Still Loving You – E06

Bitna’s family defends the immature girl attacking Eunsoo’s first steps as a teacher.


Grandma Choi slaps Eunsoo across the face in front of all of the students. She incredulously asks how Eunsoo can hold class as if nothing happened when Bitna is crying in the hospital. Eunsoo quietly asks Grandma Choi to calm down and move the conversation to a separate room.

Grandma Choi refuses to move. She accuses Eunsoo of hitting Bitna and even breaking Bitna’s finger, which forces Bitna to give up on her dreams of being a pianist. Eunsoo denies hitting Bitna. But, Grandma Choi doesn’t listen. She screams at Eunsoo to kneel and apologize. When Eunsoo doesn’t kneel, Grandma Choi pushes Eunsoo to the ground and begins to beat her.

Teacher Kim rushes in at the moment and pulls Grandma Choi away. Then the principal runs in. The two women are taken to the teacher’s lounge where Grandma Choi continues to accuse Eunsoo while Eunsoo protests her innocence. To make things worse, an officer shows up to investigate Eunsoo for battery.

Meanwhile, Yeon-Mi goes in for her results again and the specialist doctor says it’s cancer. She tells Yeon-Mi that cancer is curable these days and Yeon-Mi should be able to get fully better after the surgery. Yeon-Mi pauses and asks for some time as she has a daughter who is about to get married.

At the hospital, Bitna’s father drops by to ask Bitna why Eunsoo acted the way she did. Bitna answers that she has no idea… Eunsoo has been weird towards her since the beginning, coercing her to read in English class as everyone said Bitna’s accent is better, telling Eunsoooff for being driven to school, etc. Bitna’s father sighs that Eunsoo must have an insecurity and tells Bitna to rest.

Eunsoo gets investigated by the police. We find out the truth from her side. She didn’t get Bitna but she threatened to call Bitna’s father about how Bitna is acting, there has to be security footage at the club which shows that Bitna went there even though she is under aged.

Bitna agrees to apologize to Jung-Ah instead of telling her dad. Jung-Ah is called and Bitna stutters out that she’s sorry. She is near tears but we don’t know if it’s because Bitna is angry about apologizing or not.

The officer reports the incident to Bitna and her grandmother. Bitna acknowledges going to the club but then tells a different story about the rest. In this version, Bitna agreed to apologized but Eunsoo slaps Bitna for being impudent. Then Eunsoo hits Bitna’s hands with a round rod as Jung-Ah walks in.

The officer sighs that because there was no security footage, it’s hard for the police to act based on two people’s oral accounts only.

At the same time, Yeon-Mi is told off by her supervisor for skipping work in the middle. Her other manager comes over to ask if anything happened and he is about to confess that he likes Yeon-Mi since he is being moved to headquarters.

But then Yeon-Mi runs to the bathroom to puke.

The next day, the Assistant Principal (sorry the grandfather at the school is the assistant principal) yells at Eunsoo for making a mess and cutting the school’s image. He tells Eunsooto fix it herself.

Eunsoo later tells Teacher Kim everything. She muses that Bitna must be doing this because of how she lectured Bitna about the mall.

Teacher Kim asks if Eunsoo really didn’t hit Bitna. Eunsoo stares back in shock. She asks how he could even suspect her when he’s known for three years. Teacher Kim answers that it just doesn’t make sense as Bitna can be stubborn but Bitna isn’t a bad seed who would make things up to the point like this.

Eunsoo gets up. She tells Teacher Kim that she doesn’t need a ride home. Teacher Kim stops her and offers to drive Eunsoo to the hospital to hash out the misunderstandings.

Grandma Choi orders that the nurses turn Eunsoo away on the grounds that they aren’t accepting visitors. Eunsoo doesn’t turn around so Grandma Choi goes out to yell at Eunsoo to go home. She declares that if Bitna is wrong, she will kneel in front of Eunsoo but, otherwise, Eunsoo should prepare to account for her actions.

Eunsoo wanders out where Teacher Kim waits for her. She sighs that she’s even starting to doubt herself… she doesn’t know to do anymore. She knew that she had some bad feelings against Bitna when she found out that Bitna was her student after how Bitna treated her mother repeatedly… but she thought it was what she was supposed to do, help the students get better.

Eunsoo goes home and her mom finds out that Eunsoo hasn’t eaten. So, Yeon-Mi pulls out a full dinner.


It has to get worse before it gets better.  This episode was necessary to establish Eunsoo’s scar.  However, it doesn’t make it any easier to watch.  I think the worst part is when Bitna clearly knows that she’s so incredibly wrong here and yet, she lets her grandmother keep Eunsoo in the hallway.  Again, the only saving grace is that Bitna is only 15.  Had she been a full grown woman, I’d call this trash.

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