for help on passing the written driver’s license exam.  He wants to get his license.


Suddenly Taeja passes the written exam and calls Minjoo out to warn in her advance that he will be asking for his car back.  Minjoo looks up in surprise that Taeja would want to drive when he has the childhood trauma from the car accident.  Taeja smiles that he wants to make it easier on Minjoo and hammers the nail in harder to her wound.  Minjoo goes home in a rage that Taeja would finally decide to learn how to drive when even the mention of driving would trigger Taeja in the past.


Next we see Taeja having his first lesson.  He has difficulty even holding the steering wheel.  The lesson ends without Taeja doing anything.

Back at the store, Jang-Mi sees Minjoo’s phone ring when Taeja calls because Minjoo is in the bathroom.  She sees that Taeja is labeled “My Man.”  When Minjoo comes back, Jang-Mi asks Minjoo to change the name.


I liked the fact that this episode focused on Jang-Mi’s jealousy.  There are several different levels to a relationship and this drama seems to actually acknowledge that fact.  Jang-Mi was still hurt when Taeja fell for her.  When Jang-Mi agreed to begin dating Taeja, I felt like she liked Taeja as a boyfriend/swain.  He was there to fawn over her and remind her that she has value.

However, Jang-Mi enjoying spending time with Taeja and his affections is different from Jang-Mi loving Taeja to the point that she does not want to share him with anyone who could lay a claim on him.  I loved that Jandi had to point out to Jang-Mi that she’s jealous and that this is another sign that Jang-Mi is fully healed.  Then, when Jang-Mi didn’t try to deny the fact or repress it, it felt like Jang-Mi was accepting the next level of affection.  Specifically, she was willing to acknowledge those feelings and confront Minjoo about her name for Taeja.    This was like a baby step for Jang-Mi showing that she’s willing to even fight for Taeja.  And, our relationship seems to have dipped into the “love” category.

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