Still Loving You – E07

Investigations end with a trial that finds Eunsoo guilty.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 7 RECAP

The sudden warmth of her mother’s love shown through the warmed up food and array of side dishes weaken’s Eunsoo’s own resolve.  She tears up and her mom stiffens.  Yeon-Mi asks if something happened.  Eunsoo answers that it was just a long day.  Her mom sighs that being a teacher is harder than people expect from what they see from the outside.  She tells Eunsoo to take it one day at a time; each day will get better as she learns.

Meanwhile, Bitna tells Grandma Choi to go home to sleep.  Grandma Choi fawns over Bitna before leaving worrying that Bitna won’t be able to play the piano after her finger stiffens.  Bitna smiles that she will be able to play no matter what.  Grandma Choi agrees with a smile.

Cue a flashback.  The truth.  Jung-Ah is cornered by Bitna by a brick wall.  Jung-Ah repeats that she’s sorry to Bitna.  Bitna tells Jung-Ah to slap her if she’s really sorry.  When Jung-Ah doesn’t slap Bitna, Bitna slaps Jung-Ah.  She tells Jung-Ah this is the way to to do it.

Jung-Ah hits Bitna back and Bitna tells Jung-Ah to hit her harder.  Jung-Ah begins to hit faster and harder…

Bitna goes home slapped and swollen but her hands are fine.  She pauses in front of her door and remembers how Grandma told her that she cannot waste her piano playing talent. Frowning, she takes her own finger…

The next day, chaos increases.  Someone posted on the board that a teacher beat up a student. The reporters converge through telephone as investigations continue…Bitna’s friends and Jung-Ah are interviewed by the police and then the representatives of the Board of Education.

Eunsoo and Bitna are called in together and they ask about Eunsoo making Bitna and Bitna’s friends kneel and hold their hands up.  This is considered physical punishment and the Board of Education chastises Eunsoo for resorting to physical punishment when the Board has already set a policy against physical punishment.

Then the representatives ask about Bitna being hit by Eunsoo in the conference room.  Both Eunsoo and Bitna do not change their story so the representatives call in Jung-Ah who testifies that she saw Eunsoo hitting Bitna.

Eunsoo goes home only to sit on the bench once she gets off the bus.  She sits there and stares at nothing until her brother arrives.  He wakes her out of her reverie and they start walking home together with Eunho joking around about a new scandal at Eunsoo’s school.  He jokingly asks if it’s Eunsoo.

Eunsoo stops walking and Eunho realizes that his sister was involved.  He asked if the article was the truth.  Eunsoo denies it but asks Eunho to keep it a secret from their mother and grandmother.

The next day, as Bitna’s father officially becomes the head of the hopsital, Eunsoo is told that she has been removed from her classes until further notice.  The parents have kept complaining about Eunsoo and the scandal…

Meanwhile, in the classroom Bitna goes up to invite Jung-Ah to lunch.  Then, Teacher Kim enters the room to announce that it will be a self study session.  The other students grumble about being penalized for something that doesn’t involve them.  After all, exams are coming up and they lost a teacher.

Teacher Kim brings Bitna to the side.  He asks if there wasn’t any exaggeration involved.  Bitna frowns and tells Teacher Kim that he shouldn’t take Eunsoo’s side just because she’s a teacher.  Bitna insists that she didn’t lie and tells Teacher Kim that Eunsoo lied to him.

Teacher Kim gets up to go back and gets a call from his own mother.  She tells him about how their group heard about the abusive teacher at his school.  She also warns him to stay away and tell Eunsoo to stay away or it’ll bring shame on the family as they are a family of teachers.  Then Teacher Kim’s mom asks about when they will reschedule the official meeting of the parents.

Later that evening, Bitna overhears Grandma Choi talking to the lawyer.  Bitna asks what happened and Grandma Choi answers that Eunsoo will be tried.  Bitna asks if anything will happen to Eunsoo and Grandma Choi smiles that Eunsoo will have to deal with her reprecussions of her actions.

Finally Bitna realizes that her revenge might have serious consequences.  She asks Grandma Choi if they can’t let Eunsoo go this once.  But Grandma Choi refuses.

Then time forwards to the trial.  The judge finds Eunsoo guilty and sentences her to one year of probation.  This will go on her record.  Eunsoo stalks out of the courthouse and asks her lawyer if they can’t appeal.  But the lawyer reminds her that she needs some evidence or a witness.  Bitna has both circumstantial evidence and a witness…Eunsoo cannot win unless she finds some kind of evidence.

Eunsoo calls Teacher Kim to update him.  Instead of comforting her, Teacher Kim lies that he has a meeting to go to so he cannot meet up with Eunsoo.

At the same time, Yeon-Mi comes out to find a whole meal set up for her by her mother.  Grandma tells Yeon-Mi that the meal was set up for Yeon-Mi since the children are out.  Only Yeon-Mi’s favorite dishes were made.  Yeon-Mi takes a sip of the soup and tears up that it tastes so good.

Eunsoo goes ot Bitna’s house where Bitna is about to go out to meet her friends.  Eunsoo tells Bitna how she was convicted and now has a criminal record.  Eunsoo asks Bitna to tell the truth now that she still has time.

Bitna turns around and asks Eunsoo why Eunsoo annoyed her in the first place.  If Eunsoo had not bugged her in the first time, Bitna would not have resorted to this.

Eunsoo stares back at Bitna and asks why she had to be nice to Bitna and keep in Bitna’s good graces.  Bitna yells back that Eunsoo lives in a different world than Bitna… Eunsoo should know the truth by now.

Eunsoo agrees that she understands where Bitna is coming from.  She acknowledged Bitna’s power and asks Bitna to let Eunsoo go back to her regular place.  Bitna smiles that she will ask her Grandmother to think about it if Eunsoo apologizes to Bitna in front of all of the classmates.


What a crappy episode.  Nothing is wrong with the storyline or the acting.  It just one of those episodes where nothing goes well for the heroine and you’re left feeling frustrated.  The last scene where Eunsoo decides to acknowledge the poopy conditions for what it is and even offer an apology…When Bitna smiles and doesn’t accept it.  Wow, the only thing I could think is that if Bitna was my daughter, I would want to melt into the ground.  Can you imagine raising a girl who is not only the aggressor but who also refuses to accept an apology from the victim?  How twisted and full of insecurities is Bitna?  There is so much wrong with Bitna that I can’t even go on other than I cannot imagine how Eunsoo will feel when she ends up having to be in the same FAMILY with Bitna.  Let’s move on.


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