Still Loving You – E08

Eunsoo gets fired from her school, finds out about her mother, and gets dumped.

Shine Brightly Eunsoo Episode 8 RECAP

Eunho is waiting for Eunsoo in the alley in front of their house.  He asks if she’s giving up.  Eunsoo sighs that she will appeal the decision and keep fighting.  However, she’s tired.  She wants to rest first.

Eunho puts a supportive hand on Eunsoo’s shoulder and tells her that she has the family to lean on.

Back in the livingroom, Grandma tells Yeon-Mi to consider getting remarried since the children are now finding their own paths.  Yeon-Mi turns the attention back on her mother and tells Grandma to take care of her health.  Yeon-Mi wants her mother to live a long, long time.

The children come in and the family gathers around the dinner table where tensions creep in.  Yeon-Mi first asks about Eunsoo will reschedule the official meeting of the parents – it’s not good to drag things out.  Yeon-Mi then tells Eunsoo to buy Grandma a new outfit for the meal.

Eunsoo is brooding and dazed off. So, Eunho interrupts and remarks that the meeting isn’t even scheduled. A new outfit seems too much. He also turns to lash at out Yeon-Mi for seeing Eunsoo as an ATM machine when Eunsoo is going through difficulties.  Eunho is about to tell everyone about the scandal when Eunsoo stops him and orders that he apologize to both Yeon-Mi and their grandmother.

At the same time, Bitna’s father hears about the sentencing.  He sighs that he feels a bit uncomfortable as Eunsoo was a teacher who was just starting out.  Now that she has a criminal record, her career has ended.

The next day, the Assistant Principal reads out the announcement that Eunsoo is fired in front of all of the teachers in the teacher’s lounge.  Eunsoo tries to defend herself that she did nothing wrong.  But, Assistant Principal just answers that she should go protest to the judge or the Board of Education instead.  Teacher Kim is to take over Eunsoo’s class until they can find a replacement.

Eunsoo goes in to say her goodbye to her class.  She chooses to read a passage from a book about regretting that she wishes that she could go back and love more and given more of herself.  She tells her students that they are all flowers who have yet to bloom; so, they should take confidence and go out into the world.

As expected, the students look properly depressed and Eunsoo leaves.

The scene changes and we see Eunsoo running out because she’s “late.”  She pauses right outside of their main door and apologizes to her mother in her heart for not telling the truth…

Eunsoo gets a call and runs back to school.  Eunho is standing in front of the gate to protest.  He is wearing a sign that states that Eunsoo was unfairly fired without cause.  Eunsoo takes over the sign and tells her little brother to go back to school. >_<  Eunho tells his sister to take heart and he’s willing to take over whenever she needs a reprieve.

In complete contrast, when Jung-Ah sees Eunsoo, she lowers her eyes and walks in quickly.  Teacher Kim also turns away without acknowledging his fiancee.

At the same time, Yeon-Mi is hard at work getting stock from the storage room.  Suddenly, she clutches her chest as her knees fail her and she has to hold onto the cart with one hand… Eunsoo is called to the hospital.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, two nurses watch a video that’s trending.  It’s a clear recording of Grandma Choi attacking Eunsoo.  The nurses gasp at how rude the grandmother is when Bitna’s father walks in.  The two nurses quickly hide the phone but, he asks to see the video.  Bitna is also given a heads up and she rushes downstairs to show Grandma Choi in the kitchen.

Eunsoo meets with Yeon-Mi’s doctor and finds out about her mother’s cancer. She aks if Yeon-Mi needs surgery and why Yeon-Mi hasn’t had it yet.  The doctor smiles that Yeon-Mi was waiting to attend Eunsoo’s wedding first.

At Bitna’s house, Grandma Choi orders Bitna to delete the video.  Bitna sighs that she cannot, it’s already public and everyone is sharing it…

Bitna’s father comes home.  He walks straight to the living room and asks if his mother-in-law did anything when she met the teacher.  Grandma Choi awkwardly answers that she went to see the teacher.

Bitna’s father asks if she pushed the teacher down to the floor to kneel.  Grandma Choi asks how he knew.  Bitna’s father then asks if she also slapped the teacher.  Grandma Choi responds defensively that she was just so angry! The teacher was living her life as if nothing happened while Bitna was in the hospital!

Bitna’s father tells his mother-in-law that she should have acted rationally.  Now, she’s no better than the teacher and everyone will rebuke and complain about her actions not the teacher’s.  Grandma Choi bristles that she must be old and it doesn’t matter anyways since if anyone will be embarassed, it will be her.  She storms into her room.

Back at the hospital, Yeon-Mi is registered to stay while Eunsoo tells Eunho.  He decides to deny the whole situation and excuses himself to go home first.  The poor kid cannot handle the truth.

Eunsoo goes into Yeon-Mi’s room where Yeon-Mi is a bucket full of worries about taxes, the household affairs, Eunsoo’s wedding preparations.  Eunsoo snaps at her mother through tears that Yeon-Mi should start worrying about herself.  Eunsoo adds that the rest of the family will take care of itself.  Yeon-Mi nods and tells Eunsoo to tell Grandma that it was an appendicitis instead of cancer.

That night, Eunsoo sits next to her while staring off into nothing again.  Scenes from the recent past flash buy from Teacher Kim’s proposal, to the mall incident, to the sentencing hearing…Eunsoo’s phone vibrating wakes her up; it’s Teacher Kim.

Teacher Kim wants to meet up as he has something to say.  Eunsoo asks Teacher Kim if he could come to the hospital as she’s scared and she’s so worried.  She needs him.

Teacher Kim apologizes.  He explains that he doesn’t have the courage to dump her in person but he thinks they should end it there.

Eunsoo answers that she’s having a hard time.  She asks how he could do this to her right now, she begins to tell Teacher Kim about Yeon-Mi but Teacher Kim hangs up while apologizing.  The scene where Teacher Kim promised to protect her from everything repeats.  Eunsoo grabs her ring as the tears flow.


Well, when it rains, it pours.

At least, we can say goodbye to giving the useless character screen time. No more needed to be said about a guy who dumps his fiancee within a couple months of proposing because her circumstances changed.

On the bright side, I’m glad that Yeon-Mi’s noble idiocy ended in this episode and her family found out about her cancer.  We know that the surgery has to be successful since she ends up as Bitna’s step mom.  So, the question actually is, how does she end up with Bitna’s father?

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