Run, Jang-Mi – E56

Taeja and Jang-Mi have another lovers fight while Mrs. Hong blatantly ignores Taeja’s and Jang-Mi’s attempt at getting closer to her.


Taeja walks over and surprises Jang-Mi.  He quickly pulls Joonhyuk off of Jang-Mi and carries Joonhyuk the rest of the way home.
Jang-Mi realizes that Taeja is angry and waits for him in the courtyard.  When Taeja comes out, she apologizes for lying to Taeja.  He asks her why she lied to him.  Jang-Mi answers that she was angry after being stood up at the shop.
Taeja asks how Jang-Mi could have lied to him twice.  He had called Jang-Mi when he arrived at her house but she lied because she was with Joonhyuk.  Jang-Mi has nothing to say and Taeja storms off after shouting that they have been apart for one day and they are already fighting.
In the morning, Taeja calls Joonhyuk into his office to offer coffee.  But Joonhyuk is highly sensitive as well.  He yells at Taeja for calling him out without having a real reason when Joonhyuk is busy.  So, Taeja quickly confesses that he wanted to ask Joonhyuk why Joonhyuk called Jang-Mi out and drank until he was drunk.  Joonhyuk pauses and answers that he just wanted to drink and tells Taeja to resolve his issues with Jang-Mi directly.
Jang-Mi is unable to focus on work so Chef and Ara suggest that Jang-Mi surprise Taeja at his office.  She stops by a flower shop to buy a cactus plant for his office.
Jang-Mi drops by only to see that Minjoo got there first.  Minjoo had brought over a painting and a plant that was already on his desk.  Jang-Mi awkwardly walks back out and Taeja follows to take the cactus plant.  He replaces the plant that Minjoo got him with the cactus plant from Jang-Mi.
Minjoo had left before Jang-Mi but she waits for Jang-Mi in the lobby.  She asks Jang-Mi if Jang-Mi was able to see all of the decorations that Minjoo had brought for Taeja.  Jang-Mi doesn’t back off and thanks Minjoo for taking care of Taeja before walking off.  The battle is a standstill with no winner.
Off on the side, CEO Hwang runs into Mrs. Na in front of Mr. Jang’s place.  CEO Hwang immediately recognizes the scarf that Mrs. Na is wearing as the one that Mr. Jang had refused to take off because he had borrowed it from the woman he had a crush on.
Mr. Jang arrives and Mrs. Na leaves.  CEO Hwang carefully asks if Mr. Jang is ever going to profess his feelings to the mystery woman.  Mr. Jang laughs that he’s not a young sprout.  CEO Hwang frowns and decides that he needs to take matters into his own hands.
Meanwhile, Taeja stops by the shop where Jang-Mi is working.  Taeja pouts that Jang-Mi isn’t even trying to help him get over his anger.  Jang-Mi whines back that she had visited him to try to help him feel better but Minjoo was there first acting like a girlfriend.  Jang-Mi’s jealousy melts away Taeja’s anger and they go off to eat together.
At the same time, Mrs. Hong calls Joonhyuk to ask about Taeja.  When Joonhyuk answers that Taeja already left, Mrs. Hong snaps that it’s not time to get off of work yet.  Joonhyuk laughs that he’s not there to report on Taeja’s actions. So, Mrs. Hong orders that Joonhyuk get into the office earlier than Taeja and to keep on eye on Taeja.  Joonhyuk forces a smile and keeps his voice level as he answers that he is not Mrs. Hong’s secretary and has to do work.  Joonhyuk hangs up the phone but Taehee hears the end of the call and yells at her mother for making life difficult for Joonhyuk.
As for the older generation, Mrs. Na helps by preparing dinner.  CEO Hwang smirks and decides to give Mr. Jang a push by pretending to read Mrs. Na’s hand.  This makes Mr. Jang jealous but he’s unable to say anything.  Except, when CEO Hwang leaves, Mr. Jang tells Mrs. Na not to give her hand to any man like that.
On the side, Jang-Mi and Taeja come home.  Taeja takes Mrs. Na to the side and apologizes for Mrs. Choi’s visit.  He promises that he took care of it.
At the same time, Yuri has dinner with the Kang family.  Yuri is quite blatant about her feelings.  She announces that the food is generally too salty and Mrs. Choi is not the best cook.  When Mrs. Choi asks Yuri if Yuri can cook, Yuri answers that she doesn’t cook…Their family has two chefs to prepare meals acceptable to both her mother and her father at the same time.
After Yuri leaves, Minjoo and Mr. Kang sigh that Yuri seems a bit selfish and tactless. But, Mrs. Choi snaps that Yuri has a lot of money so they should just shut up in front of Mincheol. So, when Mincheol comes back to ask if Yuri isn’t weird, Minjoo awkwardly answers that Yuri is just opinionated.
Meanwhile, Taeja gives his mother tickets for an opera show.  He tells her that it will be a date with Jang-Mi so that Mrs. Hong could get to know Jang-Mi better.  Mrs. Hong reluctantly agrees but then calls Minjoo.  Mrs. Hong tells Minjoo to meet with Taeja at the same time to try to shake up his feelings.
Jang-Mi tries her best to prepare for the date.  She even has three different drinks prepared for Mrs. Hong and memorized the storyline.  But, Mrs. Hong arrives in an annoyed mood.  She asks for a drink that Jang-Mi did not prepare.

