Run, Jang-Mi – E59

Grandpa Hwang moves out in order to add pressure on Mrs. Hong.


Mrs. Hong tries to reason with Grandpa Hwang by reminding him that he’s the elder of the house. He answers that she never treats him like the family elder and leaves.

Grandpa Hwang goes straight to Mr. Jang’s house and explains that he needs to stay over as he left his house. Mr. Jang welcomes him in and has to run over to Mrs. Na’s house to get breakfast since the Jang’s don’t usually eat breakfast.

The news travels through Mrs. Na to Jang-Mi to Taeja. He rushes over to visit his grandfather who explains that he’s doing this for Taeja, who should be going to work instead of playing hooking. When Taeja hears that his grandfather is doing it for him, he immediately perks up.

CEO Hwang gets annoyed and reminds Taeja of the second provision in the contract – Taeja is supposed to become independent enough that he can take care of himself and Jang-Mi. He kicks Taeja out to go to work.

Taeja then stops by Jang-Mi’s place to let her know that it’s not her fault; Grandpa is doing it to help and also to make a point about pent up frustration with his daughter in law.

Mrs. Hong finds out where Grandpa Hwang went through his driver and goes to convince him to return. Grandpa Hwang notes that he wants to let Taeja and Jang-Mi get married; a man matures when he has someone he is responsible for. Mrs. Hong frowns that she cannot allow that. So, Grandpa Hwang replies that he cannot return home otherwise an Mrs. Hong leaves.

Mrs. Na stops Mrs. Hong before she walks out and invites Mrs. Hong for tea. Mrs. Hong sits but is barely polite. Mrs. Hong timidly thanks Mrs. Hong for agreeing to consider Jang-Mi and Mrs. Hong replies that Mrs. Na should hold false hope; she will never approve of Jang-Mi.

Meanwhile, Jang-Mi brings over snacks for Grandpa Hwang. So, when Taeja texts a picture of the contracts that he’s supposed to review, Grandpa Hwang is there, too. Grandpa Hwang happily cackles that Taeja is finally trying his best.

On the side, Seungwan takes Jandi to the movies but Jangsu steps in to stop the two. He asks Jandi who paid for lunch the other day and when she confirms that she did, Jangsu warns Jandi to be careful… Seungwan is the type to live off of a woman.

That night, the Jang family and the Baek family get together for dinner together with CEO Hwang and Taehee. It’s a dinner full of good food and laughter. All the while, Mrs. Hong drinks wine by herself.

The next day, Mrs. Hong is quiet but resolved. She even has two bowls of rice. Taeja has to run to ask his grandfather whether this is going to plan or not…

Grandpa Hwang reassures Taeja that Mrs. Hong will have to capitulate sooner or later so they should give her time.

Then Grandpa Hwang goes home to Mr. Jang’s place to tease Mr. Jang about his crush on Mrs. Na. Grandpa Hwang pretends that his shoulders are stiff so that Mrs. Na would offer to massage his shoulders. Then Grandpa Na even puts his hand over Mrs. Na’s hand to rile Mr. Jang up, who rushes to pull Mrs. Na aside.

At the same time, Mrs. Hong calls Taeja out to a restaurant. But, he’s ambushed with Mrs. Hong and Minjoo. Mrs. Hong announces that she has evaluated Jang-Mi and decided that Jang-Mi falls short. Mrs. Hong wants Taeja to consider Minjoo for his wife.

Taeja gets up and leaves declaring that he cannot believe the two women. Minjoo runs or after him to give him a back hug but Taeja pulls away and tells her that he’s disappointed in her. He had believed her when Minjoo said he was giving up.

As for Mincheol, he’s wondering if Yuri only invested the money to get more out of Mincheol. Just as he’s worrying, Yuri comes in with an expensive pen as a present in return for his gift the other day. Worry cleared. Is Yuri a scammer?

Meanwhile, Taeja goes to visit Jang-Mi drunk. He tells her that she’s beautiful, smart and sexy. Eh.

In the morning, Minjoo visits Taeja’s office and asks to talk again. Taeja cuts her off telling her that he would never consider her as a woman. Since, she insists on pursuing him, he asks that she take all of her presents back; he had only accepted them because she had said she was giving up.

Minjoo goes to cry to Taehee as usual. She sobs about Taeja cutting her off completely. Taehee tries to reassure Minjoo that Taeja will come around.

Taehee then meets with Taeja that night to console him. Taeja sighs that he’s so disappointed in both Minjoo and his mother. He wonders how he can trust Minjoo anymore.

Taehee denies it and tells Taeja that Minjoo has been trying her best. Minjoo had known that the help was Jang-Mi’s mom but still kept it a secret for Jang-Mi after the ring incident. Taeja pauses when he hears that Minjoo knew Mrs. Na was Jang-Mi’s mother. He repeats it to confirm it with Taehee as Minjoo had pretended that she had not known when she told Mrs. Hong.

Taeja goes to meet with Minjoo to ask her again. Of course, Minjoo lies that she had no idea Mrs. Na was Jang-Mi’s mother until he told her.


Okay, Grandpa Hwang, CEO of a big company leaving his house because of a fight with his daughter-in-law is so cute! I also love the fact that he has a friend’s house to go to. In the end, even though Mrs. Hong is younger, she has no friends other than Minjoo who wants Mrs. Hong’s approval for marriage. Meanwhile, regardless of how heartless CEO Hwang had to be to get to his position, he softened up over the years and treated some around him with respect to the extend that there is definitely a real friendship with Mr. Jang. I love how CEO Hwang provides a foil to Mrs. Hong’s character.

Less important but there is a weird focus on Yuri and her money. At first, I thought her role is to serve as a foil to Jang-Mi who has to bear all of Mrs. Hong’s abuse because of her position in Korean society compared to Yuri who can go on insulting her future in-laws due to society’s valuation of Yuri’s position. Yet, the repeated off-hand remarks that Yuri might just be playing Mincheol for money makes me suspicious that she’s going to be a makjang twist. Is Yuri really the daughter of the help in the family maybe? Is the money an investment from the real family and the pen present just taken from her employers? What is going on? I am totally intrigued.

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