Run, Jang-Mi – E54

All aboard! The makjang train has arrived!


Mrs. Choi tells Mrs. Hong about Jang-Mi being Mincheol’s ex-wife. Mrs. Hong gasps when she hears this and starts to hyperventilate.

Mrs. Hong asks Mrs. Choi if Minjoo also knew. Mrs. Choi answers that Minjoo only found out recently and worried about how it would distress Mrs. Hong. Mrs. Hong laughs and it’s unclear if she’s laughing about Jang-Mi keeping it a secret or Minjoo.


At the same time, Taeja finds Jang-Mi waiting for him at the park. She asks what happened and Taeja brags that his mom has stepped back one step. He explains that he told his mother that he cannot live without Jang-Mi.

Then Mrs. Hong calls Jang-Mi out to a cafe. Jang-Mi happily goes after hearing that Taeja got farther with his mom.

But at the cafe, Mrs. Hong’s first question is to ask if Jang-Mi isn’t holding something back. Jang-Mi carefully asks if t was about her past marriage. Mrs. Hong agrees and demands to know how Jang-Mi pretended to be a girl who never got married. Mrs. Hong also adds that Taeja is the heir to the company; he is a type of person that the public has interest in. Mrs. Hong asks how Jang-Mi can subject Taeja to the public’s ridicule if Jang-Mi insists that she loves him.


Jang-Mi goes back to the shop totally dejected.  Taeja finds her brooding in the locker room and Jang-Mi breaks down.  Jang-Mi begins crying as she says Mrs. Hong found out about the prior wedding…What is worse for Jang-Mi is that she cannot even tell Mrs. Hong everything – like the fact that she had a miscarriage.