Then, Mrs. Hong audibly sighs while looking outside.  There’s a couple having their pre-wedding rehearsal photoshoot.  She asks if Jang-Mi also did her rehearsal photoshoot.  Jang-Mi confesses that she did.

Mrs. Hong glares at Jang-Mi that she had been excited for her son’s rehearsal photoshoot.  But, it’s different now that she knows the bride had already done it once before.  She announces that she is no longer in the mood to watch the show and leaves.
Jang-Mi is left alone while Minjoo attacks Taeja with some designs that she wants Taeja’s opinion on.
Taeja rushes home after work to check on his mother.  He asks how the show was and she doesn’t answer.  She does get caught a bit when she answers that she didn’t have dinner.  But, Mrs. Hong goes over it by saying that she’s tired.  Taeja thanks his mother for trying and leaves.
Taeja calls Jang-Mi to ask how it was and Jang-Mi answers that it went okay.  When Taeja asks for details, Jang-Mi apologizes that she’s tired after being on her best behavior.
The next day, Minjoo has tea with Mrs. Hong and happily reports that she had a great time with Taeja.  She then asks about the show and hears that Mrs. Hong didn’t watch it with Jang-Mi.
Minjoo goes to visit Taeja with some drinks.  Taeja accepts the drinks but asks Minjoo to stop visiting the office so often like in the past.  Minjoo decides that she needs to get Taeja’s trust back.  So, she confides in Taeja that Mrs. Hong did not watch the show with Jang-Mi.
Taeja rushes over to Jang-Mi instead of working…As usual.  Does this kid have no idea about how hard life will be if he marries Jang-Mi and his family takes away all of his financial assets?! Jang-Mi lies that she had a great time watching the show and Taeja cannot get the courage to ask her about his mother blowing Jang-Mi off.
Taeja goes home to drink some whiskey in the kitchen.  Mrs. Hong finds him there and tells him to stop drinking and go in.  Taeja asks if Mrs. Hong enjoyed the show.  She lies that she did.
Taeja smirks that he better prepare another date soon.  When Mrs. Hong still doesn’t confess, Taeja gets up and yells at his mother that he’s really disappointed in her and embarrassed that Mrs. Hong is his mother.  He explains that he knows that Mrs. Hong did not attend the show and cannot believe that Mrs. Hong won’t even pretend to try.
Taeja confronting his mother was very satisfying! It’s great to see a daily drama directed at the ajummas (the ones with the time to watch drama in the morning and the evening) showing a son standing up to his mother for his fiance.  After all, one can only hope that this generation of ajummas will be indoctrinated by Korean dramas and decide to be more fair to the generation of daughter-in-laws after them.
I agree that we should respect our elders but I also find that blind respect without questioning values is irrational.  Here, it’s clear that Mrs. Hong is acting from a biased and prejudiced point of view.  Yes, Jang-Mi isn’t her dream daughter-in-law.  But, objectively speaking, Taeja isn’t the perfect husband either…The only thing that Taeja seems to have other than his optimism is that he is the heir to SL Foods.  [He couldn’t even go to work as a sales person’s assistant at a rice cake shop without help from Joonhyuk, Mr. Jang, and Jang-Mi!  How in the world is the company supposed to be safe when Taeja inherits it? A company does not run itself.]  So, Mrs. Hong’s refusal to see the faults in her own son while focusing on the faults in Jang-Mi is highly hypocritical.
On a side, I am starting to really warm up to Yuri’s character.  I love how Mrs. Choi who literally sings about money has to cater to her possible daughter-in-law because the daughter-in-law is rich.  I wonder how long it’s going to be before we have them married and Mrs. Choi has a rude awakening when she finds out that Mincheol getting married to Yuri does not automatically mean that Mrs. Choi’s life changes.  After all, Yuri has made it clear that she’s detail oriented and calculating.  I doubt that Yuri is going to agree to a marriage without a prenuptial agreement or even change the legal ownership of her assets into join ownership with Mincheol.  Since, Mrs. Choi’s main complaint against Jang-Mi was her lack of finances, it’s only proper that Mrs. Choi is brought down by money.
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