Run, Jang-Mi – E53

Everything comes out.  Mrs. Hong is able to start treating Mrs. Na and Jang-Mi like the enemy upfront.


Mrs. Hong asks Mrs. Na to sit with Jang-Mi. Then she notes dramatically that Taeja is seeing Jang-Mi; she asks Mrs. Na to stop the children since the relationship is illogical. Mrs. Na quietly stutters that it looks like the children like each other and Taeja likes Jang-Mi a lot.

Mrs. Hong snaps that Mrs. Na is just like her daughter. Jang-Mi interrupts to note that she will try her best to correct whatever Mrs. Hong is unsatisfied with. But, Mrs. Hong only sniffs that Mrs. Na can stop coming from the day forward; the household needs neither Jang-Mi or Mrs. Na when there was already an issue with Mrs. Na.


Jang-Mi and Mrs. Na are kicked out and go home. Jang-Mi asks her mother what had happened and Mrs. Na finally tells Jang-Mi about the ring incident. Jang-Mi cries that her mother should have told her sooner but Mrs. Na only cries that she didn’t want Jang-Mi to worry.


Jang-Mi meets with Taeja afterwards to demand to know why he didn’t tell her about her mother working for his or the ring incident. Taeja apologizes that Mrs. Na made him promised.


On the side, Mincheol leases a car for Minjoo. However, Minjoo gets disappointed when she sees the type and brand. She demands that Mincheol changes the car type and Mrs. Choi backs her up.


Meanwhile, Jang-Mi and Taeja return home. Taeja apologizes to Mrs. Na on his mother’s behalf. He promises to protect Jang-Mi and asks Mrs. Na to trust him. Mrs. Na agrees.


Taeja then goes home and demands to know if his mother arranged the meeting on purpose. She answers that she did nothing wrong in firing her employee. She only arranged for Jang-Mi to to visit at the same time for convenience. She also warns Taeja to stop if he wants to prevent Jang-Mi from hurting any further.


Mr. Jang also visits Mrs. Na to invite her to another judo class. Mrs. Na cries that she’s too depressed to go out after she was fired in front of Jang-Mi. Mr. Jang sighs and comforts her as he confides that he also knows how Mrs. Hong can be… he even saw Mrs. Hong slap his son when Taehee was dating Joonhyuk.


Jang-Mi and Taeja go back to Taeja practicing driving. She tells him to focus on what is ahead as he will make it to the end. They arrive at the beach successfully. Taeja then turns to Jang-Mi to tell her that her words apply to their relationship as well. If they try, they can make it even if it’s hard.


Minjoo visits Mrs. Hong who tells Minjoo that she will break Taeja and Jang-Mi up. Mrs. Hong asks Minjoo to try her best to stay in Taeja’s good graces. Because we all know, there’s only so much a mother can do.  It’s not like she can force Taeja to marry someone whom he’s not attracted to at all.


Taehee sees Minjoo walking out and confronts Minjoo about not resolving her feelings for Taeja. Minjoo cries back that she is going to love Minjoo from the side and would try again if Taeja breaks up with Jang-Mi.


Taehee waits until Minjoo leaves before going in to see her mother. Taehee asks if Mrs. Hong is just using Minjoo to break up Taeja and Jang-Mi. Mrs. Hong denies it but Taehee is not convinced.

She calls Joonhyuk who notes that he was just reviewing Minjoo’s portfolio and finds her designs fresh. Taehee hesitates before telling him that she thinks Minjoo should be taken off the team. Then she awkwardly lies that she just called to ask Joonhyuk to take care of Taeja.


The next day, the group meets to begin planning the lunch of the new menu item. Minjoo happily barges in and causes everyone except Joonhyuk to freeze. Everyone even goes to drinks afterwards and Minjoo is practically flying around with glee while the others fail to hide their glum.


When Jang-Mi goes to the bathroom, Minjoo follows and notes nonchalantly that Jang-Mi is more tenacious than expected. She muses that if she had been confronted in front of her mother by Mrs. Hong like Jang-Mi, she would have given up. Jang-Mi frowns and asks in return why Minjoo framed Mrs. Na for theft. Minjoo quickly freaks out overreacting that she never framed anyone.

Minjoo regains her calm and tells Jang-Mi to leave while she can since Minjoo still has other cards up her sleeve. Jang-Mi pointedly asks what Minjoo is referring to and Minjoo smiles that Jang-Mi should know her past better…


Jandi arrives at just that moment and attacks Minjoo. She screams that Minjoo should be apologizing to Jang-Mi for her family’s sins, not attacking her. The fight ends with Minjoo throwing Jandi off and announcing to Jandi to be careful lest she be sued for battery. With that, the girls go home and the after work drinks end.


The next day, Taeja calls out his mother for a drive to the beach. Mrs. Hong is surprised and moved to see her son driving such that she cannot stop herself from staring at him. After they arrive, Taeja tells his mother that Jang-Mi is very important to him. He explains that he is afraid he won’t be able to live without Jang-Mi.

Mrs. Hong replies back that she is thankful to Jang-Mi for helping Taeja recooperate from his trauma. But she notes that she cannot let Jang-Mi be with Taeja since she’s been living for Taeja alone after she lost Taeja’s father.

However, Mrs. Hong broods about the situation when she gets home. Taeja’s declaration that Jang-Mi changed him repeats in her mind…


Just then Mrs. Choi arrives saying she heard the news. Mrs. Hong gets irritated when Mrs. Choi acts as if the engagement between Taeja and Minjoo is decided and snipes that she’s not sure anymore as Taeja seems to like Jang-Mi much more than his mother had expected.

Mrs. Choi gasps at Mrs. Hong’s declaration and freaks out. Mrs. Choi declares that Mrs. Hong should not trust Jang-Mi because she has a way in seducing men; she, herself, knows because Jang-Mi had seduced Mincheol. Mrs. Hong glares and asks for an explanation which Mrs. Choi is happy to provide – Jang-Mi was the girl who made Mincheol enter into the “fraudulent marriage.”


Ah, if life were easy then it wouldn’t be life, right? I don’t know how Jang-Mi does it with all of the messes blowing up left and right. One thing that the latest episodes makes me feel like is that we have careened straight into the romance and forgotten every other theme. What happened to Jang-Mi’s status as a part-time employee who is on probation? Does she get a permanent position as the CEO promised her? Will Jang-Mi have an opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder at headquarters?  Is she satisfied with her non-permanent position now that she’s dating the heir to the company?!  What kind of message does that send to our viewers?!

With the focus on the uneven status of Jang-Mi and Taeja, the drama is precariously tottering on the two dimensional and limited storyline of a rich boy meets a sweet but poor girl and changes her life. Jang-Mi’s accomplishment ends up being limited to marrying Taeja despite his mother’s disapproval. If the show doesn’t bring back the other storylines and develop Jang-Mi’s life outside of Taeja, I will be sorely disappointed. Jang-Mi still has far to go in character development. Sure, she has matured a bit from the girl who took time off from college to putter around in the kitchen. She works now and supports the family. But, that is it. (And, that’s helped by Joonhyuk’s father because otherwise, the family would have to have survived in a crappier home.  Also, Jangsu technically owes Taeja tons of money…) We are far from being able to see Jang-Mi get back up and turn into a strong woman who is truly independent.

 [On a random note because I had Goblin playing while I edited this post to insert pictures. OMG any DRAMAFEED readers watching this drama?! THE END OF EPISODE 2!!! Talk all about all-kill for a girl’s heart >___< Is it right for a Korean drama team to make a goblin and a grim reaper to be so hot?!/ End side outburst]
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