 Taeja tries to tell Jang-Mi that it’s not her fault.  These are all Jang-Mi’s scars not her faults.  But, Jang-Mi is inconsolable.
Taeja thinks that it’s weird that Mrs. Hong accused Jang-Mi of having a fraudulent marriage.  He goes to Minjoo to ask if she told Mrs. Hong.  She denies it.  So, Taeja muses out loud that it’s weird that someone told his mother that it was a fraudulent marriage.  It can only be someone from her family and he’s pretty sure that it’s not Mincheol.  He asks if it wasn’t Minjoo’s mother.  Minjoo pretends to be insulted and tells Taeja that it wasn’t her family but she agrees to check.
Minjoo goes home in a rage and yells at her mother about telling Mrs. Hong about the marriage being a fraud.  Mrs. Choi snaps back that she had no choice since Mrs. Hong had mentioned that she was considering the wedding with Taeja.  Mrs. Choi adds that Jang-Mi should be happy that she didn’t say anything about the miscarriage.
Minjoo and Mincheol jump on their mother to remind her that Mrs. Choi’s actions hurt them as well! If Mrs. Choi tells all of Jang-Mi’s secrets, it will only turn Taeja against Minjoo.  Additionally, Mincheol reminds his mother that both a wedding and a miscarriage cannot be done by a woman alone – Mrs. Choi is throwing her own son under the bus to fight Jang-Mi.  Minjoo repeats to her mother to stay still and not make any more messes.
Meanwhile, Jang-Mi meets up with Jandi and wonders if she should tell Mrs. Hong about the miscarriage.  Jandi tells Jang-Mi that timing is important and Jang-Mi should wait a little longer until Taeja is ready to tell his mother.  Jandi reminds Jang-Mi that Taeja probably has a difficult time as well in the middle…
The next day, Minjoo calls Taeja out and apologizes for her mother’s mistake.  Taeja answers that he doesn’t think it was a mistake.  Mrs. Choi did it on purpose if she said that the wedding was fraudulent.  He also notes that Mrs. Choi had even put a private investigator tail on him before.  He asks that Minjoo tell her mother clearly that there is nothing between them.
Meanwhile, Mincheol meets with Yuri.  She has spent the last thirty minutes reviewing the contract.  Yuri smiles that a business deal is business so both sides should be careful.  But, she approves of the contract and signs it.  Then she asks if Mincheol got the money – she sent it to his account.  Mincheol is shocked since his mother didn’t tell him.
Mincheol rushes home to confirm with his mother.  It turns out that Yuri invested more money than he had expected.  He wants to return half of the money as the investment amount is even more than the total amount he and his partner put in.  But stupid Mrs. Choi answers that Yuri’s money will be Mincheol’s money after they get married.  O.M.G. So many things wrong with this perspective… I hope something goes wrong and Yuri’s family drives Mincheol’s family into the streets -_-
Then Minjoo comes home and tells her mom to leave Taeja alone! Mrs. Choi agrees to do so.
On the side, Mr. Kang visits Ara’s bar in his new state.  She’s happy to see him as he stopped coming for a while.  She confesses that she had been worried that he stopped coming because she said stuff about Mrs. Choi. Ara tells Mr. Kang that he looks amazing boosting Mr. Kang’s spirits and confidence….Mrs. Choi better be careful or this man will realize that he’s not receiving anything from his wife who’s seems to only care about her own selfish goals.
Then CEO Hwang visits Taeja at the shop and asks about what is going on as Mrs. Hong seems to be more annoyed than usual.  Taeja sighs that Mrs. Hong found out that Jang-Mi had been married before.  CEO Hwang advises Taeja to give up something in order to convince his mother to consider Jang-Mi – such as agreeing to work at the headquarters branch.
Taeja broods all night before visiting his mother to apologize the next day.  Mrs. Hong jumps out of bed to hit her son and demand to know how her son could betray her like that.  Mrs. Hong asks why her son has changed so much.
Taeja responds that he is sorry for disappointing her but he has no one but Jang-Mi.  Mrs. Hong shrieks back that he’s going to see her die.  As if, Taeja has been the best son until now? Um, selective amnesia?
Taeja tells his mother that he will return to the company if his mother would just consider the marriage.  Mrs. Hong answers that she won’t approve of Jang-Mi.  Taeja insists that he only wants his mother to get to know Jang-Mi a little better before making his decision.
Mrs. Hong demands that Taeja come home.  Taeja refuses because leaving the house and the rice cake shop would make Jang-Mi too worried.
Next thing we know, Taeja is driving Jang-Mi.  But then it starts raining and Taeja’s expression darkens.  We see him deal with flashbacks before he steps on the brake and leans on the steering wheel.  Jang-Mi tells Taeja to switch places.
Jang-Mi takes Taeja to the hospital where Joonhyuk is called.  Joonhyuk tells Jang-Mi to make sure that Taeja doesn’t drive when it’s raining as Taeja is still suffering from trauma that arose from his father’s car accident.  The accident occurred on a rainy night.  Joonhyuk explains that no one expected Taeja to ever drive because the trauma had been so severe.  Everyone was surprised when Taeja got over his trauma for Jang-Mi and learned to drive.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Hong invites herself into the Jang residence to move all of Taeja’s stuff. Mrs. Na stutters that Mrs. Hong should wait until Mr. Jang and Taeja arrive.
But, Mrs. Hong ignores Mrs. Na.  Mrs. Hong warns Mrs. Na to stop Jang-Mi if Mrs. Na wants to protect her daughter.  She adds that she will never approve of a daughter-in-law who has been married before.  Even if Taeja marries Jang-Mi without her approval, Mrs. Hong will make Jang-Mi’s life miserable.  She even includes that her feelings won’t change if Jang-Mi has Taeja’s child.
Taeja wakes up and goes home to find that his stuff has been moved.  He calls his mother who answers that he should come home first. She promises to consider his proposal if he comes home.
Jang-Mi goes home where Mrs. Na tells Jang-Mi to end it.  She confesses that Mrs. Hong is too difficult an enemy to overcome.  Jang-Mi answers that she doesn’t want to hurt Taeja…
Then Mrs. Hong decides to use the situation to her advantage.  She tells CEO Hwang that Taeja is willing to come back to headquarters… She is willing to think about Jang-Mi if CEO Hwang provides a Vice President position for Taeja.  CEO Hwang refuses since Taeja isn’t prepared.  But, Mrs. Hong answers calmly that this is the only way she would consider a girl who has been married before.
Mrs. Hong wins and CEO Hwang calls Joonhyuk the next day to prepare a position for Taeja.  Joonhyuk pauses for a second and tries to convince CEO Hwang that Taeja is not prepared…He also notes that some of the directors might find this action a sign of nepotism.  But, CEO Hwang sighs that he doesn’t have a choice since this is the only way to work with Mrs. Hong.
Meanwhile, Taeja visits Jang-Mi’s father’s shrine and promises to take care of Jang-Mi so that she never cries.  Then, they visit the river next to the memorial and he tells Jang-Mi that he is going back to the main branch of the company.  But, he reassures her that this won’t change his mind about her.  He asks her to marry him. WHAT?! 6 months and it’s time for marriage?
Taeja cups Jang-Mi’s face and kisses her.
Well… hello, makjang!  So, we are supposed to believe that 6 months is enough for a man and a woman to truly fall deeply in love after just working together and living next door to each other?  At this point, they hated each other for 1-2 months.  Tolerated each other for 1 month.  Maybe dated for 1-3 months?!  Now, he’s certain that he wants to spend the REST OF HIS LIFE WITH HER?  Note that it’s not just the time frame.  But, it’s the fact that this is DESPITE everyone else thinking that this marriage will work out smoothly.  Also, this is when Taeja basically cannot live independently…He’s living off of his family’s money and his family is disapproving this marriage.  So, what part of this is supposed to convince the watcher that Taeja is ready to be responsible for himself let alone another person?
Yeah, all aboard the makjang train as the viewers wonder if the past scene is supposed to trigger any emotions other than disbelief and frustration.
I have nothing to say as this episode was so makjang that it exhausted me.
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