Run, Jang-Mi – E52

Taeja officially introduces Jang-Mi to his family and Mrs. Hong begins to attack directly and openly.



Mrs. Hong demands that Jang-Mi leaves but CEO Hwang overrules her.  Everyone gets to sit down and Taeja explains that he loves Jang-Mi.  Mrs. Hong is irrational and unwilling to compromise.  She accuses Jang-Mi of purposefully lying to her about Jang-Mi’s relationship with Taeja.  Jang-Mi tries to explain but gets cut off.
Finally, CEO Hwang sighs that it would be best if Taeja and Jang-Mi leave for the day…Otherwise, the family might be more embarassed.  Teaja leaves with Jang-Mi.
Mrs. Hong goes to CEO Hwang first.  She asks him to leave the decision about Taeja’s wife to her.  But, CEO Hwang refuses and repeats that he promised to support Taeja.  He also notes that he knew Jang-Mi before Taeja knew her.  He finds Jang-Mi a great young child.  Stalemate.
Jang-Mi and Taeja also confer back at the rice cake shop.  Taeja is completely frustrated but Jang-Mi tries to tell him to keep his hope alive.
Minjoo drops by the Hwang residence and flames the fire of Mrs. Hong’s heart.  Minjoo tells Mrs. Hong that Mrs. Hong should understand Taeja as Jang-Mi seduced him.
Then Minjoo meets with Jang-Mi in a cafe to warn Jang-Mi to give up.  Minjoo tells Jang-Mi that Mrs. Hong would never approve and Jang-Mi should quietly give up on Taeja before Mrs. Hong becomes serious about hurting Jang-Mi.  Jang-Mi tells Minjoo to stay out of the relationship which is between Taeja and herself.
At the same time, Mincheol meets with Yuri.  She is ready to invest in Mincheol’s cosmetics side venture.  Mincheol gets caught off guard as Yuri is so enthusiastic and promises to a contract.  Yuri agrees that the contract is important.
Back at the Kang residence, Mr. Kang comes home after a makeover sporting a new hair style, new clothes, and new glasses.  Mrs. Choi is not satisfied at all but Mr. Kang insists that it makes him look younger and refuses to change back.
Then Mincheol comes home and dilutes the tension.  He wonders in amazement that Yuri is not bad at all…She’s willing to invest in his business.  So, basically money = good to Mincheol.
The next day, Taeja visits CEO Hwang.  CEO Hwang reams into Taeja for bringing Jang-Mi over to the house without announcing anything and making it a mess.  CEO Hwang sighs that Mrs. Hong would never approve of Jang-Mi if Taeja tries to force Mrs. Hong like this.  Taeja cries back that he had no other choice since Mrs. Hong already knew about Jang-Mi and only pretended not to know.
Mrs. Hong decides to take it out on Mrs. Na who had changed Taeja’s bedsheets.  Mrs. Hong snaps that Mrs. Na should not go into any room without a supervisor or another person.  Mrs. Na is hurt by Mrs. Hong’s sudden coldness. She asks Mrs. Hong why Mrs. Hong is being so rude when Mrs. Na already explained that everything was a misunderstanding.  Mrs. Hong snaps that the ring was found in Mrs. Na’s bag.
Mrs. Na goes to the other housekeeper and sighs that she needs the housekeeper to come with her into the other room for organizing.  When the housekeeper hears that Mrs. Hong was rude, the housekeeper tells Mrs. Na to understand that Mrs. Hong is in a mood because Taeja brought home a girl.
Mrs. Na realizes that it was Jang-Mi and cryptically tells Jang-Mi to do her best at night.  Basically, she gives Jang-Mi some cryptic proverbs about doing her best and the heavens will help her.
Taeja decides that he wants to try to convince his mother again.  He comes home only to find that Minjoo was with his mother.  He asks Minjoo when she comes out if Minjoo told his mother about the relationship and she denies it.
So, Taeja goes in to ask his mother to reconsider Jang-Mi.  Mrs. Hong is adamant.  She tells him that Jang-Mi does not belong in the same circle as them.  She tells Taeja to think about Jang-Mi…Even if Jang-Mi marries into this family, Mrs. Hong will make Jang-Mi’s life miserable.  Mrs. Hong also adds that Jang-Mi will also suffer by trying to be someone she is not.
Taeja realizes that his mother is not ready to consider Jang-Mi and agrees to leave for the night.  He leaves a handwritten letter on Mrs. Hong’s dresser.
After Taeja leaves, Mrs. Hong gets up and rips up the letter snarling that it must be Jang-Mi’s idea.
The next day, Mrs. Hong calls Minjoo and Jang-Mi out to a cafe.  There, Mrs. Hong tells Jang-Mi that Jang-Mi was wrong for telling Minjoo to stay out of the affairs…Minjoo has a right to interfere because Minjoo is the daughter-in-law that Mrs. Hong wanted.
Jang-Mi tries to promise Mrs. Hong that she will try her best.  But, Mrs. Hong just snaps that Jang-Mi does not have any manners for talking back to her elders.  She sniffs that it must be because Jang-Mi’s father passed away.
Jang-Mi bristles at this obvious attack and asks Mrs. Hong not to bring in her parents.  But, Mrs. Hong only smiles that she will need to tell Mrs. Na unless Jang-Mi agrees to give up.  Then she leaves with Minjoo trailing after smirking.
Jang-Mi returns to the shop but she finds herself unable to go in.  She turns around wiping her tears instead.  Coincidentally, Joonhyuk is in the area and sees Jang-Mi walking away from the shop while wiping her tears and calls Jang-Mi to invite her to a rice cake/pastry conference at a hotel.
After the conference, Joonhyuk also takes Jang-Mi to a nice bar for some drinks.  When Joonhyuk doesn’t say anything, Jang-Mi asks why he’s not really speaking.  Joonhyuk answers that he hoped that Jang-Mi could take the time to relax.
Jang-Mi smiles and confesses that Joonhyuk always seems to be around when bad things happen to her…It’s like he’s her daddy long legs.  Joonhyuk laughs that he’s nothing of the sort but he does have long legs.
Taeja’s worried call interrupts the mood and the two go home.
The next day, Taeja invites Jang-Mi on driving practice.  Off they go to the beach, with Taeja gripping the steering wheel for his dear life and driving within the speed limits.  This isn’t received well by the other Korean drivers who generally find speed limits a mere suggestion and one even yells at Taeja before passing by.
Succeeding in driving to the beach, Taeja brings flowers for his mother.  Except, he finds the remaining pieces of his letter on her dresser instead.  When Mrs. Hong walks into the room, the two end up shouting at each other with neither budging.  Taeja leaves without telling her about his driving capabilities.
Mrs. Hong decides that she needs to add pressure. She calls Jang-Mi and asks if Jang-Mi is willing to give up.  Jang-Mi answers that she has something to tell Mrs. Hong as well.  So, Mrs. Hong invites Jang-Mi over the next day.
Jang-Mi goes over…and, Mrs. Na comes out with tea.
Is there anything to say? Other then… The fight starts!
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